Procedure: application for foreign-related death registration


Implementation process


Step 1: Individual prepares full dossier according to regulations of law.

Step 2: Individual submits dossier at Division of receiving and returning result according to the “one-door” mechanism – Vinh Phuc Department of Justice (no.12, Truong Chinh, Dong Da, Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc).

Time of receiving dossier: From Monday to Friday in the working time (except holidays).

Step 3: Civil servant receives and checks the content of dossier:

+ If dossier is sufficient, regular, appointment paper of returning result will be written and passed to applicant.

+ If dossier is deficient or irregular, applicant should be instructed to complete dossier as legal regulations.

 Step 4: Civil servant receives and passes dossier to the competent person for solution as stipulation.

 Step 5: Individual receives result at “one-door” division – Depertment of Justice as an appointment document.

Implementation Method

Directly at Division of receiving and returning result according to the “one-door” mechanism – Vinh Phuc Department of Justice

Elements, Quantity of dossier


a) Dossier elements include:

* Documents must be supplied:

- Application form TP/HT-2012-TKKTNN;

- Death Certificate or equivalent documents including:

Decision of Court declaring the dead person (For the case Court declares 01 dead person); Document affirming reason of death by police office or health office of district lever or higher level (for the case of the suspected death); Confirmation document of death with signatures of at least 2 witness persons (for the death on transportation means); Confirmation document of the death by witness (for the case of death in the residential place).

* Documents must be submitted:

- Identity card or passport of applicant for death registration.

- Family record book, collective demographic certificate or fix-term residence registration certificate (for the Vietnamese citizen in homeland); permanent residence card, temporary residence card or temporary residence certificate (for the foregner resideing in Vietnam).

b) Quantity of dossiers: 01 (set).

Solution period

- within a day (except case of recevinng dossier after 15.00 PM, the result will be returned in the next working day);

- In case of having to verify, period may be extended but not more than 03 working days

Agencies fulfill the administrative procedures

a) Decision competent authority: Vinh Phuc provincial Depertment of Justice

b) Competent organization or individual authorized or classified to implement (if any): None

c) Agency directly implements the administrative procedures: Vinh Phuc Department of Justice.

d) Co-ordination agencies (if any): None.

Applied objects


Result of implementing administrative procedure

Death certificate (original)

Charge/ fee


Names of application form, declaration

Death registration certificate (used for the foreign-related death registration) – Form TP/HT-2012-TKKTNN issued with the encosed Circulation No. 05/2012/TT-BTP on May 23rd, 2012 od Ministry of Justice.

Required conditions to implement

Person registered death is foreigner or overseas Vietnamese: dead in Vietnam (having residence registration in Vinh Phu province); or dead in Vinh Phuc (case of not confirming the residential address of the dead person).

(According to Article 51 Resolution No. 158/2005/NĐ-CP on December 27th, 2005 of Government about registration and management of birth, marriage and death record).

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