Re-grant operation registration papers of foreign law branches or firms


The order of execution


- When a foreign law branch office or firm's operation registration paper is lost, torn or burnt or for other unintentional reasons, the foreign law branch or firm shall send a dossier of application for re-granting. The operation registration paper to the Dept of Justice of the locality where its branch or foreign law firm is headquartered.

- Within 10 working days after receiving complete and valid dossiers, the Dept of Justice shall re-grant operation registration papers to their foreign law branches, firms.

Implementation method


The dossiers are sent directly or through the postal system to PAA of Vinh Phuc province (No.5, Nguyen Trai street, Lien Bao ward, Vinh Yen city, Vinh Phuc province).

Composition, number of records


- The written request for re-grant of the operation registration certificate of the branch or foreign law firm, clearly stating the reason and number of the operation registration paper;

- A copy of the license for the establishment of the foreign law branch, firm;

- Proof document about the office.

Number of records: 01 set

Period of settlement

Within ten working days after receiving complete and valid dossiers.

Agency of administrative procedure

the Dept of Justice

Objects of administrative procedure



Result of settling administrative procedur3

Certificate of operation registration of the foreign law branch or firm.

Fee, charge



Form, form of declaration



Requirements, conditions for carrying out procedures



Legal basis of the administrative procedure


- Law on lawyer No. 65/2006 / QH11 on June 29, 2006; Law on Amending, adding some Articles of the Law on Lawyer No. 20/2012 / QH13 on 20 November 2012;

- Circular No. 17/2011 / TT-BTP on October 14, 2011 of the Ministry of Justice guiding a number of provisions of the Law on Laws and Decrees detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Lawyers, Decree guiding the implementation of the provisions of the Law on Lawyers about social-professional organizations of lawyers.

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