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Expansion of investment progress





The order of execution

- Step 1: Investor sends a written request for progress extension at PAA to transfer to the Department of Planning and Investment, including the following contents:

+ The operation situation of the investment project and the implementation of financial obligations to the State from the date of issuance of the investment registration certificate or the decision of investment policy to the time of schedule extension;

+ Explain the reasons and time limit for the project implementation schedule to be extended;

+ Plan to continue implementing the project, including capital contribution plan, construction schedule and putting the project into operation;

+ Investor's commitment to continue implementing the project.

- Step 2: The Department of Planning and Investment has a written opinion on the extension of investment schedule.

- Step 3: In case of adjusting the progress of project implementation stated in the Investment Registration Certificate, the written decision on investment policy shall comply with the corresponding procedures for adjustment of Investment Registration Certificate, decide investment policy without following this procedure.


Directly at Public Administration Agency (PAA)

Composition, number of records

The document proposing to prolong the implementation of investment projects according to Form I.9 issued together with Circular No. 16/2015 / TT-BKHDT of November 18, 2015.

Number of records

01 set of records

Processing time limit

Within 15 days from the date of receipt of the investor's proposal. In which, the reception time at PAA is 0.5 (half) days

Objects of implementing administrative procedures

Investors (individuals and organizations) 

Implementing administrative procedure agency

The Department of Planning and Investment where the investment project is implemented

Administrative procedure result

Document on the extension of investment schedule (Clause 4 Article 46 Investment Law) according to Form II.7 issued together with Circular No. 16/2015 / TT-BKHĐT.

Fee, charge


Requirements and conditions for implementing procedures

Investors (individuals and organizations) with investment projects are granted investment registration certificates or investment policy decisions, suggesting to delay investment progress (investment capital implementation schedule, construction progress and putting the main project into operation (if any), the progress of implementing the operation objectives of the investment project) compared with the schedule specified in the investment registration certificate, written decision investment policy.

Name of application form, declaration form

The proposal proposes to delay the implementation of investment projects (Item 1 Article 46 Investment Law) in accordance with Form I.9 issued with Circular No. 16/2015 / TT-BKHĐT

Legal basis of administrative procedures

- Investment Law No. 67/2014/QH13 dated on November 26, 2014;

- Circular No. 16/2015 / TT-BKHĐT on November 18, 2015.




















Approval Status Approved


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