Traditional Festival (18/03/2014)

This Temple is to worship the famous general of our nation, who fought against the Ming enemy under Ho dynasty. He was caught by the enemy, and then he attempted suicide at the seaport. During his lifetime, he was a confusion scholar, helped the poor people with cultivated land and brought people to Xuan Thuy (Nam Dinh province) to reclaim the virgin soil.

Tam Dao Chyote (06/02/2014)

Chayote is pumpkin variety; its leave is s big as two hands put together. It looks like luffa but chayote is lght greener, its body has roots stick closely to the frame; its flower is light yellow. Each stem has some male peduncles and one female peduncle. Its fruit is as big as a fist with a pear form, its skill is lumpy with soft prickle, its big seed is in thin peel. Its fruit is used as a food.