Traditional Festival


                1. Festival at Ngo General Temple

This Temple is to worship the famous general of our nation, who fought against the Ming enemy under Ho dynasty. He was caught by the enemy, and then he attempted suicide at the seaport. During his lifetime, he was a confusion scholar, helped the poor people with cultivated land and brought people to Xuan Thuy (Nam Dinh province) to reclaim the virgin soil. He lived equally, humbly, respectful to his ancestor and the people of Phuc Thang village. People oof the four hamlets of Phuc Thang and Tan Ap (Xuan Thuy) built a temple to worship him and the above-said people often visit to each other and assist to fight against the enemy or natural calamity etc...To commemorate him, people of four hamlets of Phuc Thang created a form of quite special festival, i.e Night procession, precise and imposing with an attractive scenario that no where has.

Recently, the festival was restored to meet the requirement of Phuc Thang people. The festival was organized in February 10 (lunar day) with magnanimous and solemn atmosphere but it still maintains the old rituals. The festival includes many games, such as wrestling, swinging, cock fighting and popular opera etc...It is very moved when people from Tan Ap also come back to their native land to participate the festival. This is a immaterial cultural heritage, quite precious to Phuc Yen people.

2. Dragging Festival      

This festival is organized at Canh River bank side-reproducing the boat dragging on the river (so it is not organized at the pagoda). This place is close to high way No.2 very convenient fro people to go. The festival is in January 3rd through 5th (lunar day).

In the festival, there are many interesting games, such as rowing on Canh River, wrestling and rice cooking competition. It is 200m - 500m long away, there exist three goups of Huong Canh pagoda. Tourist can enjoy the special architecture and fine art heritage made by Huong Canh talent people from XVII century and you can visit Huong Canh famous professional village.

3. Buddha Casting Festival    

 Originates from Princess Ngoc Kinh who gathered troops to drill and forging weapons under Hai Ba Trung time. She was a female bonze practicing in Phu Lien pagoda and taught people four professions. Every year, in January 8th (lunar day), Dong Tinh people (Tam Duong District) carries the festival of Buddha casting.

The game is quite noisy in the pagoda ground, the scene of copper melting (Ngoc Kinh casted a statue at her time) so people often say: Festival of Buddha casting. At the same time, they perform profession presentation: Intellectual-Farmer-Trader-Co in the outer circle, while in the inter circle Buddha casting. At the end of the festival, it is a game of Buddha mat dragging, a symbol of giving a son birth.

In addition, there are games as wrestle, cock fighting etc...Hundreds of people act many characters, very fast, steady with many actions but not puzzled and disorder. This manifests that in the old time, the people here had a high knowledge of event organization and imagination.   

4. Khanh Ha Opening Spring Festival

Under the jubilant atmosphere of welcoming the spring, farmer of Khai Quang Commune (now it is Khai Quang Ward) organizes the festival on January 8 (Lunar day).

Palanquin is processed from Mau Thong hamlet to the Linh Tieu Temple (now called Phu Cung pagoda). It is often said by Phu pagoda. The festival is quite special and rare manifested by the presentation of four citizens (Intellectual-Farmer-Industrian-Acient) – a folk performance manifesting the wishes for a happy, rich life and security and good health

The audiences surprised at 26 persons in the characters of Bronze, nun, confusion scholar, farmer all of them carries masks of buffalo, cow etc…male takes plays female and all tools are handled upside down, which causing laugh charmingly. The performance wanted to shown that behind the scene is a daily life in a community full of compassionate

5. Ball dragging festival

The name of the festival manifests the ebullient atmosphere of the festival. This is a festival of Lap Thach people at the side of Day River on January 7 (Lunar day) of Ban Gian Commune with a purpose of being in member of Hung King.

The participants of the ball dragging game are the strong youth using their hands to robber the wooden ball (diameter of 35cm)-symbol of foot-soldier. The stick is made of bamboo (1.3m long, one part of the bamboo is made curved with a form of horse-head)- symbol of cavalry…they rush to the ball and take it back by using the stick.

The festival wanted to show the sporting spirit of our forefather and the creativeness bearing the art of people in this zone.

6. Rowing festival

It is organized on two days: May 25 and 26 (Lunar day) on Lo River. It also shows the sporting spirit of our people under Hung King dynasty 1500 years back. This was a glorious spirit of the first King named Li Bi. He chose Dien Triet Lake to erect the water camp which makes Tu Yen people proud of such mighty historic page. Tu Yen people created a special form to record the majestic King.

The festival participants are as rolled into the jubilant atmosphere of laughter and singing with the spirit full of victory and talented of the old youth. The boat decorated by Phoenix head, dragon head and shrimp tail speeding along as the arrows used by Ly King to fight against the enemy.

From 2010, rowing festival was restored after 60 years, which make Tu Yen and Vinh Phuc people happy. Together with Dien Triet Lake, Son Dong-Trieu De tourist zone develop shall attract tourists from far and near coming to enjoy the festival (spirit, ecological and professional village tourism)…

7. Long Tong festival

Long Tong festival or stepping down the field of Cal Lan ethnic minority in Quang Yen Commune (Song Lo District) organized in spring with the purpose of worshiping timely rains and favorable weather, bumper crop. After the worship comes games and performances by young girls and young boys. This is one of the Cao Lan ethnic minority historical relics contributing to the rich cultural store of Vinh Phuc.

Touritst can learn folk song, dancing of Cao Lan people-a ethnic had a Soul of singing by Lau Slam composed. The song can sing in 36 nights on ward

8. Buffalo fighting festival

This ia an oldest festival in Vinh Phuc organized in Hai Luu Commune (Song Lo District) on two days: January 16 through 17 (Lunar day).

Originating from offering to God of the people transplanting water rice in their spiritual life closely connected with the name of Premier Minister of Lu Gia who fought successfully against the Trieu enemy. To remember him, people created a very special game with the purpose of keeping in mind of secret feeling toward the general.

The festival begins with the introduction of buffalo in previous August and the second time on the January 15 the following year. The Commune shall send its delegate to Hung King Temple, Mau Au Co temple to report the event. In 16-17 January is the festival days. A buffalo cared of by the cultural families so the buffalo is quite strong meeting the standard of height and figure and appearance. Especially, when fighting the buffaloes can fight with fair play, not to kill each other even the opponent being defeated. The winner buffalo wins the prise and then it is killed “to give a feast to the troops after victory” as Lu Gia did in the old tiem. Noe a day, the tourist can buy the buffalo meat as a gift from the festival. This is a very special festival keeping the nature of cultural tradition of Vinh Phuc province. Every year when coming to the festival, thousands of people from far and near be there to enjoy the festival. After returning home, they remind:

“Where you live and where you go,

17 day is a fighting of buffalo, remember to come… 

Source: Collected by CollectedTT-GTĐT


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