Tourists came to Vinh Phuc increasingly on the holiday of April 30 and May 1


According to the information of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in 6 holidays of Hung King temple festival, Liberation Day and International Workers’ Day (from April 28 to May 3, 2015), whole province welcomed over 102,800 turns of visitors for sightseeing, pilgrimage and rest, in which there were 350 turns of international visitors.  

The main destinations of tourists were Tam Dao tourist area, Tay Thien landscape – relic area and Dai Lai tourist area. Turnover from these tourist areas estimated about 54.1 billion dong.  

According to the management board of Tam Dao tourist area, the holiday of this year lasted 6 days in the scorching period, number of visitors to Tam Dao increased highly comparing to the same time last year. Till the end of May 2, 2015, Tam Dao tourist area welcomed over 27,800 turns of visitors for sightseeing and rest, increasingly 11.3% comparing to the same period last year. Especially, in the morning of April 30, too high number of visitors to Tam Dao tourist area, increasing 3 times higher than normal days caused traffic jam partially; also in the same evening of April 30, guest houses and hotels were quite full, not meeting all the demand of visitor numbers for stay.  

From April 28 – May 3, 2015, an estimated about 50,000 turns of visitors per each day came to Tay Thien landscape area for sightseeing and pilgrimage, in which foreign tourists were about 200 people. However, number of tourists staying on holidays was not many, about from 500 - 700 persons/day. The management board of Tay Thien landscape area predicted the situation that number of visitor to Tay Thien would have been high on holiday, they were active to set up solutions of ensuring security and order, material facilities, allocate specifically force of participating in well ensuring assignments of relic management, welcoming, instructing visitors, maintaining assignments of security and order, ensuring environmental hygiene serving visitors’ needs.  

Tourist area of Dai Lai Lake welcomed about 25,000 turns of visitors on holiday of April 30 and May 1, 2015; turnover estimated about 20 billion dong. According to the management board of the tourist area, in these days, guesthouses and hotels in Dai Lai area were almost full; number of visitors to Dai Lai grew highly comparing to normal days, so related services also increased significantly. Meanwhile, visitors concentrated mostly on beaches and Dao Ngoc amusement park 


Hong Yen



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