Flamingo Đai Lai Resort: Vietnamese trade name – international rank



For a long time, 2 landscapes: Tam Dao (belonging to Tam Dao district) and Dai Lai (belonging to Phuc Yen town) have been still being considered to be green lungs of tourism in Vinh Phuc province with very green lakes, immense primeval forests. These 2 landscapes have been become fascinating tourism destinations attracting domestic and foreign visitors and have also been the pride of Vinh Phuc’s tourism. Previously, for comparison, Tam Dao tourist area seems to have had better position than pine forests extending endlessly, looming in the misting, vast Dai Lai Lake.

Honestly, for years, tourist activities of Dai Lai Lake have been only to exploit inherent resources but not to be actually focused on investing, upgrading. If it was compared literarily the beauty of these landscapes, Dai Lai at that time was only like a girl with the hidden beauty but not be exploited as their right worth. It was only when project of constructing luxurious Flamingo Dai Lai Resorts was invested by Dai Lai Hong Hac Joint Stock Company in 2009, did a girl with the hidden beauty suddenly wake up to win the crown of resplendent beauty queen.     Land is in blossom, life multiplies rapidly on the previous exhausted land. The breath of life mixed with the natural vitality of Tam Dao mountain side area. Flamingo Đại Lải Resort was built and run in business, Vinh Phuc tourism truly developed and left many deep impressions on the visitors. Flamingo Dai Lai Resort has been tacitly considered as an indispensable destination in the Vinh Phuc discovery itinerary.

Being established from the dedication of architects, domestic and international top leading experts as philosophy: “live luxuriously in nature” and preserving value of inherent resources, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort have supplied the wonderful chances for visitors who wanted to have the restful space to relax, fall in line with nature of intact ecosystem without being influenced by human. They are 500 ha of dreamlike, green water surface surrounded by thousands of ha of pine forests and valleys in blossom all year round.

Being one of the leading architects at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Mr. Nguyen Thuong Quan said that: “Right after coming to Dai Lai, I was attracted by natural scenery and climate here. Being affected by that first feeling, all the architectural designs afterwards at here connected closely with nature, such as green walls, green roofs, natural materials at local area friendly and suitably with the climate as bamboo- wood, Neohouzeaua, stone.  Nature at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort shows not only at flowers, grasses, water surface, stone-ground, but also at villa architecture, service works”. According to Mr.Quan, special impression to visitors setting foot in Flamingo Dai Lai Resort was Bamboo Wings and Flamingo Conference Center. Bamboo Wing restaurant located on the northern peninsula of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort with the area of over 1,000 m2, designed on the idea of soaring crane wings on the surface of bronze drums of the country-found Hung King dynasty. This building has a deep tradition of Vietnamese nation expressed on the curved lines of 41 frames of bamboo structure, creating a demi-circular surrounding completely lake, scenery. The harmony of blue water surface, dyed brown bamboo trees, open-space expresses the tune and environmental friendliness of Vietnam traditional architecture. Opposite to Bamboo Wings, Flamingo Conference Center was designed to be hidden after smooth green grass hill surrounded by long stone-wall. This building was made by materials friendly with environment – bamboo and stone, with long bamboo span creating the soft, light lines among opening space, harmonizing with surrounding scenery and nature. Revealing to reporter about unique ideal which would be implemented at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Mr. Quan said: “we are preparing to execute the work of forest on the vertical, which is the green forest following vertical direction, forest on the wall runs along the house, walls, lobby or entrance path, planted by timber trees or floristic trees, making green wall. This work plays role of filtering air, supplying Oxygen, preventing heat radiation. This is the unique architectural style firstly appearing in Vietnam.”

Although Flamingo Dai Lai Resort attended in the tourist market too lately, it developed fast to affirm its trade name. It was because of the perfect business strategy of the resort investor. At the same day, exchanging with the reporter, Flaming Dai Lai Resort officially opened to sell Forest villas, Mrs Le Thi Van Anh – General Director of Dai Lai Hong Hac Joint Stock Company- investor of the resort cheerfully said: “Flamingo Dai Lai Resort always orients the purpose of bringing real living worth for customers, committing to consider customer’s benefit firstly, which is also the standard of ensuring resort products, affirming the position, becoming ideal space for the owner to live, rest and recreate working capacity ".

Incessantly building the trade name with the suitable strategy for all customer types was the reason making products of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort to be fond and accepted in the market. The incessant exertion of the management board and whole staffs were supported widely by customers and counterparts. Year 2014 was considered to be a year marking great successes of investor about advertising image to international friends and affirming service quality. Within this year, the resort already welcomed over 40,000 turns of visitors for sightseeing and rest, in the season time of April 30th – May 1st, welcoming 5000 turns of visitors per day. The beautiful nature, fascinating landscape, perfect service quality brought Flamingo Dai Lai Resort to international trade awards: award of Asia Architects Association, USA award of green architecture. In the same year of 2014, after excellently passing over hundreds of other famous architectural works in the world, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort honorably became the unique project in Vietnam together with other 9 projects in the world voted to be one of 10 the most attractive destinations o planet by Design Boom – veteran, prestigious electronics magazine specializing in architecture and design in the world.

Saying about program of opening sale of Forest villas, Mrs Van Anh emphasized that Forest – forest villas in the Resort’s center- included 42 villas, peacefully stayed in the parcel contiguously to central lake area with many comforts: particular, luxurious welcome area, large library, outdoor system of restaurants, night clubs, bar courts, 4-season swimming pool, unique salt stone spa… Forest was sold with price from 2.2 – 3 billion VND/house, which was the best price till now for the villa type of the company. Besides, the investor also applied series of attractive priorities for customers as: receiving 0% interest in 10 months, value of capital loan rising up to 60% contract value within 15 years; committing to re-hire the villas with the price around 8 million VND/month. “With Forest, we hope to create the comfortable living space, meeting the demand of more and more diversified weekend rest of Hanoi people and localities near capital” – Mrs Anh said more.

Still being the former sound of the pine, still being very green acacia forests simply in the half –mountain half- plain area of Phuc Yen -Xuan Hoa, it was astonished about the fresh changes of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort. It was time to part, mind did not want to leave the immense Flamingo Beach Club, the plain, smooth Flamingo Conference Hall with the roof like girl’s hair in a very deep smell of grapefruit; the refined Charm Palace Restaurant among the acacia forest and Flamingo Goft Club with 9 hole goft course and 18 hole putt course. It was slightly to hear the compliments of visitor admiringly: Flamingo Dai Lai Resort actually was the trade name of Vietnam, but international rank!


Duc Hieu


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