Flamingo Đai Lai Resort: Vietnamese trade name – international rank 21/05/2015

For a long time, 2 landscapes: Tam Dao (belonging to Tam Dao district) and Dai Lai (belonging to Phuc Yen town) have been still being considered to be green lungs of tourism in Vinh Phuc province with very green lakes...

Truc lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery 18/02/2014

Truc lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery is constructed on the old foundation of temple for favour from heaven and Buddhism, from 250m - 300 m above the sea level in Tam Dao-Tay Thien range, a fame of Ly Tran dynasty.

Tay Thien - A Beauty of Nature 17/02/2014

Tay Thien natural Beauty is on Thach Ban mountain of Dai Dinh Commune, Tam Dao District, Vinh Phuc Province. It is also in the Tam Dao National Forest. Tay Thien area possesses many temples, pagodas, old stone stelae and rich flora and fauna. Tay Thien is endowed with the majestic natural landscape: Suoi Vang (the golden-like stream), thac Bac (the silver-like water fall), Truong Sinh creek, Giai Oan stream, the nine-rooted banian tree etc...

Ha Tien Pagoda 15/02/2014

Ha Tien pagoda is in Chua Ha street, Vinh Yen City, which passes by Road 2B to Tam Dao mountain. The pagoda has a land area of 6.2 ha and was constructed in Deer Year (1703), the twenty-fourth Chinh Hoa date of Le Hy Tong Duy Hiep King. In this campus, there are five-storey precious towers of three storeys. Among the five, only the ancestor monk tower is covered almost four its direction by an over 300 years-old banian.

Temple of Tran Nguyen Han 14/02/2014

Lap Thach District has an old land possessing the long aged historic and cultural tradition, and long standing literature and many nice old custom of the water-rice civilization. Due to close to the top of Red River Delta, to the Capital of Van Lang in Hung King dynasty hence religious beliefs still bears a deep spirit nuance of the old Vietnamese.

Binh Son Tower 13/02/2014

Under the Ly-Tran dynasty, there are many towers in Vinh Phuc Province. Tower is a part of the important art of pagoda. Together with pagoda, tower is a place for Buddhist worship in commeration and laying the bronze mortal remainings. The storeys of the Tower represent the step of leading to the religious life then to Nirvana of the bronze.

Bac Cung Temple Festival 12/02/2014

Every year when spring comes, Tam Hong people (Yen Lac District) organize festival in memory of Tan Vien Saint, a hero who cleared land and controlled flood in Hung King Dynasty, from the 6 through thr 15 of January Lunar days.

Tho Tang Pagoda 11/02/2014

The Pagoda is in Tho Tang town, Vinh Tuong District and built in XVII century. Years and months passed, but Tho Tang Pagoda preserves rather its original about the architecture existed under the later Le dynasty.

Huong Canh Pagoda 10/02/2014

Huong Canh Temple, togetrher with Ngoc Canh, Tien Canh and Kinh Phuc pagodas (all tese pagodas are assorted the national vestiges), and many others thrines, joss-houses built in a rather small area of the potery Huong Canh commune, creates a densy vestiges cluster, unique of the folk wooden sculpture, preciously in the delta of the Northern inland region.

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