Temple of Tran Nguyen Han




Lap Thach District has an old land possessing the long aged historic and cultural tradition, and long standing literature and many nice old custom of the water-rice civilization. Due to close to the top of Red River Delta, to the Capital of Van Lang in Hung King dynasty hence religious beliefs still bears a deep spirit nuance of the old Vietnamese. In Lap Thach, there are many beauty spots, historic vestiges especially the Temple of Co- Primier Minister Tran Nguyen Han.

The Temple is constructed in Da Cai Village, Son Dong Commune, Lap Thach District. Tran Nguyen Han supported Le Loi to defeat Ming enemy liberated the country in the XV century. The Temple is located on the flat, high and large land. As the legend has said, it is his former office land. The Temple is desigend in the manner of the letter “Ting” (Chinese letter). There are three construction items: entrance gate, cult and harem. From its foundation, the temple has been restored many times and enlarged, the event mainly occuerd in Nguyen Dynasty. The architecture art bears the style of Nguyen Dynasty: flatly planed and simplly decorative.

Relating to twoancient things: a sword and a sword sharpening stone, legand has it that during the Ming (Chinese) invader ruled over our country, Tran Nguyen Han is still a youth at the time. Due to his parents are farmers living in Son Dong Commune, so every day he has to go ploughing and hoeing. One day, he ploughs out a steel bar in Go Rach field. It looks like a sword form. He brings it home and every night he sharpens it on a large stone on the Son lake. This stone is then called the sharpening sword stone. On its surface, there is trace like a cut and people say that it is a sword test cut of Tran Nguyen Han. He always carries it all day long and by chance; a draft owner living in the mouth of Phu Hau River gives him a wood bar picked up from the bottom of the River. This wood bar is like a sword handle and when putting the sword in it, it is tightly on and the sword takes effect since then.

The legendary sword is thightly connected with his well-known battle acievements, a person of the first commander in Le Dynasty who has rendered outstanding services to the country. Legend has it that wafterward, Ton That Thuyet borroed this sword to call for the Royalists to fight against the Frech colonialist. The stone, after a long time covered by Lo River alluvium until January 12, 1998, Da Village people found it in the 2m deep. It is around 2.49m long, 1.6m wide, 0.4m thick and about 2 MT weight. The stone then inclined to the Lotus Lake. Son Dong people  crane and transport and put this stone in the Tran Nguyen Han Temple campus for every people to enjoy the vestige of the former national horo.


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