Ha Tien Pagoda




Ha Tien pagoda is in Chua Ha street, Vinh Yen City, which passes by Road 2B to Tam Dao mountain. The pagoda has a land area of 6.2 ha and was constructed in Deer Year (1703), the twenty-fourth Chinh Hoa date of Le Hy Tong Duy Hiep King. In this campus, there are five-storey precious towers of three storeys. Among the five, only the ancestor monk tower is covered almost four its direction by an over 300 years-old banian. 

On December 13 of the rooster year or January 20, 2006 the pagoda was restored to become an imposing and bigger and more beautiful located in the middle of the City. From the Southeast of the area, you go through the three-door gate to the left and right side gates, and then go around the corridor to three refuges with an architecture space to describe imitate the three-storey precious tower. From its yard going to the eaves, you have to step through nine stairs named “nine plane of hierarchy”. Four corners of the pagoda roof, they are made curved. On its rooftop, there is a statue of “two dragons flanking a moon”. At the back of the pagoda, it is an ancestor house. Both sides of the house there are reception and exhibit rooms. Other works are library, male monk house, tower garden and pearl waterwell.

The Pagoda and the Mother temple are very high and majessty, which represen the parmanence and diffusion, tranquil and holy. In front of the pagoda are doors made of four variety wood careved meticulously. The upper part of each door is fixed the wooden rais. The under is engraved the styled four seaons pictures. Under the roof is fixed the wooden board along the front of the sanctum with the five engraved big crossword puzzles, skilfully and epitomizedly. Three sides of the front, the left and the right there is a cooridor and stone pillars on which there are the engraved lissomly patterns. In the foot of each pillar, the names of the donators are carved humblely. All these ten stone pillars are engraved the paralell sentences in Chinese. The Holy Mother temple has tree plane steps. In its front, there are two pairs of paralell sentences in Chinese fixed on the four pillars of its middle room. The letters are engraved the style of return writing.    

Ha Tien pagoda is really a great landscape of Vinh Yen City, Vinh Phuc Province.


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