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             * Huong Canh Pagoda Group


Three pagodas in Huong Canh were built in the late Le dynasty (XVII century), they are Huong Canh pagoda, Ngoc Canh pagoda and Tien Canh pagoda. These three worship six Tutelary Gods, including Thiên Sách Vương Ngô Xương Ngập ( the first-born child of Ngô Quyền ), Nam Tấn vương Ngô Xương Văn (the younger child), Queen mother Linh Quang Dương Thị Như Ngọc (wife of Ngô Quyền ), Your ladyship Dương Phương Lan (concubine of Ngô Quyền ), Lady Phạm Thị Uy Duyên (wife of Ngô Xương Ngập ), Highranking madarin Đông Ngạc Đỗ Cảnh Thạc (general and nephew of Ngô Quyền).

Tourist shall astonish at imposing scale and admire the talented hands of Huong Canh artisans at that time, who devoted their heart to make the skilful architecture works and very skilful sculpture work.

Close layout, strong but pliant and flexible using the perspective isomorph method combined with scenery and person blocks full of emotion, the old artisans created a lively picture of Viet countryside at that time.

From space to structure, from general to a detail all is perfect creating both the holy and high ambition and the near, charming and harmonious atmosphere. This is the proud of Huong Canh people, of Vinh Phuc people: "carpenter is Tu Xa, mason is Huong Canh". "Below each pagoda is the vanity and upper is the temple. Each watching station is as big as the palace"     

* Thanh Lanh-Ngoc Boi Tourist Zone

Going up to the North of the District through Ba Thien IP you can go to Mo Qua Mountain of Tam Dao range, there you can enjoy the fresh air and see the ethnic minority hamlets of San Diu by the Tam Dao range foot. There is Thanh Lang-Ngoc Boi tourist zone that is under construction to from a tourist complex with dreamlike tourist types. Surrounding Thanh Lanh Lake, fanciful and poetic in between the endless of jungle you can enjoy a mild climate, wonderful landscape but neglected and silent with 120ha og water surface, which can irrigates to 1,200ha of cultivated land area and climate harmonizes the temperature of the whole area of North district.

It is very place of charming natural scenery but full of obstacles and difficult of access that Quan Heo, Nguyen Danh Phuong selected it to camp for their troops in 1o years' period to fight against Le-Trinh dynasty. There remains many relics, such as peck of rice, elephant washing pond, soup delivered ground, horse race-tract, coin casting house etc...Though ruins but their cause and their troop have left the love and mourn over the people. In this connection, Phan Ke-a late poem-wrote:

They went o heaven but the valley remains here forever

River, Mountain and people worship them with full of love and mourn.

* Dong Cung Temple

It is located on Mo Qua Mountain, Thanh Lanh commune, Binh Xuyen district to worship four generals under Hung King time. This was constructed from Ly dynasty (XI century) and restored in 1997 and 2005.

Going to Thanh Lanh, tourist can visit a site of surrounding lake, climbing on Mo Qua Mountain side to enjoy a view of Ba Ao water fall. Right at the foot of its damp, there is a small mountain on which located a Dong Cung Temple to worship four generals: Tản Viên, Cao Sơn, Qúy Minh, and U Sơn. They were all generals of Hung King.

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