Center of Vinh Yen City - Ha Pagoda - Dam Vac Lake Tourist Line


Vinh Yen City Center

Night of Vinh Yen

55Km from Center of Ha Noi and 25 km from Noi Bai International Airport with high way No. 2, railway and free way Ha Noi - Lao Cai running through, Vinh Yeen becomes a hub of tourist lines of the province and outer provinces.

The Streets were Decorated Modern Civilization

City view from on high

Having good infrastructure, Vinh Yen can satisfy any requirement of tourists with various tourist types: nonresident, entertainment, convalescence, doing business, conference, seminar, cultural activity, sport, tourism of spirit, long research etc...meeting the need of the tourists.

A Provision of City roads

Street Vinh Yen

Vinh Yen has a system of entertainment as golf course, Song Hong eco-convalescence zone, hundreds of luxurious hotels, restaurants, super markets, financial centers, banks, communications, a complete healthcare system, and cultural institution and centers, modern sport establishments, green streets and many roads surrounding the lake for going for a walk.


Providing beautiful Streets of the City

* Ha Tien Pagoda:

Ha Tien Pagoda is located on a nice land lot with its area of 6.2ha in the new Ha Tien urban.

Ha Pagoda tourist Spiritual Culture of the City


The Pagoda was constructed in XVIII century and it was restored and expanded in 2005. It become a big Buddha center with beautiful architecture complex and harmonious with the landscape. It contains many precious relics. It is a spirit tourist place for Buddhists and people of the province and of the country.

Ha Pagoda store, preserve your heritage

* Dam Vac Lake

Dam Vac Lake is considered to be a green lung of the City, "a West Lake of Vinh Yen". It is inn the center of the city with 23 branches, 500ha of  the vast water surface, which creates many smaller lakes and ponds embedding in the urban and making Vinh Yen more interesting and beautiful: Lake in the street and street in the lake - "Lake City".

The ideal resort to municipal

Dam Vac Golf Course

Dam Vac Lake is endowed by nature with limitless water source from Tam Dao Mountain. Thanks to the water, the temperature of Vinh Yen becomes a temperate climate, clean, well aired. It is really "charming natural scenery".

  Dam Vac Dreaming

It is also endowed by nature with plenty and precious aquatically source. People say "banquet having slaughtered nine pigs and ten buffaloes but without Dam Vac small fish, no banquet". This is also home of various birds such as nigh heron, stork, wild duck etc.... When sunset, birds from everywhere fly back to Dam Vac Lake, which make Dam Vac Lake become picturesque and much impression of dream and passion.

Together with hundreds of tourist establishments around the Lake, Dam Vac Lake attracts thousands of tourists from the country and foreign countries.

* Song Hong Thu Do     

Song Hong Thu Do covers 10ha, including seven storey four star hotel (100 rooms), lakeside villa zone (12 villas, 76 rooms), meeting hall for 1,000 persons, modern dancing hall of 8oom2, massage, karaoke, cafe, swing pool, four tennis yards, restaurants for 1,000 guests.

Ecological landscape is very nice as it is on the Lake side, peaceful, well-aired so thousands of tourists from domestic or international come there for convalescence and conference.

* Dam Vac Lake Golf Course and Garden House Zone

Covering an area of more than 100ha with total length of 7054 yards on the green and beautiful oasis reflected in the Lake modern architecture but harmonious with the nature. Each hole is a challenge to a Golfer.

Restaurant system named "the Passion" is very friendly, nice and warm with the specialized cooker team and many dishes of European and Eastern styles, satisfying all guests, tourists and golfers.

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