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* Tay Thien Natural Beauty:

When you are in Tay Thien, you can enjoy the Green Dragon lying superbly with three top mountains named Thach Ban (1388m high), Thien Thi (1375m high) and Phu Nghia (1400m high). The range lasts about 50km long under Northwest direction through three provinces Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang.

“Famous Mountain of Giao Chi Land” is in the West of Tam Dao. From a wild but imposing place, generation after generation, the hand of human makes it become a “splendid place”. Visiting Tay Thien means you visit a beauty but mysterious zone. Here people can enjoy the voice of waterfall murmuring through the zigzag and peaceful and clear brook in the valley. You are there as if you were in the fairyland in “Thien Thai song” by composer Van Cao. Here you can see the lotus lake, vindicated brook, fairy garden, wind hermitage, cloud ladder, silver waterfall etc...all are then appeared then disappeared on the bobbing cloud of the ancient area. Ropeway system can bring you to through the boundless and fanciful watercolor painting. The sun and the wind will flare up brightly a multi-color atmosphere from silver brook, green bamboo, blue pine and forest flowers...

* Truc Lam Tay Thien Monastery

In the Tay Thien beauty complex, Thuc Lam Tay Thiem Zen Monastery as a pink lotus in between the vast blue pine stands and green bamboo bushes. This monastery is, constructed on the ancient Thien An pagoda, 250m-300 high above the sea level, a beautiful, modern architecture works with deep national character.

From the entrance gate to three-door temple gate, you can enjoy the central sanctum, bell tower, drum tower, ancestor house, guest house, each stone step, statue ...with its beauty, well proportion, harmony, and implying very deep significance which make you can not leave . Especially, a statue of “Viet Nam Hộ quốc phật đài” (or Buddha’s altar of Defending Viet Nam State) in under construction using marble stone block with 49m high. It will remain with the time.

Inter the 10 storey Museum (presenting for 10 dharma rites) is an exploit of technique, architecture, culture, art and also a hearted incense of Truc Lam dharma and of people to carry to Tran Nhan Tong Mercy God. This place is extremely clean and broad; you can mix yourselves into cloud and forest wind, absorbing the purest air to look back who you are then to make you relaxed and more compassionate in your life.

This place also attracts many domestic or foreign politicians to visit and lean about Buddhist law and Zen school under Tran dynasty.

* An Tam Truc Lam Monastery:       

Next to Tay Thien Truc Lam Monastery is An Tam Truc Lam Monastery, a monastery for female bronze.


There is a statue of Nirvana Goddess of Mercy made of stone at the side of the mountain and on the green glass under the pine tree shade.

* Tam Dao Natural Beauty:


It is 10km from Tay Thien natural beauty as the crow flies is Tam Dao tourist zone, which is in the valley formed by Mang Chi Mountain with its 900m high, discovered by the French and built many luxurious villas in the early XIX century to serve the recreation and tourism of the French and the upper strata.

At present, Tam Dao becomes a great tourist center of Vinh Phuc and of the country. Tourists go to Tam Dao, they often look back on Da Lat or Sa Pa, where its beauty is neglected, dreamlike, imposing but very modern presented its own charming by its special characteristics, implicitness to offer the opportunity for tourists to discover and dream.

Tam Dao Town is a small one but it is as beautiful as a young girl is, with thousands of flowers to blossom, such as orchids, camellia, henna, bindweed covered fully the hotel balcony. Tourists can experience, discover many a attractive things by lotus lake, pineapple pond, book-like flower cave in the bobbing top...

Going on the winding, tortuous road to mountain town under the endless and high pine trees make tourists having a feeling of cooler and cooler given by mountain wind and forest cloud and gentle noise from streams.

Small bridges passed over the stream which divides Mountain town into two parts then pours water down making a waterfall named silver waterfall creating noise all day and night as the piece of music in the neglected and imposing mountain town.

Butterfly flying overhead, sticking to rock along the roads as they want to show their beauty to tourists when coming to the small mountain town.

Restaurants, hotels are rather luxurious with sufficient facilities and foods either in Europe or in Eastern style. In addition, there are special dishes of Tam Dao as wild birds, mountain gouts, fox, and vegetables as chayote...all these can satisfy the tourists from various places to come.

Weather and climate is fresh and mild. Pink cloud then appears then disappears, some times the cloud comes densely covering over the mountain town, then disappears let the sun light as clear as glass reaching to every corner of the forest, every house with sprinkling colors.

Going to Tam Dao, tourists can feel the wild climate in a day. In a day, there seems to be four seasons. It is very comfortable when walking to enjoy the fresh air mixed with light cold, perfume and beauty from the forest and suddenly you can see some smoky walls flickering under the trees as if you were walking in the temperate zone that nowhere has had.

*Tam Dao national Forest Park   

Go to Tam Dao means going to Tam Dao National Forest Park-a green roof and lung for a large area in North Ha Noi. The Park is 36,883ha with different ecological systems and diversified biological systems, flora system as aloe wood, iron green wood etc... Fauna system of 26 varieties such as toad like-fish, gecko, lizard or varan and many other precious animals for the tourists to discover or research.


  Tam Dao National Forest Park grasps the Tay Thien beauty, Tam Dao tourism zone, Lang Ha, Xa Huong lakes, bear rescue center, Tam Dao golf course, restaurants, hotels, markets are right at the foot of the mountain meeting the demand of people’s daily living at present and in the future.

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