Vinh Yen - Bac Cung Temple - Bien Son Pagoda - Dong Dau Aechaeological Site


* Bac Cung Temple:

North Palace Temple Shrine Auditorium, also known as Yen Lac town near 1km, Hong Tam commune - Yen Lac, is an intrauterine Tan Vien Son holy church. God is a god Tan Vien head in Vietnam mythology. Divine law is the 18th Hung King, has taught water treatment, all the village went to another father in the old Van Lang, the people hunted animals and fish, bakery, fish do eat and fight.

Legend has it that: " Tan Vien Son holy walk in and plug the stick into the ground first letter Xa village . The land which is sacred, new people up to North Palace. All kings are assigned to two general reference only maintain worship ... "

Hearing Temple Festival is held on the 6th of January every year with much ceremony and ritual folklore games such as tug of war, wrestling, cock fighting, chess people ...

* Bien Son Pagoda

It is located on Loan River bank with beautiful area, peaceful under the 100-year-old trees and the majestic, special architecture, and harmonious with the landscape, maintaining the ancient of the old pagoda in Viet Nam.

In the pagoda, there are many beautiful statues. Especially, there is a Great tower made of pure copper with 7.7m high and 12 tons weight, maintains most precious items (450 pieces) in Viet Nam. In addition, many other towers as heaven pen, stone well, ink slab all formed a masterpiece making the Pagoda more severe but full of dream.

This a an old pagoda in Vinh Phuc, which newly restored. Every year, there are tens of thousands tourists and Buddhists come and worship.

* Dong Dau Aechaeological Site

This is rare and precious archaeological site of our country with tons of items presenting that the bright culture under Hung King dynasty (Phung Nguyen, Dong Dau, Go Mun, Dong Son). Especially, here two bones of old Viet people were excavated.

Dong Dau Archaeological site-the proud of Vinh Phuc people in particular and Viet Nam people in general which has important impact to Southeast Asia.

Source: Communication Portal-electronic collection

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