Vinh Yen-Binh Son Ancient Tower-Sang Mountain-Tue Duc Truc Lam Monasty-Hai Luu Stone Making Professional Village-Stork Garden-Hai Luu Buffalo Fighting.


                * Binh Son Ancient Tower

By the bank of blue water Lo River, there existed a red tower built from Tran dynasty. It is as a pen to write into the blue sky. The tower named Binh Son, a pride of Vinh Phuc people in particular and the entire country in general. It is classified as a national relic, special and rare, a cultural heritage, immortal and everlasting.

Time passes but the super value of architecture, art, construction technique is still brightened for later generations to know about the feeling of our ancestor at the time.

The tower made of complete terra cotta but no moss-grown, joint mortise but strong forever, majestic but pliant and flexible, strong but fine with various patterns on it.

Going there, tourists shall hear by your own ears about the evolution of this green tower located next to a pond...Is the pen and ink slab a symbol for our ancestor to create Binh Son Tower.

* Sang Mountain   

Sang mountain is the highest one in the Lich range, which is now being awaken a beginning and very early potential. This is an advantage of spirit and ecological tourism because it brings about the clean, peaceful and quite deserted tourism, which invite the tourist to discover the new things and challenge. Much mystery from its landscape, terrain, geographic name then historical vestiges, visionary, legend etc...all can people be there just understand them thoroughly.

Within about some kilometers, Sang Mountain tourist zone includes a community of typical tourist spots with their suggestive names such as Bay fall, Bach Bung, Bo Lac Lake, Hinh Nhan Mountain, King Pond etc...In the South of the mountain is poetic Van Truc Lake with a numerous numbers of red dragon fruit gardens, a new, rare and precious fruit product.

Going there tourist can visit a stork garden, fishing in Hai Luu commune, a peaceful Lo River that described one time in poetry and music. Tourist also enjoys the picturesque of architecture and art from Ly-Tran dynasty.

Located on Hinh Nhan Mountain, 250-350 m above the sea level, in Dong Que Commune, Tue Duc Truc Lam monastery was constructed, in April 2010, on the foundation of Kim Ton Pagoda of Tran dynasty, which left many precious relics now.

Being a beautiful architecture works with very blue and high space, silent and obscure. At the foot of the mountain is Bo Lac Lake, which is very blue, sparkling water implicating many facts from the far and old time. All these make Sang Mountain become an attractive tourist spot, inviting tourist to come. There a relic zone of culture, spirit, ecology is under construction to satisfy the aspiration of tourists and Buddhists.   

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