Vinh Yen-Ngo General temple-Dai lai Tourist Line


              * Ngo General Temple

A temple to worship a famous national general who fought against Ming invader under H dynasty. He was caught by the enemy, he killed himself at the seaside. He originated from a Confucianism family, supported to the poor farmer in land, led people to Xuan Thuy (Nam Dinh province) to reclaim the virgin soil.

* Dai Lai Tourist Zone

Dai Lai is an artificial lake with surface water area of 530ha sufficiently to irrigate to 2900ha of cultivated area. Being reserved the landscape as it’s original nature, so the lake has many channels, fiords, peninsula and small but beautiful island. It is likely a lake on the mountain, vast but friendly and peaceful. Surrounding the lake, there are 9,000ha of protected and natural forest coming closely to the endless green Tam Dao Range, which make its water deep blue satisfying the tourists to enjoy its natural beauty, sparkling and fanciful scene at sunset or sunrise.

Its North is a mountain so it prevents from wind in wintertime, so winter is not so cold. Its west is spacious which make tourists “warm” even in the winter night. In summer, the South wind is on the rise, the lakeside resort full of people to swim, wave after wave like make you feel as you were at the seaside. There is a yacht club and many other games useful for recreation and convalescence at different degree services: high level and normal level. Many assorted hotels, restaurants located on the lakeside, a eco-tourist zone in the North of the Lake with “bamboo bungalows” which obtained an international prize of green architecture, an 18-hole golf course, an island where is the home of various birds to live and many other projects under or shall be construction around the Lake.

Tourists can climb on Than Lan Mountain to see Ha Noi or climb up Mo Qua Mountain to enjoy the scene of Xa Huong, Thanh Lanh Lakes and the ancient citadel and rampart built by Nguyen Danh Phuong insurgent army...Tourists can visit to Ngoc Thanh war zone and culture of San Diu, Cao Lan ethnic minorities where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape from the green nursery gardens in farmsteads or mountain camps to raise the wild animals or special fruit trees...under the vast pine tree shade etc.. or you can go to Nhe, But mountain passes to go to Thai Nguyen City with a legendary Coc Mountain Lake. It is quite interesting when going on the winding passes under the trees with wind lightly rising and noise from jungle birds. Dai Lai- charming landscape has really become a general tourist complex, harmonious and dreamy.   

Source: Communication Portal-electronic collection

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