Vinh Yen-Uncle Ho Commemorative Area in Lac Trung-Tung Van Pagoda-Tho Tang Temple-Phu Da Temple-Dung Lagoon


                * Uncle Ho Commemorative Area in Lac Trung

In January 25, 1961 Uncle Ho paid a working visit to Lac Trung Hamlet (Binh Duong Commune, Vinh Tuong District), a leading flag of tree plantation movement where become the red address with deep significance from then on.

Tourist can visit a commemorative house, Uncle Ho' fish pond, banyan tree, Uncle Ho's fruit tree garden, stone stele recorded the evnt of His coming and many other souvenirs displayed in the house.

* Tung Van Pagoda

It is located in the center of noisy Tho Tang Town, Tung Van Pagoda occupies a silent space suitable to the majestic and holy architecture community but so friendly.

The Pagoda was constructed in Chinh Hoa year 7th (1686). It was granted the National Relic Certificate in 1992. The Pagoda stores many beautiful old statues, steles of significances of history and culture etc...Especially, ther is a biggest statue made of precious stone in Viet Nam.

* Tho Tang Pagoda

 It is the oldest pagoda remains in Vinh Phuc. The Pagoda was built in XVII century to worship Lan Ho High-ranking mandarin who deserved credit for fighting against the Yuan-Mongolia enemy in XVII century.

Visiting Tho Tang Pagoda, tourist can enjoy a very old and firm pagoda with many wooden carvings of high art value, deep explanation in the complicated relationship in the daily life, such as "lazy husband ad wife, mandarin relying". People's life at that time was presented quite lively and suggestive mood.

* Phu Da Temple

The Temple worshiped Nguyen Danh Thuong, a man of "only advance forward, senior lieutenant-general, special staff of the district admiral, special envoy of the King"  was built under Le Hien Tong King (Canh Hung 1740-1786).

Going there tourists can astonish at the beauty of stone architecture art for its  everlasting firm.

Phu Da Temple is a special architecture in Northern Delta, an unique cultural heritage and the proud of Vinh Phuc people, an atractive spot to invit tourists to come.

* Dung Lagoon Cultural Tourist Zone

Dung lagoon is a natural water lagoon in Vinh Tuong district with its area of 80ha. There organized many games connected closely to the people's activity, such as Dung festival, catching eel in the jar, Duc Ong festival, Phu Da stone temple. Surrounding the lagoon, there exists the country-side hamlets represented for that of Red River Delta. These hamlets have reserved many precious cultural relics and they are precious things of the country.

From the lagoon, tourists can visit professional village cluster; Ly Nhan smith village, Bich Chu carpenter village, Vinh Son snake raising village, the ancient Tho Tang pagoda and Tung Van pagoda...

By the abundant cultural heritages together with nice landscape and convenient transportation, Dung Lagoon shall become an attractive tourist spot for people inter or outer the province.

Source: Communication Portal-electronic collection

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