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Goi is a folk dish, popular in Thanh Tru Village, rural countryside surround Dam Vac Lake. From poor to rich people all can cook this delicious dish at home without finical shopping.

To have delicious Goi dish, it is needed to prepare seasoning: Soy bean “thinh” (rice thinh possible too), and other spice leaves such as: sung, apricot, fig, guava, polyscias fruticosa (all leaves should be not old), green banana, ginger, pepper with salted shrimp, fresh galangal root, ... Fish are washed, and peeled out fish-tail, then dewatered.

Use sharp knife t flay off fish scales and then flesh fillet. Use filter paper to seep out blood. Chop the fish before eat; each piece should be 4 – 5 cm long and 0.5cm thick, stow to dish. The head and bones of the fish are chopped carefully to make sauce (in Vi Thanh Village, called Rieu); consider if rieu is less, add more 1kg small fish and cook enough. Chopped fish and pounded off fresh ginger root shall be cooked until finish. The chef shall add enough salt, sauce; if feel light salted, we could use a prepared sauce bowl to taste.

Vi Thanh people usually taste this dish in the cool afternoon or evening, when they have time, with all family member, friends and relatives. The most common is that serve this dish together with apricot, polyscias fruticosa leaves and green banana (stripping still and chip) and splited ginger roots and so on.

All spice leaves in to a bowl, scoop “Rieu” into the bowl, put the fish piece beyond and roll in, dip into sauce of salted shrimp and lemon and pepper is the most delicious, however if you do not use salted shrimp, you could use fish sauce instead.

Raw fish are buttery taste, flavor, and fat. The more carefully you chew, the more tasteful you feel. You will feel at ease and less tired.

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