Tam Dao Chyote 14/02/2014

Chayote is pumpkin variety; its leave is s big as two hands put together. It looks like luffa but chayote is lght greener, its body has roots stick closely to the frame; its flower is light yellow. Each stem has some male peduncles and one female peduncle. Its fruit is as big as a fist with a pear form, its skill is lumpy with soft prickle, its big seed is in thin peel. Its fruit is used as a food.

Dam Vac Tiny fish 11/02/2014

Dam Vac is in the Red River system. Its water is circulated by stream system of Vinh Phuc Province. In the lake complex with high value of tourism, Dam Vac takes an important role. Dam Vac is in the middle of Vinh Yen City having 23 main branches, which created many small lakes and ponds with its circumference of 14 km2.

Hoi Hop Ball Rice Cake 09/02/2014

In the past, at Giao Diet party (normally called as Wrestling Party) at Hoi Hop village (Hop Thinh commune) opened annually from the tenth to the fifteenth of the Lunar New Year; there was a practice of holding a cooking contest between “giap” in communal house. In the dishes of candidate, beside traditional cuisines like minced meat, spring rolls, stew soup and “mọc”, it is required to have Ball Rice Cake.

Dam Vac Lake Raw fish 07/02/2014

To have delicious Goi dish, it is needed to prepare seasoning: Soy bean “thinh” (rice thinh possible too), and other spice leaves such as: sung, apricot, fig, guava, polyscias fruticosa (all leaves should be not old), green banana, ginger, pepper with salted shrimp, fresh galangal root, ... Fish are washed, and peeled out fish-tail, then dewatered.

“Madam Cai Cam” Lean Pork Paste and Fermented Pork Roll 06/02/2014

Under the French rule, “Madam Cai Cam Lean Pork Paste and Fermented Pork Roll” only sold in a small zone but it was still well-known to every place; many merchants went to Vinh Yen to buy then brought to Lao Cai or Ha Noi selling. When she transmitted her career to her son-in-law, he moved to Market Street and registered his trade mark as Phu Duc.

Huong Canh Fried Gruel and Ball Rice Cake 04/02/2014

From many generations at Three Canh Villiages (nowadays it is called Huong Canh Town) there are 2 traditional dishes but very famous, they are fried gruel and ball rice cake. Their names are simple but unforgetable to who used to taste them.

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