“Madam Cai Cam” Lean Pork Paste and Fermented Pork Roll


            Under the French rule, “Madam Cai Cam Lean Pork Paste and Fermented Pork Roll” only sold in a small zone but it was still well-known to every place; many merchants went to Vinh Yen to buy then brought to Lao Cai or Ha Noi selling. When she transmitted her career to her son-in-law, he moved to Market Street and registered his trade mark as Phu Duc. A great grandmother named Le Thi Ca, once worked in the shop told that if you want to have good fermented pork roll, the first is to select good pork.

The fresh pork lean must be cleaned out sinew and put it into stone mortar to pound to a pulp; pig skin sliced and cut it as small as incense stick. These two things mixed with rice dried starch (special rice to be dried) then use guava and dried banana leaves to roll as a piece. Ten pieces shall be grouped a bunch and hang them in several days for enjoying. Eating the fermented roll is also elegant: people use a rice pancake to deep into water for it to be soft then putting vegetable such as saliva etc…on the pancake together with slice-fermented roll then roll again as big as a thumb then deeping into sauce mixed with spices. Eating the roll you feel tasty, acidy, scented from pork to be fermented and the smell of guava leaf. How it tasty is!

Lean Pork Taste: To have taste you also select meat: Pork has been just slaughtered, it is still warm, and the best meat is meat of the rump, clean out of renew, cut into slice and put them into mortar to pound.

Chopping-board must be iron wood, mortar must be made of stone, pestle must be pomelo wood. First to pound by one hand, when the prok crushed pound by two hands with equal pound. You drop fish-sauce and pound continuously until the pork worn out then take out the meat and roll into a banana leaf to have a round block. Phu Duc lean pork paste has the green of fresh banana leaf and the pink of the fresh pork. When cutting the paste, its surface is not smooth but it has pock marked as a bubble: that is special taste without any starch but tender and sweet tasty.

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