REPORT The socio – economic situation of Vinh Phuc province in June and the first six months of 2019


The socio – economic situation of Vinh Phuc province

 in June and the first six months of 2019


1. Economic growth

The gross domestic product (GRDP) in the first 6 months of 2019 at the constant price of 2010 reached VND 41,746 billion, increasing 8.52% over the same period of 2018, reaching the highest increase since 2015. In particular, agriculture, forestry and fishery increased by 1.41%; industry - construction sector increased by 12.73%, service sector increased by 6.79%.

- Agriculture, forestry and fishery: The added value of agriculture, forestry and fishery in the first 6 months of 2019 reaches VND 2,679 billion, up 1.41%, contributing to the overall growth of the province is 0.097 points%. In which, agriculture increased by 1.19%, forestry by 2.39%, fishery by 5% over the same period.

In agriculture, although the cultivated area has decreased, but the structure of crops in the province has changed significantly, the percentage of quality rice varieties reaches over 70% of the total rice cultivation area of ​​the province, the trees cultivation of high economic value (zucchini, pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumbers, leafy vegetables ...) is developed in the direction of commodity production; Besides, the weather is favorable, in general, the productivity of most crops increases, so the cultivation industry does not change compared to the same period. Livestock production was difficult due to the impact of African pig fever virus appearing in the area since the end of March 2019, so the total number of pigs as well as live meat output for the first 6 months decreased 1.69 %. The remaining main livestock products increased over the same period, such as: Fresh milk increased by 23.09%; poultry meat increased by 5.14%; poultry eggs increased by 5.78% ... so the growth of the livestock industry was still 2.23%.

- Industry - construction sector: The total value of added industry and construction in the first 6 months is 21,632 billion Dong, up 12.73% over the same period, contributing to the overall growth of the province 6.35 points %; particularly, industry increased by 12.95%, contributing to the province's overall growth of 5.95%.

Among the three major industries of the province, while the automobile and motorbike industry still faces difficulties in consumption due to competition with imported goods, the growth of 6 months decreased by 2.93% and 4% respectively. , 14%, reducing the overall growth of the province by 0.88 points, the electronic components manufacturing industry still achieved a high growth rate of 42.89% over the same period, contributing to the overall growth of 5.71 points. % of the total increase of the province is 8.52% points. Thus, with the proportion of added value accounting for 36.62%, leading the whole industry of the province, the development of electronic component manufacturing industry has offset well for the decline in growth of automotive and motorbike industries, helping to maintain the industry's growth as well as the overall growth of the province.

The remaining industries have an average growth of 11.78% over the same period contributing to the overall growth of the province is 1.12 %.

- Service area: The service sectors continue to be stable and develop. The total added value in the first 6 months reached VND 8.004 billion, up 6.79% over the same period, contributing to the overall growth of the province was 1.32 %.

(At current prices)

2. Finance, banking, insurance

2.1. Situation of state budget revenue and expenditure

The State budget collection has been strengthened, the tax sector has organized drastically and effectively to collect revenue right from the first days of the year; urge the settlement of state budget revenues in the locality such as: personal income tax, enterprise income tax, land revenues, charges, fees ...; regularly propagandize and implement measures to promptly remove difficulties and obstacles at the grassroots for effective collection ... Estimated total of 6 months State budget revenue is VND 15,653 billion, reaching 55% Estimated and equal to 108% over the same period. In which, domestic revenue was 13,730 billion Dong, as 57% of the estimate and as 111% over the same period; Customs revenue was estimated at 1,864 billion Dong, as 52% of the estimate and as 87% over the same period.

The budget expenditure management of the province in the first 6 months of 2019 continues to be strengthened in strict control, expenditure management according to estimates, thrift practice and waste combat. Total local budget expenditure in the first 6 months was estimated at 6,167 billion Dong, as 37% of the estimate and as 105% over the same period. In which, recurrent expenditure was expected to be 3,942 billion Dong, as 42% of the estimate and as 103% over the same period.

2.2. Banking and credit activities

In the first six months of the year, the banking sector continued to effectively implement the State's mechanisms and policies, the executive guidance measures of the State Bank and the province to credit institutions in the area. . In particular, focusing on credit production, priority areas, creating favorable conditions to access credit capital of businesses and people. At the same time, maintain strict compliance with the regulations on interest rates for credit institutions and banks in the area. Accordingly, the mobilizing interest rate in the area is common at 4.5-7.3% / year for deposits with a term of 1 month or more. Lending interest rate for priority fields is 6-9% / year; normal production and business sectors are at 6.8-10.5% / year.

The mobilized capital in the area continued to grow highly compared to the end of 2018, showing that the banking activities in the area continued to create trust for people and businesses, contributing to meet the capital demand for social economic development. By the end of June, the total mobilized capital is estimated at VND 75,850 billion, up 9.91% compared to the end of 2018. Of which, deposits of economic organizations reached VND 31,606 billion, up 11.89%. ; savings deposits of VND 43,489 billion, an increase of 8.63%; The issuance of valuable papers was VND 755 billion, up 3% compared to the end of 2018. Total outstanding loans by the end of June were estimated at VND 71,280 billion, up 5.98% compared to the end of 2018. In particular, short-term loans reached VND 45,800 billion, up 7.4% compared to the end of 2018, accounting for 64.25% of the total outstanding loans; Medium and long-term loans reached VND 25,480 billion, up 3.51% compared to the end of 2018 and accounted for 35.75% of total loans.

Credit structure has grown reasonably, mostly lending for production, business, services and development investment (accounting for 85.8% of total loans); loans to non-manufacturing sectors (accounting for 10.9% of total loans). Bad debt as of June 30, 2019 is estimated at VND 738 billion, accounting for 1.04% of the total outstanding loans.

2.3. Insurance

Insurance continued to be widely implemented by industries and localities in order to best serve the people and labor classes. It is estimated that in the first 6 months of 2019, the whole province had 997,938 people participating in all kinds of insurance. In particular, compulsory social insurance (social insurance) is 193,628 people, voluntary social insurance 3,664 people, unemployment insurance 180,187 people, health insurance (health insurance) is 994,274 people. Compared to the target of Resolution No. 21-NQ/TW: social insurance coverage rate reaches 30.6% of the labor force, unemployment insurance reaches 28% of the la force and the coverage rate of health insurance reaches 91.24 % population.

The total amount of insurance premiums as of June 30, 2019 is estimated at VND 2,247.6 billion, reaching 50.2% of the plan assigned and an increase of VND 301.5 billion compared to the same period in 2018. Issuance of books , insurance cards of all kinds are closely coordinated between the relevant branches and in accordance with the process. The payment, especially the payment of pensions and social insurance benefits, is done in a synchronized, quick and safe way to the target audience. In the first six months of the year, the social insurance benefits were promptly solved, in accordance with the regulations for beneficiaries of social insurance benefits with a total amount of VND 329.1 billion.

3. Price index

3.1. Consumer price index

Consumer price index (CPI) in June decreased by 0.18% over the previous month, up 0.19% over the same month last year and by 0.69% over December last year. On average, in 6 months, CPI increased by 1.32% over the same period last year. This is a much lower increase than the increase of the first 6 months of 2018 (the first 6 months of 2018 increased by 4.23%) and increased steadily in the commodity groups: Food and catering services increased by 2, 90%; beverage and cigarette increased by 2.72%; garment, headwear, footwear increased by 1.12%; housing, utility, fuel and construction materials increased by 1.87%; appliances and household appliances increased by 0.25%; education increased by 4.17%; other goods and services increased by 1.14% ...

In June, 4 out of 11 commodity groups recorded a decrease compared to the previous month: housing, electricity, water, fuel and construction materials fell by 0.32% due to a decrease of 9.08% for gas, oil prices decreased by 3.30%; appliances and household appliances fell by 0.37%, mainly in the category of water heaters, electric cookers, gas cookers and other beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs, because some shops, agents, supermarkets have discount policies to stimulate consumer demand; transportation group down 1.96% mainly from fuel group, down 3.76% over the previous month due to the adjustment of price reduction at 15h on 17/6/2019 of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group contributed to the overall reduction level of the group; culture, entertainment and tourism decreased by 0.25% compared to the previous month, mainly for flowers, down 4.06% and 32-inch color LCD TVs, down 2.14% over the previous month.

In the month, there were 5 groups with increasing index: Food and food service increased by 0.17% because the non-family food group increased by 1.28%; beverage and tobacco group increased by 1.13%, mainly in beer but up by 1.78% over the previous month, drug price increased by 2.27%; group of garment, headwear and footwear increased by 0.02%, mainly for clothes and footwear laundry services; education group increased by 0.27%, mainly in school supplies and office supplies, by 1.64% over the previous month. At this time, consumers have started to buy textbooks for the new school year, the prices of all textbooks for grades 4 and 10 increased by 7.27% and 6.98% respectively, making the index general group increased, appliances and other services increased by 0.03%; other goods and services increased by 0.03%.

The prices of remaining groups are relatively stable.

3.2. Gold price and US dollar

Gold price index in June increased by 1.54% over the previous month, the average selling price was at 3,618 thousand VND. The US dollar price on the free market increased by 0.46% over the previous month, the common average selling price was VND 22,710 / USD. On average, in the first 6 months, the gold price index decreased by 0.27% while the US dollar price index increased 3.48% over the same period in 2018.

4. Investment and construction

In the first six months of 2019, investment and construction activities in the province grew well. The socio-economic infrastructure is strengthened; Economic sectors in the province continue to invest, expand production and business, making significant contributions to the economic growth of the province.

The results of implementation of social development investment capital in the second quarter of 2019 were estimated at 7,810.71 billion VND, up 24.75% compared to the previous quarter and up 1.09% over the same period. In the first 6 months of 2019, realized investment capital was estimated at VND 14,071.43 billion, up 6.97% over the same period last year. In particular, capital construction investment still accounts for a high proportion, reaching 8,869.40 billion, accounting for 63.03% of the total social investment capital.



The investment capital implemented by the state budget under local management in the first 6 months of 2019 reached VND 2,648.19 billion, up 3.47% over the same period in 2018 and equal to 42.49% of the yearly plan. A number of difficulties and obstacles in the implementation and disbursement of public investment capital still exist and have not yet been resolved completely such as: Problems in site clearance; procedure for adjusting items, adjusting design, total project investment; capacity of some contractors is not guaranteed .... Facing this situation, the provincial People's Committee has issued many documents to direct and manage construction investment, and at the same time requested functional agencies and investors to regularly check, supervise and urge the contractors accelerate construction progress. The source of public investment under the 2019 plan is allocated to ensure the implementation of projects, there is no construction situation exceeding the capital plan, not causing outstanding debts in capital construction; many projects and works have been completed and put into use, promoting efficiency.

The investment capital of non-state sector in the province in the second quarter of 2019 was estimated at VND 3,998.7 billion, accumulated in the first 6 months of 2019 reached VND 7,511.3 billion, up 9.02% over the same period in 2018, accounting for 53.38% of social development investment capital in the province.

In the FDI sector, many old enterprises continue to invest in expanding production and trade; newly licensed enterprises are urgently investing in building workshops, machinery, recruiting and training labor. Investment in this area increased quite well. Realized foreign direct investment in the second quarter was estimated at VND 2,313.3 billion, up 56.08% compared to the previous quarter. In the first 6 months of 2019, it is estimated at VND 3,795.3 billion, up 8.16% over the same period in 2018.

Investment promotion continues to be focused. The provincial leaders met and worked with many domestic and foreign investors and enterprises to grasp investment information and needs. Since then, identifying potential markets and target investors, focusing on promoting investment in markets: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and towards some countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany, USA... Along with that, on January 17, 2019, the Provincial People's Committee issued Decision No. 114 approving the list of projects calling for investment in Vinh Phuc province; directed departments, branches and localities to continue performing well the administrative reform, guiding and advising investors and investors on the order, procedures and components of dossiers for carrying out administrative procedures. . At the same time, actively improving the investment environment, actively coordinating with central investment promotion agencies and organizations promoting domestic and foreign investment promotion activities to introduce the environment. investment and business of the province with businesses from many countries and territories.

As a result, in the first 6 months, Vinh Phuc attracted 84 investment projects, of which, granting new investment certificates to 57 projects, adjusting capital to increase 27 projects. Specifically, the province granted new investment certificates for 37 FDI projects, total registered capital of US $ 224.78 million; adjusted to increase capital 23 times of FDI projects, total registered capital of 197.33 million USD, up nearly 72% over the same period in 2018 and reached nearly 85% of the target of attracting FDI capital of the whole year 2019. In terms of DDI project, the whole province has granted new investment certificates for 20 projects, total registered capital of over VND 5,055 billion; adjusted to increase capital for 4 projects, the total registered capital of VND 43.96 billion, up 131.3% over the same period last year and up nearly 70% in capital compared to the target in 2019. By the end of June, the whole province there are 1,095 investment projects, including 357 FDI projects, total registered capital of 4,738 million USD and 738 DDI projects, total investment capital of more than 76,774.7 billion dong.

5. The operation situation of enterprises

In the first 6 months, the whole province has about 570 newly established enterprises, with registered capital of over 4,348 billion dong, up 6.7% in number of enterprises and 33% in registered capital against the same period of the last year. Along with that, there continue to be 518 turns of enterprises registering to change their business registration. Accumulated to June 30, the whole province had 10,142 enterprises, with a total registered capital of over VND 93,000 billion, exceeding the target set by the Resolution of the XVI Provincial Party Congress (By 2020, there are 10,000 enterprises. ), of which 7,302 enterprises are operating.

6. Agricultural, forestry and fishery production

6.1. Agricultural production

  * Cultivation: Currently, the province has basically harvested rice and winter-spring crops, some localities have cultivated crops. The winter-spring weather this year is relatively favorable for the development of plants, pest and disease situation is timely and well controlled, so the productivity of crops is generally better than the last same period of the year.

Preliminary, the total cultivated area of annual crops in the winter-spring crop of the whole province reached 54,408 hectares, down 5.32% compared to the previous year, the planted area decreased mainly concentrated in Vinh Tuong district (793ha), Lap Thach (699ha) and Tam Duong (410ha).

Production results of Winter-Spring crop in 2019

The province's agriculture is developing in the direction of strengthening the linkage of production chains between farmer households, cooperatives and enterprises, gradually bringing agricultural production to a larger scale with increasing value. In the province, there have been many models of cooperatives associated with people from production to consumption of products (vegetables, tubers, fruits) so the products produced have a stable consumption market, since then create favorable conditions for people to feel secure in investing in production such as: Visa safe vegetable cooperative, Van Hoi green, Vinh Phuc safe vegetable cooperative, Thanh Ha safe vegetable cooperative, Dai Loi safe vegetable cooperative, etc. At the same time, in some localities in the province, there has been a model of hiring fields to produce concentrated vegetables and fruits, linking the value chain with VinEco and some other companies. Other companies for high economic efficiency, opens up new avenues for the people in the development of production.

The total area of ​​perennial crops currently has 8,016 ha, down 1.3% compared to 2018, of which, the area of ​​fruit trees is 7,765 ha, accounting for 94.51% of the total area. There is a decrease in longan, litchi, mango and mulberry due to low economic efficiency, so people break down to plant other crops, in addition to recovering land for industrial parks and construction. process ... Specifically, mango decreased by 22.9 ha, longan reduced by 52.4 ha, litchi fell by 92.1 ha, mulberry fell by 20.4 ha. Besides, fruit trees of economic value suitable to the soil and climate conditions of each locality in the province, have been invested to expand the area such as: Banana increased by 58.7 hectares, dragon fruit increased by 32.0 hectares. , papaya increased by 15.5 hectares, lemon increased by 9.7 hectares, pomelos increased by 5 2.3 ha.

* Animal husbandry: Although the mechanisms and policies of the Central Government and the province on supporting livestock development continue to be implemented effectively, livestock production in the first 6 months of the year in the province is facing many difficulties: The prices of some types of livestock products such as poultry eggs are too low for a long time, products are consumed slowly; the Africa pig fever virus has appeared in the area since the end of March causing serious damage to people and greatly affecting the development of the livestock industry. The epidemic prevention and control activities have been fiercely implemented by all levels and sectors to prevent the spread of epidemic diseases.

Production results of Winter-Spring crop in 2019

Some major crops

Vụ đông xuân 2019

Tỷ lệ % so vụ đông xuân 2018







Winter-spring rice














Sweet potato





















Vegetables of all kinds







6.2. Forestry production

Forestry production continues to be maintained stably. Afforestation is effectively implemented. It is expected that in the first 6 months of the year, the province will plant 450 hectares of newly concentrated concentrated forests (mainly production forests), achieving 64.29% against the yearly plan, up 0.9% over the same period. The care of forests continues to be carried out on an area of 1,313 ha, up 3.33% over the same period. The work of forest management, protection, development, forest fire prevention and fighting have been well implemented. In the first 6 months, there were no forest fires in the province.

6.3. Aquatic production

In the first six months of the year, aquatic production in the province received the attention and guidance of all levels and sectors, with many supporting policies for production, advanced scientific and technical applications and farming area; intensive farming is widely applied; new fish varieties with high productivity and quality were put into production, so the output of aquatic products in 6 months increased significantly, the quality of aquatic products increasingly met the market's requirements and created good income for farmers.

Estimated area of ​​aquaculture in the first 6 months was 5,328.5 ha, increasing by 0.2% compared to the same period last year, of which, fish raising area was 5,327 ha (accounting for 99.96% of area), area Other aquaculture is 1.5 hectares, the total output of aquatic products in the first 6 months was estimated at 10,520 tons, up 4.53% over the same period, of which, fishing output reached 867 tons, down 2.18% ; aquaculture output reached 9,653 tons, up 5.18% over the same period.

The situation of producing aquatic breeds in Vinh Phuc has been stable, the whole province has 705 aquatic breeding establishments with an area of over 159.6 ha, households and large seed production establishments of the province such as Sub-Department of aquatic products, Yen Lac Joint Stock Company, Level 1 Fisheries Center and Breeding Center produce all kinds of seeds to provide for farmers in and outside the province. The production of baby fish is estimated at 1,856. 4 million heads, up 5.4% over the same period.

7. Industrial production

7.1 Production index

In the first 6 months of industrial production in the province developed quite well. Many industrial production enterprises have expanded production scale, had more orders and consumption markets. In June industrial production index increased by 1.52% over the previous month and by 12.12% over the same period last year. Generally for the first 6 months, the index of industrial production increased by 11.87% over the same period. Split by economic sector level I , in the first 6 months, the mining industry decreased by 11.19%, the processing and manufacturing industry up 11.93%, the production and distribution of electricity, gas, hot water, steam increased 14.31%, water supply, waste management and treatment increased by 5.50%.


Among secondary industries, a number of high-proportion industries have production indexes in the first 6 months of 2019 increased significantly compared to the same period last year, contributing to the overall growth of the whole industry such as:

- Electronic product manufacturing industry increased by 42.89% over the same period due to a number of enterprises in the industry continuing to increase investment capital, expand production scale, improve product quality, expand market; others have just invested in production, creating a large output value;

- Metal production increased by 24.75% over the same period. Enterprises in the industry have continuously invested in technology, techniques, diversified products associated with quality assurance. The industry is not only present in big and small constructions in the country but also has market share in many countries such as USA, Canada, Laos, Cambodia… contributing to promoting production and development;

- Non-metal mineral products increased by 22.12% over the same period. In the first months of the year, construction demand increased, enterprises focused on improving product quality, constantly updating market orientation of countries in the region to meet the construction needs of the works so that the production value of the industry increases.

In the first six months of the year, there were 8/24 industries in the province with a decrease in the manufacturing index, of which there are two industries with high proportion, namely automobile and motorbike manufacturing with a decrease of 2.22% and 10.46% respectively. In 2019, the motor vehicle manufacturing industry continues to face difficulties when the automobile market is forecast to be more competitive, the number of imported cars increases highly, domestic assembled vehicle consumption decreased. Other means of transport production dropped because the motorbike market was in a stagnant phase.

Other industries develop stably.

2.2. Main industrial products

Most of the industrial output of enterprises in the province in June is expected to have a high increase compared to the previous month and over the same period, Generally for the first 6 months of 2019, in addition to automobile output down by 2.22% and motorbikes by 10.46%, the remaining major industrial product groups of the province have high growth rates over the same period in 2018: Sport shoes reached 3,539 thousand pairs, up 33 , 62%; 71,383 thousand m2 of tiles, up 22.12%; air conditioner: 13,916 pieces, up 35.58%; commercial electricity: 2,761 million kwh, up 14,31%...

2.3. Labor use index

The labor use index in industrial enterprises in June has increased by 0.96% over the previous month and 1.73% over the same period. Generally, in the first 6 months, the index increased by 0.84% over the same period; in which, state-owned enterprises decreased by 4.49%, non-state enterprises increased by 4.81%, foreign-invested enterprises increased by 0.08%.

2.4. Consumption, inventory index

Consumption index for the whole manufacturing in June 2019 increased by 1.21% over the previous month and decreased by 4.8% over the same period, In the first six months of the year, many industries had a consumption index increased. such as: non-metallic mineral industry increased by 22.46%, metal manufacturing industry increased by 23.61%, machinery and equipment manufacturing industry (air conditioning) increased by 17.34%... Besides, some industries saw a decrease in consumption index such as motor vehicle manufacturing by 7.15%, transport means by 13.84%... The rest had slight fluctuations.

Inventory index of the whole manufacturing in June 2019 increased by 9.58% over the previous month and by 66.30% over the same period. Most inventories had an increase in inventory index over the same period; in which, the production of motor vehicles increased by 171.08%, the means of transport vehicles increased by 224.55%...

8. Trade and services

8.1. Retail sales of consumer goods and services

In the first six months of 2019, trade and service business in the province had a relatively good development over the same period. Infrastructure for commercial business continued to be invested and expanded. Many units participate in trade and services; many units have expanded their business lines, diversified commodities and business methods. Along with that, the management, inspection and control of market prices and goods quality were strengthened, contributing to promoting trade and service activities, stimulating consumers' purchasing power, the results of goods and services circulation in the area increased significantly over the same period, meeting well production and consumption demands of the people.

Total retail sales of goods and services in the first 6 months are expected to reach 25,106 billion dong, up 9.36% over the same period last year, of which, the state economy is estimated at 839 billion dong an increase of 7.30%; non-state economy was estimated at 22,748 billion dong, up 9.47%; Foreign-invested economy was estimated at 1,519 billion dong, up 8.97% over the same period last year.

Classified by commodity groups:

- Retail sales of goods in the first 6 months were estimated at 21,629 billion VND, up 9.35% over the same period last year and increasing in most commodity groups. Goods distribution network of enterprises, production and business facilities have been strengthened and expanded. Activities of stimulating consumer demand such as discounts, promotions are continuously launched to attract people, increase purchasing power of the market.

- Service activities also continued to expand and improve quality to meet consumer needs; revenue from accommodation, catering and travel services in the first 6 months was estimated at VND 1,972 billion, increasing by 9.74% compared to the same period last year, of which, accommodation service revenue was VND 170 billion, up 9.41%; revenue from catering services reached VND 1,752 billion, up 9.77%; tourism and travel revenue reached 50 billion dong, up by 9.75% compared to the same period last year. The system of 4-star and 5-star international standard hotels and restaurants has been opened and put into operation to meet the tourist, relaxation and entertainment services of the people.

- Turnover of other services is estimated at VND 1,505 billion in 6 months, up 9.11% over the same period last year,

8.2. Passenger and cargo transportation

Basiccally, the transportation activities meet the demand for transportation and transport of goods for production and business. It is estimated that in the first 6 months of the year, goods transportation is estimated at 16,367 thousand tons, up 6.92% over the same period; carrying 1,214 million tons, up 6.49%, the volume of passenger carriage in the first 6 months was estimated at 12,603 thousand, up 4.30%; carrying 855 million people, up 5.62%, Total transport revenue in the first 6 months was estimated at VND 2,164 billion, up 9.67% over the same period.


1. Labor, employment settlement, social security assurance

As a result, in the first 6 months of 2019, the whole province was estimated to create jobs for about 12,944 workers (reaching 53% compared to the plan in 2019), of which, 792 workers were sent to work abroad for a definite time. The job exchange floor at the provincial Job Service Center organized 21 job sessions and recruited at the floor of 948 employees, giving advice on labor and employment policies for 8,462 turns of people, introducing jobs for 1,472 people.

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