REPORT The Socio – economic situation in 02/2019


The Socio – economic situation in 02/2019

1. Agricultural, forestry and fishery production

a) Agricultural production

- Cultivation: As of February 15, 2019, the whole province has planted 28,624 ha of spring crops, equaling 97.80% over the same period. In particular, 24,300 hectares of rice were planted, 1,817 hectares of maize, 82 hectares of sweet potatoes, 1,062 hectares of peanuts, 38 hectares of soybeans, 1,161 hectares of vegetables ... To ensure the production of the Winter-Spring crop in 2019 Well, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a document No. 180 / SNN & PTNT-TT & BVTV directing localities and units in the province to guide farmers to implement well the contents of the work only. production director of Winter-Spring crop 2018-2019.

- Animal husbandry: Livestock production in the month is generally maintained relatively stable. The herd of cattle and poultry has developed well, the production of livestock products has basically met the daily consumption needs of the people as well as the Lunar New Year. The prevention and control of epidemics for cattle and poultry in the province is concerned and often implemented. There was no major disease outbreak in the area.

b) Forestry production

During the month, forestry production units and localities in the province focused mainly on the preparation of forest planting sites, clearing of food, tending seedlings, and new afforestation work. implementation. The newly concentrated forestation area in the province is estimated at 11.5 hectares, up 4.55% over the same period. The care of forests has always been actively carried out by forest owners, being proactive about the conditions to ensure good crop development; current management and protection of forests. Forest fire prevention is always concerned, actively and actively implemented at all levels, related branches and forest owners. So far, no forest fires have occurred in the province.

The launching ceremony of “tree planting festival to be grateful to Uncle Ho" 2019 was held in Lac Trung village, Binh Duong commune, Vinh Tuong district on February 13, 2019. According to the plan in 2019, the whole province strives to plant 1.6 million scattered trees; localities planting a large number of trees are Lap Thach district with 280 thousand trees, Song Lo district with 270 thousand trees, Phuc Yen with 260 thousand trees.

c) Production of aquatic products

The province's fishery production is stable, the weather is quite favorable, so the fish development is good, the price of aquatic products maintains at a good level, helping people feel secure in investing in production. Expected to end of February, aquaculture area reached 4,743 hectares, up 0.3% over the same period. Fishery production is estimated at 3,301 tons, an increase of 4.5% compared to the same period last year.

2. Industrial production

February is the month having traditional Tet holidays, the number of production days in the month is low, causing the production index in the month to drop sharply compared to the previous month. However, some businesses (especially e-businesses) have few days of Tet holidays, so production output is still quite high compared to the same period. The index of industrial production in the province in February decreased by 20.37% over the previous month and increased by 23.79% over the same period last year. By economic sector level I, the industries increased and decreased respectively over the previous month and the same period as follows: Mining industry decreased by 24.49% and decreased by 28.93%; processing and manufacturing industry decreased by 20.61% and increased by 24.08%; production, distribution of electricity, gas, hot water, steam and air conditioning decreased by 3.33% and increased by 19.03%; water supply, management and waste treatment decreased by 4.03% and increased by 6.28% over the same period.

For the first two months of the year, the index of industrial production increased by 19.56% over the same period. Three key economic sectors of the province continue to have good growth: Electronic components manufacturing industry has increased by 43.76% and is currently a spearhead economic sector with fast-growing scale, leading the export turnover. making greater and greater contributions to the industry of the province; motor vehicle manufacturing increased by 9.01%; transportation industry increased by 7.96%. Besides, a number of other processing and manufacturing industries also had high production indexes in the first two months of the year, such as chemical and chemical product manufacturing sector (+ 54.43%); producing leather and related products (+ 45.98%); wood processing and producing wood, bamboo products (+36.51%) ...

Along with the production index, the output of some major industrial products of the province also reached a low level compared to the previous month. It is expected that in February, industrial production enterprises in the province will produce 19,383 tons of animal feed, down 15.48%; 384 thousand pairs of sports shoes, down 34.25%; 8,107 thousand m2 of ceramic tiles decreased by 16.15%; 612 air conditioners, down 8.38%; 4,252 types of cars decreased by 28.42%; 135,526 kinds of motorbike reduced by 22.83%; 369 million kwh of commercial electricity decreased by 3.40%; 1,617 thousand m3 of commercial tap water decreased by 7.92% compared to the previous month ....

The labor employment index in industrial enterprises in February increased by 1.50% compared to the previous month. After the Lunar New Year holiday, from the 6th day of the Lunar New Year, most of the businesses have gone into production, workers have returned to work in businesses. Some businesses recruited additionally to compensate the number of employees who have to perform military service, take maternity leave or to expand production scale.

The consumption index of the whole manufacturing in February decreased by 23.76% compared to the previous month and decreased in most industries. Inventory index of processing and manufacturing industry in February increased by 3.83% over the previous month. Industry with high inventory index, such as paper products manufacturing, increased 39.45%; motor vehicle manufacturing industry increased by 16.46% ... Some industries had decreased inventory index such as: food production and processing decreased by 9.48%; medicine, pharmaceutical chemistry and medicine production down by 10.32% ...

3. Investment, construction

Most works and projects in the province stopped construction for one to two weeks because of Tet holiday, the volume and value of the works decreased compared to the previous month. The investment capital concentrated mainly in the projects until the completion and transition, unfinished construction in 2018. Investment capital from the State budget in February was estimated at 372.02 billion VND, decreased by 25.06% over the previous month and equal to 6.08% of the plan capital assigned at the beginning of the year. In particular, the provincial budget capital is VND 284.53 billion, the district budget capital is VND 67.68 billion and the commune budget capital is VND 19.81 billion. Accumulated to the end of February, the investment capital from the State budget reached VND 868.48 billion, an increase of 2.05% compared to the same period in 2018 and equal to 14.2% of the plan of capital assigned at the beginning of the year.

4. Trade, services and prices

a) Retail sale of consumer goods and services

In February, total retail sales of consumer goods and services in the province were estimated at VND 3,862.9 billion, down 9.02% over the previous month and by 99.72% over the same period. Of which, the state economy reached VND 138.6 billion, up 3.95%; collective economy reached 6.3 billion dong, up 14%; individual economy reached VND 1,880.7 billion, equal to 99.86%; the private economy was 1,598.6 billion Dong, as 98.67%; foreign-invested economy reached VND 238.6 billion, up 3.04% over the same period.

For the first two months of the year, total retail sales of consumer goods and services in the province were estimated at 8,109.0 billion Dong, up 8.13% over the same period last year. By business sectors, retail sales of goods reached VND 7,007.5 billion, accounting for 86.42% of the total and up 8.14%; The turnover of accommodation, catering, travel and tourism support activities was estimated at VND 602.1 billion, accounting for 7.43% of the total and increasing by 8.37%; Other consumer services were estimated at VND 499.3 billion, accounting for 6.16% of the total and up 7.72% over the same period last year.

b) Passenger and freight transportation

In February, passenger transportation activities became active due to increasing demand for people in the Lunar New Year. It is expected that in the first two months of the year, the volume of goods carriage will reach 5,510 thousand tons, a rotation of 430 million tons, compared with the same period last year increased by 8.99% in tons and 9.28% in tons km; Passenger transport volume reached 4,413 thousand people, rotation of 287 million people, increasing by 5.13% in people and by 4.67% in kilometers over the same period last year.

Total transport revenue in the first two months is expected to reach 716 billion dong, up 10.17% over the same period. In particular, passenger transport reached 169.4 billion, up 10.58%; cargo transportation reached 528.6 billion dong, up 10.20%; transport support services VND 18 billion, up 5.59% over the same period.

c) Consumer price index

Consumer price index (CPI) in February 2019 increased by 0.83% over the previous month. In particular, a number of essential commodities increased higher than the general index due to increasing consumer demand during Tet, such as:

- Food increased by 0.04% over the previous month, mainly in the case of ordinary rice (Khang dan rice) increasing, vermicelli up 2.47%, cassava up 4.59%;

- Food increased 3.21%. In which, fresh cattle meat increased by 6.89%, fresh poultry meat increased by 0.99%, fresh seafood and seafood increased by 3.31%, followed by eating outside the family by 1.28%;

- Beverage and tobacco group increased by 1.91% due to alcohol, tobacco of all kinds, increasing from 1.12% to 8.16%;

- The group of houses, electricity, water, fuel and construction materials increased by 0.67% due to the adjustment of the gas price increase of VND 10,000 / 12 kg container, equivalent to 3.05% and the price of daily-life electricity increased by 1.42% compared with the previous month;

- The transport group increased by 0.06% due to the increased travel demand of the people during Tet.

The remaining groups and commodities did not increase or decrease, even decrease due to low demand.

The price of gold in the province increased significantly, the price index in the month increased by 0.95% over the previous month due to the days of God of Fortune so the demand for gold shopping of people increased. The average price of gold on the free market is VND 3,611 thousand. Contrary to the price of gold, US dollar prices on the free market tend to be stable compared to the previous month. The average selling price is 22,527 VND / USD.

5. Credit, banking

In February 2019, the branch of the State Bank continued to direct credit institutions in the area to effectively implement mechanisms and policies related to banking activities in the area under Resolution No. 19 and Resolution 35. of the Government, thereby contributing to improving the business environment, improving competitiveness, supporting and developing businesses in the area.

The total mobilized capital as of February 28, 2019 is estimated at VND 66,280 billion; decreased by 3.96% compared to the end of 2018. Of which, deposits of economic organizations were VND 24,230 billion, down 14.22%; savings was VND 41,310 billion, up 3.18%; valuable papers issued were VND 740 billion, up 0.95% compared to the end of 2018.

Total outstanding loans as of February 28, 2019 are estimated at VND 68,750 billion; an increase of 2.21% compared to the end of 2018. Of which, short-term loans reached VND 43,490 billion; an increase of 1.98%, accounting for 63.26% of total loans; medium and long term loan balance reached VND 25,260 billion, up 2.62% compared to the end of 2018; accounting for 36.74% of total loans.

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