REPORT The Socio – economic situation in 01/2019


The Socio – economic situation in 01/2019

1. Agricultural, forestry and fishery production

a) Agricultural production

- Cultivation: By the end of January 15, 2019, the whole province harvested 9,980 hectares of winter crops, equaling 76.84% over the same period. In particular, 4,743 hectares of maize were harvested, equaling 65.43%; 1,250 hectares of sweet potato, equaling 91.49%; soybean 881 ha, equaling 98.25%; peanut 91 hectares, up 3.88%; vegetables of all kinds are 2,680 ha, equal to 95.09% compared to the same period last year .... It is expected that by the end of January, the whole province will basically harvest the winter crop area. Along with harvesting winter crops, farmers in localities in the province conducted soil preparation, sowing, and planting spring crops. Up to now, localities in the province have planted 3,213ha of spring crops, including 2,893 ha of rice and 320 ha of vegetables.

Animal husbandry: Livestock production in January in the province was generally relatively stable. Farmers continued receiving support from the province's mechanisms and policies for animal husbandry; feed prices did not change much; Prices of livestock products such as buffaloes, live cows, live pigs, poultry, eggs of all kinds remain relatively high, profitable farmers have been assured to invest in production development and the number of cattle, poultry of all kinds are maintained and developed in the month.

b) Forestry production

Up to now, a number of forestry units in the province and localities have focused on taking care of the nursed seedlings and prepared for field surveys for timely afforestation when being assigned the plan. The preparation for the New Year of the Tree in the Year of the Pig 2019 is also urgently implemented by localities. Forest fire prevention continues to be actively implemented; the risk of forest fire is warned regularly along with light rain, so no forest fires have occurred since the beginning of the month.

c) Production of aquatic products

Currently, at the end of the growing season and the upcoming Tet holiday, aquaculture farmers are focusing on harvesting and preparing the area for new crop cultivation. Up to now, the area of one rice and one fish has been completely harvested and converted to rice cultivation in spring. The aquaculture area in January is expected to reach 4,603 hectares, up 0.4%; aquaculture production was estimated at 1,730 tons, up 4.1% over the same period last year. For establishments, households specializing in producing aquatic breeds are actively taking care of breeders to ensure enough breeds to meet the farming needs of the new crop.

2. Industrial production

The index of industrial production in the province in January decreased by 1.12% compared to December last year and increased by 18.18% over the same period. By economic sector level I, the industries increased and decreased respectively compared to December last year and the same period as follows: the mining industry increased by 5.73% and by 9.89%; processing and manufacturing industry fell by 1.16% and increased by 18.16%; production, distribution of electricity, gas, hot water, steam and air conditioning increased by 0.59% and by 26.54%; water supply, management and waste treatment increased by 0.87% over the previous month and by 12.08% over the same period.

In terms of industry level II, most industries saw a slight increase or decrease compared to December last year, but compared to the same period last year, many industries had good and relatively high growth. In particular, three key industries of the province continue to have good and high growth over the same period, specifically:

- Electronic components manufacturing industry increased by 40.43% over the same period. This is an industry whose scale is growing faster and is one of the key industries in bringing the industry's value to the province to increase;

- The motor vehicle manufacturing industry increased by 6.26% over the same period. Due to the Lunar New Year in the Lunar New Year, people's demand for cars increases sharply; Besides, the enterprise has continuously launched new versions with convenient and modern features, which are suitable to users' demands, so the consumption volume increases significantly;

- Manufacturing means of transport increased by 7.97% over the same period. The motorbike market these days is no less exciting than the automobile market; the demand for new cars of people is increasing, especially focusing on scooters and large displacement vehicles. Enterprises operating in this area also always have improvements in design and quality, as well as incentives for customers. Therefore, the value of production that the industry brings is increasingly high.

It is expected that in January, the output of some major industrial products produced by enterprises in the province will be as follows: animal feed reaches 23,790 tons, up 5.06% over the same period; sport shoes reached 505 thousand pairs, up 29.44%; tiling materials reached 10,736m2, up 22.04%; types of cars reached 5,820, an increase of 6.26%; 178,402 motorbikes of all kinds, an increase of 7.97%; 375 million kwh of commercial electricity, increasing 26.54% over the same period ...

The labor employment index in industrial enterprises in January this year increased by 0.87% compared to December last year. Manufacturing and processing industry had the highest increase in labor use index, at 1.27% compared to December last year, focusing mainly on enterprises producing electronic components, especially in foreign invested sector. Other industries are relatively stable.

The consumption index of the whole manufacturing in January increased by 0.48%, the inventory index decreased by 8.19% compared to December last year. Many industries saw a sharp drop in inventory index, while consumption index increased. In particular, the motor vehicle manufacturing industry with inventory index decreased to 30.86%, consumption index increased by 0.51%; inventory index of means of transport decreased by 26.16%, consumption index increased by 0.39% compared to December last year ...

3. Investment, construction

In 2019, the construction of plans and allocation of investment capital from the state budget of Vinh Phuc continues to be restructured towards focusing on overcoming and spreading, improving investment efficiency. Giving priority to allocating capital for the national target program on Building new rural areas, Sustainable poverty reduction and programs, tasks of implementing the Resolution of the provincial People's Council. Vinh Phuc identifies and promotes administrative reform, strongly improves the investment-business environment; focusing on site clearance, speeding up the investment in key projects to serve socio-economic development and improve people's life in the province. In order to complete the plan and effectively implement the State budget's investment capital in the locality, all levels and branches have focused on directing and speeding up the progress of compensation, ground clearance and resettlement for investment projects. The units assigned to act as investors organize the selection of contractors and accelerate the construction progress from the first months of the year.

The implementation of State budget investment capital in January this year decreased compared to December of the previous year. Realized investment capital mainly focused on transitional works and unfinished construction works in 2018; the number of newly started projects and projects is low because the new projects are still in the process of completing procedures and documents for investment preparation ... Estimated in January, the total investment capital belongs to the state budget reached VND 496.21 billion, down 31.1% compared to December last year and reached 8.27% of the planned capital in 2019. Of which, provincial-level budget capital was VND 361.26 billion, district budget capital is 109.03 billion dong and commune budget capital is 25.92 billion dong.

4. Trade, services and prices

a) Retail sale of consumer goods and services

In January, the market of consumer goods and services in the province was vibrant. Units and service business establishments in the province have prepared a large amount of goods with quality assurance, abundant models, and reasonable prices to fully meet the production and consumption needs of the people. As estimated, the total of retail sales of consumer goods and services in the province in January reached 4,207 billion VND, up 18.64% compared to the same period last year. In particular, the State economy reached 147 billion, up 14.22%; collective economy reached 7 billion dong, up 68.19%; individual economy reached VND 2,030 billion, up 16.87%; the private sector was 1,742 billion dong, up 19.80%; Foreign-invested economy reached 281 billion dong, up 26.50% over the same period. Specific areas are as follows:

- Total retail sales of goods in the month was estimated at VND 3,622 billion, up 19.58% over the same period last year. This is the month to prepare for the Lunar New Year so supermarkets and retail stores all have promotions to stimulate the market;

- Turnover of accommodation, food and tourism services was estimated at VND 318 billion, up 8.79% over the same period, mainly concentrated in the individual economic sector with VND 262 billion, accounting for 82, 20%, up 8.84% over the same period;

- Turnover of remaining services is estimated at VND 267 billion, up 18.84 over the same period.

b) Passenger and freight transportation

Expected in January, the volume of passenger transport reached 2,251 thousand, rotation reached 150 million Compared with December last year, passenger carriage increased by 0.45%, rotation increased by 0.69%; over the same period last year, passenger carriage increased by 2.42%, rotation increased by 2.05%. The volume of goods transported was 2,959 thousand tons, the rotation was 240 million Compared with December last year, freight increased by 0.67%, rotation increased by 1.30%; over the same period last year, freight increased by 11.60%, rotation increased by 12.88%.

The total transportation revenue in January is expected to reach VND 391 billion, up 2.19% compared to December last year and up 13.78% over the same period. In particular, goods transport reached 298 billion dong, up 17.07% over the same period; passenger transportation reached 84 billion dong, up 6.26%; warehousing and transport support services reached VND 9 billion, equal to 89.71% over the same period.

c) Consumer price index

The consumer price index (CPI) in the province in January increased by 0.20% compared to December last year and by 1.62% compared to the same month last year. Price movements of some commodity groups compared with December of the previous year are as follows:

- Food prices increased by 0.15% due to increased consumer demand as well as processing of products for Lunar New Year, especially good and glutinous rice increased from 500 to 1,000 VND / kg. In the same direction, the price of sweet potato and cassava also increased by 2.64%, because these kinds of food were at the end of the crop, the decreasing supply caused the price to rise;

- Food price increased by 2.30%, one of the main reasons affecting the CPI increase of the month. Most of the essential food items such as pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables, fruits, poultry eggs, fat ... have increased. In particular, the group of cattle meat increased by 4.51%, poultry meat increased by 3.63%, duck eggs increased by 5.29%, the group of fresh, dried and processed vegetables increased by 3.18% ...

- Group of apparel, headwear, shoes increased by 0.79%. The price index of this group increased mainly in items of men's jackets by 4.59%, women's jackets by 4.80%, men's sportswear by 4.55% ... In the month, the cold weather lasted as long as the demand for shopping for warm clothes of people has increased, so the selling price has increased slightly;

- Traffic group decreased by 3.53%. In the month, adjusted gasoline prices 02 times on January 1 and January 16, 2019 made the gasoline group index down 7.02%. Specifically, unleaded A95 gasoline fell by 5.56%, unleaded E5 gasoline by 6.12% and diesel oil by 9.35%, contributed to the decrease in the traffic group index.

Prices of other commodity groups were stable.

Gold prices in the province increased 0.85% in December compared to December last year, the average price on the free market was 3,577 thousand VND. Contrary to the price of gold, the US dollar price on the free market decreased by 0.29% compared to December last year, the average selling price was popular at 22,527 VND / USD.

5. Credit, banking

January is the month adjacent to the Lunar New Year so mobilizing interest rates of credit institutions in the area tend to increase slightly, mainly due to seasonal factors, temporary nature to meet the payment needs of people. population and payment provisions of credit institutions. Currently, the interest rates for deposits in the area are commonly from 0.6% to 1% / year for demand deposits and terms of less than 1 month; from 4.3% to 5.5% / year for term deposits from 1 month to less than 6 months; from 5.3% to 6.5% / year for term deposits from 6 months to less than 12 months; over 12 month tenor at 6.5% to 7.3% / year. Lending interest rates in the area are popular with priority areas ranging from 6% to 6.5% / year for short-term loans and from 7% to 9% / year for medium and long-term. Lending rates for normal production and business sectors range from 6.8% to 9% / year for short term and from 9% to 10.5% / year for medium and long term.

Estimated to 31/01/2019, the total mobilized capital reached VND 69,250 billion, up 0.34% compared to the end of 2018. Of which, deposits from economic organizations were 28,260 billion VND, up 0.05. %; savings was VND 40,250 billion, making an increase of 0.54%; valuable papers issued were VND 740 billion, up 0.95% compared to the end of 2018.

The total outstanding loans as of January 31, 2019 were estimated at VND 67,400 billion, an increase of 0.21% compared to the end of 2018. In particular, short-term outstanding loans reached VND 42,720 billion, an increase of 0.18%, accounting for 63%. , 38% of total loans; Medium and long-term loans reached VND 24,680 billion, up 0.26% compared to the end of 2018, accounting for 36.62% of total loans.

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