REPORT Socio – economic situation in 2/2020



Socio – economic situation in 2/2020

1. Agricultural, forestry and fishery production

1.1. Agricultural production

a) Cultivation: In the month, taking advantage of favorable weather, farmers in the province have focused on soil preparation, focusing on cultivating rice and planting vegetables in the Spring crop to ensure progress. According to the report of localities, as of February 15, 2020, the whole province has planted 35,081 hectares of spring crops, up 18.70% over the same period. In particular, 28,574 hectares of rice were planted, 1,720 hectares of maize, 143 hectares of sweet potatoes, 1,439 hectares of peanuts, 31 hectares of soybeans, 1,711 hectares of vegetables ... To ensure the production of Winter-Spring crop in 2020 Well, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development issued Document No. 177/SNN & PTNT-TT & BVTV directing localities and units in the province to guide farmers to implement well the contents in the winter-spring crop guidance in 2019-2020.

b) Livestock: Livestock production in February in the province was generally relatively stable, mechanisms and policies to support the restructuring of the agriculture sector, including animal husbandry, continued to be encouraged, creating favorable conditions for people to feel assured to invest in expanding production scale. On the other hand, prices of livestock products are generally kept at a high level, raising livestock is profitable, so people are assured to invest in development.

Breeding of buffaloes and cows in the month continued to decrease, the number of heads decreased compared to the same period due to low economic efficiency and reduced grazing area, particularly the dairy cow development was quite strong due to the product. Fresh milk has a good market, bringing high income for farmers, so households have bravely invested, expanded production scale with many cow breeds for high milk productivity.

Poultry farming has developed well, the number of animals has increased significantly over the same period due to a stable consumption market. The selling price of poultry products is currently maintained at a relatively high level, the output meets well the consumption needs of local people as well as some neighboring areas. However, due to complicated developments of influenza A / H5N6 in some neighboring provinces, in order to protect livestock production, the province has been drastically and synchronously implementing measures to prevent and control epidemics: continued continue to strengthen inspection and supervision of the situation of cattle and poultry diseases, ensure early detection, timely treatment, in order not to spread the disease; organize vaccination for cattle and poultry in the first round of 2020; deploying a series of cleaning and disinfecting livestock environment ...

Pig breeding continues to be affected by the complicated African swine cholera, which has caused great losses for farmers and negatively affected the development of the province's pigs in recent years. Currently, breeding households are trying to re-breed and expand production, but the re-herd of people still faces many difficulties due to the high price of seed and the supply of breeds from breeding facilities. raising prestige and ensuring safety are still limited, along with psychology of fears that disease might break out again.

1.2. Forestry production

The newly concentrated forestation area in the province is estimated to reach 39 hectares, up 4.00% over the same period. The care of forests has always been actively implemented by forest owners, proactively on the conditions to ensure good crop development. Forest fire prevention is always taken seriously and seriously at all levels, related agencies and forest owners, so there is no forest fire so far.

To raise the awareness of people of all classes on the effects of planting and protecting forests associated with socio-economic development, protecting ecological environment and increasing forest cover, February 1, 2020. Vinh Phuc Provincial People's Committee held a ceremony to launch "Tree planting festival to gratitude Uncle Ho" in the spring of the year of 2020, the whole province strives to plant 1,600,000 scattered trees, including the main tree species such as Acacia, Eucalyptus... localities with a large number of early spring crops are Lap Thach, Song Lo and Phuc Yen.

1.3. Aquatic production

The production of aquatic products in the province in February developed stably, the weather was quite favorable, from the beginning of the year until now, there were showers of rain so the fish development was good, the price of seafood maintained at a fairly high level helping people feel secure to invest in expanding production. Stable seed supply, quality is increasingly improved, ensuring to meet the needs of farmers in and outside the province in the new season. The area for aquaculture by the end of February is expected to reach 4,697 hectares, up 0.2%; Fishery production is estimated at 3,447 tons, up 4.42% over the same period. In particular, the exploitation output reached 238 tons, equal to 97.31%; farming output reached 3,208 tons, up 4.99% over the same period of the last year.

2. Industrial production

Industrial production in the first two months of 2020, despite being affected by the disease of Covid-19 (n-CoV), enterprises in the province have proactively responded and had stable production plans, overcoming difficulties. In the absence of labor, no enterprise has to suspend or reduce production capacity. Therefore, the industry-wide production index (IIP) reached an increase of 6.53% over the same period last year, of which the processing and manufacturing industry increased by 6.40%, the mining industry decreased slightly, electricity production and distribution ensure sufficient supply of electricity for production and consumption of the people at a rate higher than that of the whole industry.

2.1. Production index

The industry production index (IIP) in February increased by 35.08% over the same period last year. In which, mining industry increased by 14.91%; processing and manufacturing industry increased by 35.37%; electricity production and distribution increased by 23.51%; water supply and waste treatment increased by 19.32%.

Development index of industrial production in February 2020 (%)


Estimated in February 2020 compared to the previous month

Estimated in February 2020 compared to the same period last year

First 2 months of 2020 compared to the same period last year

The whole industry








Manufacturing and processing industry




Producing and distributing electricity




Water supply and waste disposal




For the first two months of the year, the index of industrial production was estimated to increase by 6.53% over the same period, lower than the increase of 19.56% of the same period in 2019. In secondary industries, some industries accounting for a large proportion of the two-month production index increased sharply over the same period last year, contributing mainly to the overall growth of the whole industry such as: Chemical manufacturing and chemical products increased by 43.04% ; paper and paper products increased by 37.52%; electric equipment manufacturing sector increased by 30.92%; metal manufacturing increased by 28.98%; electronic component manufacturing sector increased by 20.55% ... Besides, there were still 8/24 secondary industries of the province with a decrease in the production index compared to the same period last year. In particular, other means of transport industry saw a decrease of 7.13%, because the market is at saturation; other non-metallic mineral products dropped by 12.72%; manufacturing of beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs down 48.59% ...

The remaining industries developed stably.

2.2. Main industrial products

Most of the output of main industrial products of enterprises in the province in February is expected to have a good increase over the previous month and over the same period. For the first two months of 2020, in addition to the volume of air conditioners, it decreased by 65.28%, tiles for tiles decreased by 12.72%, motorbikes of all kinds decreased by 7.13% and clothes of all types decreased by 3, 75%, the remaining major industrial product groups of the province have high growth rates over the same period in 2019: Electronic components manufacturing service is VND 15,237 billion, up 20.55%; commercial tap water increased by 19.98%; commercial electricity increased by 15.61%; feed for cattle increased by 12.24%; sports shoes and sandals increased by 10.05%; cars increased by 3.90%.

2.3. Labor use index

The number of employees working in industrial enterprises in the province as of February 1st, 2020 increased by 0.51% over the previous month and by 2.01% over the same period, of which, labor in the area State owned enterprises decreased by 11.14%, non-state enterprises decreased by 1.15%, foreign-invested enterprises increased by 3.24%. At that time, the number of employees working in mining enterprises decreased by 19.23% compared to the same period last year; processing and manufacturing industry increased by 2.24%; electricity production and distribution decreased by 8.22%; water supply, waste and wastewater treatment reduced by 5.09%.

2.4. Consumption, inventory index

Consumption index for the whole manufacturing in 2/2020 increased by 3.49% over the previous month and by 41.76% over the same period last year. Generally, in the first two months of the year, many industries with high consumption index such as paper and paper products increased by 79.83%; electric equipment manufacturing sector increased by 38.68%; textile industry increased by 34.88%; rubber and plastic products increased by 29.58%; chemical production and chemical products increased by 26.89% ... Besides, some industries saw a decrease in consumption index such as: manufacturing of wardrobes, tables and chairs, down 44.95%; wood and wood product processing industry decreased by 15.35%; non-metallic mineral products dropped by 10.59% ... The others were little changed.

Inventory index of the whole manufacturing in 2/2020 decreased by 2.64% over the previous month and increased by 34.05% over the same period last year. Most industries have high inventory index over the same period; in which, motor vehicle manufacturing increased by 127.02%; metal manufacturing by 79.54%; chemicals and chemical products increased by 61.14% ...

3. Investment and construction

The implementation of investment capital from the State budget in February made an increase rate compared to the previous month and over the same period, investment capital concentrated mainly in the works until the completion and transfer works. continued, unfinished construction in 2019. The number of started projects was small because the new projects are carrying out investment procedures, selecting contractors to design construction cost estimates ...

The implementing investment capital from the State budget in February is estimated at 407.46 billion VND, up 12.64% over the same period and equal to 6.15% of the planned capital assigned at the beginning of the year. In particular, the provincial budget capital is 267.13 billion dong, the district budget is 115.52 billion dong and the commune budget capital is 24.81 billion dong. Accumulated to the end of February, the investment capital from the State budget reached 813.57 billion VND, equivalent to 12.28% of the plan of capital assigned at the beginning of the year.

4. Trade, prices and services

 February - the first month after Tet holiday, affected by Covid-19, trade in services in the month was not as exciting as previous months. In particular, it directly affects the accommodation, catering, travel and public transport businesses. However, the units participating in commercial and service business in the area have had many solutions to boost production and business, to plan to expand the product consumption market, determining to complete and exceed the set plan.

a) Retail sale of consumer goods and services

 The total retail sales of consumer goods and services in February was estimated at VND 4,355 billion, down 2.0% over the previous month and up 9.99% over the same period last year. In particular, the sectors increased and decreased respectively over the previous month and over the same period as follows: retail sales of goods in the month were estimated at VND 3,829 billion, down 1.36% and up 12.96%; revenue of accommodation, catering and travel services was VND 263 billion, down 13.59% and down 10.36%; Revenue from other services in the month was estimated at VND 263 billion, up 2.0% and up 9.83%. For the first two months of the year, total retail sales of consumer goods and services reached VND 8,799 billion, up 7.85% over the same period. Of which, retail sales of goods reached VND 7,710 billion, up 9.41%; revenue of accommodation, catering, and travel services was 568.1 billion dong, down 7.06%; revenue from other services reached VND 521 billion, up 4.12% over the same period last year.

b) Passenger and freight transportation

Estimated in February, the volume of goods transport reached 2,519 thousand tons, rotating 192 million, compared with the previous month, down 3.0% in tons and down 2.54% in, over the same period of the last year it increased by 0.55% in tons and by 0.31% in tons. Passenger transport volume reached 1,883 thousand people, rotating 122 million, down 11.89% in people and down 12.23% in from the previous month, over the same period last year. down 13.02% of people and down 13.16% of people km. For the first two months of the year, goods carriage decreased by 6.36%, turnover decreased by 8.30% over the same period last year. Passenger carriage decreased by 7.99%, rotation by 7.98% over the same period last year.

The total transport revenue in February was estimated at VND 338 billion, down 5.11% over the previous month and down 1.56% over the same period. For the first two months of the year, transport revenue reached VND 694 billion, down 3.06% compared to the same period last year.

c) Consumer price index

Consumer price index (CPI) in February decreased by 0.30% from the previous month; On average, the first two months of the year increased by 6.82% over the same period. The main reason for this month's CPI decrease is due to the decline in prices of some essential commodities such as: food down 0.07%; garment, hat and footwear decreased by 0.23%; housing, utilities, fuel and construction materials fell by 0.34%; traffic decreased by 2.75%; culture, entertainment and tourism decreased by 0.17% ... The remaining groups were relatively stable and slightly increased.

In the decrease of 0.30% of the consumer price index in February compared with the previous month, there were 7/11 groups of goods and services with price index decreased, of which the group with the highest reduction was transportation group with a decrease of 2.75. % due to the adjustment of Vietnam petroleum group on February 1, 2020 and February 14, 2020 made the fuel group (A95 gasoline, E5 biofuel, Diezen oil) down 5.23% compared to with last month pushed the overall index down. Housing, electricity, water, fuel and construction materials decreased by 0.34% over the previous month due to the gas price adjustment was reduced by 20,000 VND / 12kg container from February 1, 2020 with a decrease of 5.21% compared to the previous month. Last month, the price of 1 listed Petrolimex 12kg gas was 360,000 VND / bottle. In the same direction, petroleum products decreased by 6.87% over the previous month; Average oil price in February was 14,486 VND / liter (down 1,068 VND / liter). The group of household appliances and appliances decreased by 0.15%, due to some electronics supermarkets, in order to stimulate consumer demand and also to reduce the amount of goods in stock, so enterprises planned to promote and reduce. prices for some products such as refrigerators, washing machines, electric fans, microwave ovens, induction cookers, etc. to recover capital and sell new models during the year, leading to the decline in this group index.

The remaining groups of products were relatively stable and increased slightly.

The price of gold in the province increased significantly, the price index in the month increased 2.70% over the previous month because of the God of Fortune day, the demand for gold shopping of people increased. The average gold price on the free market is VND 4,368 thousand. In the same direction as the gold price, USD price on free market tended to increase by 0.31% compared to the previous month. The average selling price is VND 22,663 / USD.

5. Finance, banking, insurance

5.1. Situation of State budget revenue and expenditure

In order to achieve the 2020 budget estimate assigned by the People's Council, from the beginning of the year, the provincial People's Committee has directed functional branches and localities to continue well implementing the Government's Resolution and Directive; Resolution of the provincial People's Council on implementing main tasks and solutions to implement the socio-economic development plan in 2020; mobilize and effectively use resources to perform the socio-economic development tasks. Strengthening financial discipline - state budget; ensure transparency and thrift; ensure budget spending ratio for education, training, science and technology; save on regular expenses ...

According to the data of Vinh Phuc State Treasury, the total budget revenue in the area as of February 15, 2020 reached VND 4,802.79 billion, up 12.37% over the same period. In which, domestic revenue was 4,330.7 billion dong; revenue from import and export activities reached VND 464.2 billion. Total state budget expenditure in the province as of February 15, 2020 reached 1,935.32 billion VND, up 27.0% over the same period. In which, recurrent expenditure was 1,184 billion dong, development investment expenditure was 790.9 billion dong.

5.2. Banking and credit activities

Deposit rates in the area are commonly from 0.2-0.8% / year for demand deposits and terms of less than 1 month; from 4.5-5.0% / year for deposits with term from 1 month to less than 6 months; from 5.0-6.6% for deposits with term from 6 months to less than 12 months; tenor of over 12 months stood at 6.7-7.2% / year. Lending interest rates for priority sectors range from 5.5-6.0% / year for short-term and from 6.5-8.8% / year for medium and long-term. Lending interest rates for normal business and production sectors are from 6.8 to 9% / year for short term and from 9.0-10.5% / year for medium and long term.

Estimated to February 29, 2020, the total mobilized capital will reach VND 78,000 billion, down 3.46% compared to the end of 2019. Of which: deposits of economic organizations will be VND 27,000 billion, down 18.17 %; savings was 49,850 billion dong, up 6.58%; the issuance of valuable papers was VND 1,150 billion, an increase of 11.54% compared to the end of 2019. Total outstanding loans as of February 29, 2020 were estimated at VND 78,200 billion, up 0.23% compared to the end of 2019. In particular, short-term loans reached VND 50,650 billion, down 0.46%, accounting for 64.77% of total loans; Medium and long-term loans reached VND 27,550 billion, up 1.53% compared to the end of 2019, accounting for 35.23% of total loans.

5.3. Insurance

The result of social insurance (SI) collection in February is estimated at VND 415.6 billion, bringing the accumulated until the end of February to VND 695.9 billion, up 88.9% over the same period in 2019 and reaching 13.7 % of assigned plan. As of February 2020, the whole province has 1,066,751 people participating in all kinds of insurance. In which, compulsory social insurance is 207,099 people, voluntary social insurance is 6,312 people, unemployment insurance is 199,568 people, health insurance is 1,060,439 people. The provincial social insurance body has managed the correct, adequate, safe and timely payment for beneficiaries of social insurance and health insurance with the amount of VND 312.4 billion (social insurance expenditure is VND 234.3 billion, health insurance is 78, 1 billion dong). In particular, the settlement of monthly social insurance benefits for 19 people, settlement of one-time social insurance benefits for 328 people, settlement of sickness, maternity, health care for 3,217 turns of people. Make a payment list for 282 weekly beneficiaries of unemployment insurance.

6. Some social issues

6.1. Medical activities

- Disease prevention:

 Following the directions of the Party Central Committee Secretariat, the Government and the Ministry of Health, Vinh Phuc province has been active, proactive and drastic in leading and directing the prevention of Covid-19 in the province. The provincial Party Committee and People's Committee issued many leadership documents, directing the political system from the provincial to grassroots levels to mobilize and mobilize all resources to focus on epidemic prevention by many measures. France, in which the health sector is the core force, has set up four inspection teams to regularly check the prevention of epidemics in districts, cities and grassroots levels; establishing the respiratory tract disease hospital with 300 beds, concentrated isolation area at the Military School of the province and the provincial General Hospital, the provincial People's Council promptly passed a Resolution to support isolation people at the treatment facility and facility. centralized isolation and permanent and temporary residents living in epidemic-isolated areas, and the health sector has also strengthened 161 health workers for regional control posts in Son Loi commune and communes in Binh Xuyen district.

Drastically responding to the complication of the epidemics, the Steering Committee regularly held quick meetings to promptly grasp the situation and direct the settlement of arising tasks. At the same time, directing the Department of Health to organize training for health workers at all levels in the province to guide surveillance, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases; organize communication on mass media, distribute leaflets to people; activate the entire surveillance, epidemiological investigation and treatment system in health facilities, ready to receive, quarantine, treat patients and prevent infections in hospitals to actively prevent the epidemics. Up to now, all schools, hospitals, public areas, residential areas and places having infected people have been sprayed with disinfectant; the provincial People's Committee carried out the zoning of epidemic areas and implemented control measures to minimize the spread inside and outside the epidemic areas.

According to a report of the Department of Health, as of February 18, 2020, the whole province recorded 11 cases positive for Covid-19, of which, Binh Xuyen district had 9 cases, Tam Duong had 1 case and Tam Dao had 1. Since 13/2/2020, no more case has been recorded. There have been 7/11 patients discharged from the hospital. There are 470 cases monitored and supervised; Among them, the number of suspected cases is 89 people, the number of close contacts is 381 people. Number of cases of isolation and follow-up at the isolation and treatment isolation facilities are: 44 cases at the Treatment Center of Quang Ha General Clinic (of which: suspected is 25 and close contact are 19) and 95 cases at the provincial Military School.

The situation of other infectious diseases is stable, most infectious diseases tend to decrease compared to the same period in 2019. Specifically, the scattered cases in localities in 9/9 districts / cities are as follows: Dengue fever 02 cases, down 08 cases compared to the previous month, down 03 cases over the same period in 2019; Measles-type rash, 07 cases, down 03 cases over the same period in 2019; Chickenpox was 19 cases, down 82 cases compared to the same period in 2019./.

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