REPORT The socio - economic situation of Vinh Phuc province in August and the first 8 months of 2019


The socio - economic situation of Vinh Phuc province
in August and the first 8 months of 2019

1. Agricultural, forestry and fishery production

1.1. Agriculture

- Cultivation: By the end of August 15, 2019, the whole province cultivated 31,356 hectares of rice and vegetables of all kinds, down 6.29% over the same period. In addition to the increase in the area of ​​soybeans and vegetables, the remaining major crops decreased compared to the crop in 2018. Specifically: the area of ​​winter rice reached 23,870 hectares, down 6.69%; maize 1,440 hectares, down 17.86%; sweet potato 203 hectares, down 11.61%; groundnut 426 hectares, down 9.73%; soybeans 151 hectares, up 3.21%; vegetables of all kinds 2,068 hectares, up 0.69% ...

- Animal husbandry:

The situation of poultry farming in the area continued to tend to develop, the price of poultry products such as meat, eggs after a long time dropped too low, showed signs of rebounding and maintained at high. From the beginning of the year until now, no major epidemics have occurred, the poultry has developed well so people have been paying attention and focusing on production investment. In addition, due to the influence of African swine cholera (DTLCP), many households have switched from raising pigs to chickens and ducks, so the flock of poultry is estimated to increase sharply over the same period.

1.2. Forestry

The newly concentrated forestation area in the province to August is estimated at 560 hectares, equaling 80% of the yearly plan, up 1.06% over the same period last year. The area of planted forest being cared is 2,340 ha, up 2.42%; the contracted forest area is 9,631 ha, making an increase of 1.15%; the number of dispersed planted trees was estimated at 1.36 million, the estimated timber output was estimated at 3,702 m3, up 3.80%; firewood production is estimated at 4,306 Ste, up 0.60% over the same period last year.

1.3. Aquatic products

Aquaculture area by the end of August was estimated at 6,142 ha, an increase of 0.1% over the same period last year. The production of aquatic products in the month was estimated at 1,988 tons, up 5.57% over the same period; the number of breeds produced was 178 million, up 6.64% over the same period. In the first eight months of the year, total aquatic product production was estimated at 14,235 tons, up 4.64% over the same period. In particular, aquaculture output reached 12,839 tons, up 5.36%; mining output reached 1,396 tons, down 1.56% over the same period.

2. Industrial production

2.1. Production index

In August, the industrial production index increased by 1.64% over the previous month and increased by 12.02% over the same period in 2018. The processing and manufacturing industry remained the leading industry, contributing the most to general growth of the whole industry of the province, reaching 1.64% over the previous month and up 11.95% over the same period. The water supply and waste treatment industry in recent months has always achieved a relatively high increase compared to the general growth, the August index increased by 2.24% over the previous month and up 24.8% over the same period. Mining and production and distribution industry of electricity and gas also increased significantly.


Industrial production development index in August 2019 (%)


Estimated August 2019 compared to the previous month

Estimated August 2019 compared to the same period last year

8 months of 2019 compared to the same period last year

Whole industry








Manufacturing and processing industry




Electricity producing and distributing




Water supply and waste disposal




Generally, in the first eight months of the year, the index of industrial production increased by 11.86% over the same period last year, lower than the growth rate of the same period in 2018 (in the first eight months of 2018 increased by 16.41%). Among secondary industries, a number of sectors accounting for a large proportion continued to maintain the caoso growth over the same period, such as: Electronic products manufacturing industry led with an increase of 44.52%; metal manufacturing by 25.43%; manufacturing of other non-metallic mineral products increased by 23.67%; electrical equipment manufacturing sector increased by 22.49% ... However, there are still 7/24 level II industries in the province with a decrease in the production index compared to the same period last year. In particular, the motor vehicle manufacturing industry decreased by 2.33%. Manufacturers of assembled vehicles in the province still faced difficulties in consumption due to competition with the market of imported vehicles; At the same time, the domestic supply of assembled cars with VinFast with an output of nearly 10,000 cars per month gives consumers more options, so the 8-month consumption index of the province's automobile industry decreases by 1.38%. over the same period. Manufacturing means of transport decreased by 13.62%, an industry with increasingly difficult market, production output in the first 8 months of the year reached only 1,189 thousand units, equal to 86.38% over the same period.

The remaining industries develop stably.

2.2. Main industrial products

The production volume of some major industrial products in August increased compared to the previous month. Specifically: Animal feed was estimated at 23,789 tons, up 0.32%; all kinds of clothes 6,304 thousand pieces, an increase of 6.50%; 716 thousand pairs of sports shoes and sandals, up 1.85%; ceramic tiles 14,064 thousand m2, an increase of 3.02%; 2,637 air conditioners, up 0.27%; cars with fewer than 10 people transported 5,548 units, up 3.58%; 161,939 units of motorbikes, an increase of 0.35% ...

Generally, in the first eight months of 2019, besides the output of automobiles decreased by 2.33%, motorcycles by 13.62% and types of clothes by 0.73%, the remaining major industrial products of the province were has a fairly high growth rate compared to the same period in 2018 such as: Sports shoes reached 4,830 thousand pairs, an increase of 30.53%; 99,601 thousand tiles, an increase of 23.67%; air conditioner with 18,242 pieces, an increase of 28.78%; commercial electricity 3,937 million kwh, up 15.25%, potable water 16,857 thousand m3, up 15.26% ...

2.3. Labor use index

The labor use index in industrial enterprises in August increased by 0.89% over the previous month and by 1.96% over the same period. For the first eight months of the year, the index increased by 0.53% over the same period; in which, state-owned enterprises decreased by 5.60%, non-state enterprises increased by 5.85%, foreign-invested enterprises decreased by 0.52%.

2.4. Consumption, inventory index

Consumption index for the whole manufacturing in August 2019 increased by 1.05% over the previous month and decreased by 1.16% over the same period. In the first eight months of the year, many industries had a high increase in consumption index such as: metal production increased by 23.23%; leather and related products increased by 28.13%, wood processing and wood products increased by 35.04%, chemical and chemical products increased by 45.07% ... In addition, some industries saw a decrease in consumption index such as motor vehicle manufacturing by 1.38%, other means of transport decreased by 15.85% ... The remaining industries have slight fluctuations.

Inventory index of the whole manufacturing in August 2019 decreased by 2.18% over the previous month and increased by 29.80% over the same period. Most industries have high inventory index over the same period; of which, metal manufacturing increased by 25.84%; manufacturing of other means of transport increased by 122.02%; paper and paper products increased by 143.84% ...

3. Investment and construction

In order to accelerate the implementation and disbursement of the plan for public investment in 2019, on July 30, 2019, Vinh Phuc People's Committee issued Document No. 5773 / UBND-KT1 on the implementation of management and payment activities. payment of assigned public investment capital, requiring all levels and branches to concentrate on synchronizing solutions, drastically directing and overcoming difficulties in ground clearance compensation; accelerate the preparation of investment, evaluation of technical designs of construction drawings, cost estimates and bidding; strengthen inspection of civil service in solving administrative procedures, determination to complete the set plan. Therefore, despite the rainy weather in August, which is not favorable for construction activities, both investors and construction parties have focused resources, speeding up the construction progress. The performance of investment capital in the month was quite good: The total investment capital belonging to the State budget capital managed by the localities was estimated at 565 billion dong, up 11.39% over the previous month and up 2.41% over the same period in 2018. Of which, the provincial state budget capital was 385.9 billion dong, up 16.0% of the district budget capital was 139.3 billion dong, up 2.74%; commune budget capital is 39.73 billion dong, increasing by 2.19% over the previous month. After eight months, the total investment capital under the state budget capital under the management of the locality reached 3,722.6 billion dong, up 3.98% over the same period in 2018 and equal to 59.73% of the year's plan.

4. Trade, services and prices

4.1. Total retail sales of consumer goods and services

In August, the business and service situation in the area was quieter than the previous month due to the psychology of people restricting shopping in the lunar calendar, especially with high-value items such as cars, motorcycles, utensils, tools, home appliances, so the revenue for these categories decreased compared to the previous month. Besides, due to the rainy season, rainy weather, the demand for tourism and entertainment in the month also decreased. Total retail sales of consumer goods and services in August were VND 4,306 billion, down 1.86% compared to the previous month.

However, compared to the same period last year, total retail sales of goods and services revenue in August still increased by 8.52%. In particular: Retail sales of goods in August increased by 8.09% and increased in most commodity groups such as: Educational and cultural items increased by 20.39%; Garment increased by 17.53%; Food and foodstuff rose by 17.53%; gasoline of all kinds increased by 8.30%; other fuels increased by 12.57% ... In the first eight months of the year, retail sales of goods reached VND 28,978 billion, up 9.16% over the same period.

Turnover of accommodation, catering services, travel and other services in August was estimated at VND 621 billion, down 3.25% over the previous month, up 11.10% over the same period. In particular, revenue from accommodation services, dining reached 357 billion; tourism and travel revenue reached 9 billion dong; Revenue from other services reached VND 255 billion. Generally, in the first eight months of the year, revenue of service sector reached VND 4,728 billion, up 9.62% over the same period.

4.2. Passengers and goods transportation

In order to meet the travel needs of the people as well as improve the quality of passenger transport services, Vinh Phuc Automobile Transportation Joint Stock Company and Vinh Phuc Passenger Transport Joint Stock Company have been put into use 28 The new bus replaces all old buses on 6 routes (VP03, VP04, VP05, VP07, VP08 and VP09). The use of new and high quality buses has contributed to creating conditions for people inside and outside the province. convenient transportation, solving traffic jams, reducing personal vehicles, contributing to social security, improving living environment and increasing revenue for transport activities.

Estimated volume of passengers carried in August was 2,083 thousand, increasing by 0.48% over the previous month and by 1.16% over the same period last year; passenger carriage reached 146 million, compared with the previous month and the same period last year increased by 0.69% and 2.65% respectively. Freight carriage reached 2,901 thousand tons, up 1.19% over the previous month and an increase of 6.07% over the same period; goods carriage reached 207 million, compared with the previous month increased by 0.98% over the same period last year increased by 5.47%. For the first eight months of the year, passenger carriage reached 16,765 thousand people, up 4.26%; transporting 1,143 million people, up 4.81% over the same period; cargo carriage reached 22,190 thousand tons, up 7.43%; goods carriage gained 1,631 million tons, up 6.90% over the same period.

Total transport revenue in August was VND 376.5 billion, up 1.15% over the previous month and up 8.09% over the same period. In particular, passenger transportation reached VND83.7 billion, up 8.26%; cargo transportation was 282.4 billion dong, up 7.52% over the same period. For the first eight months of the year, total transport revenue reached VND 2,908.9 billion, up 9.91% over the same period.

4.3. Price index

a. Consumer price index

Consumer price index (CPI) in the province in August increased by 0.59% over the previous month, increasing by 1.53% over the same period and increasing by 1.85% compared to December 2018. Generally for the first eight months of the year, CPI increased by 1.32% over the same period in 2018; This is the lowest average increase in the last 4 years (in 2018, the average CPI of the first 8 months over the same period increased by 4.25%; in 2017 it was 3.62%; in 2016 it was 1.35%).

b. Gold and US dollar price

The world and domestic gold price increased continuously in recent days, the price index in the month increased 4.46% compared to the previous month. The average selling price on the free market is VND 4,002 thousand. The gold price on the market increased sharply mainly because some central banks in other countries simultaneously lowered interest rates, which made investors feel unsafe when investing in the US dollar, causing the US dollar to decline continuously. The past few months have been the main reason for the high world gold prices. The increase in gold price was mainly due to external factors rather than domestic market sentiment. Contrary to the price of gold, US dollar prices on the free market in the session had a slight decrease. The average US dollar price of the whole August decreased by 0.13% compared to the previous month with the common average selling price of VND 22,623 / USD.

(Compared to December 2018)

5. Finance, banking and insurance

5.1. Situation of State budget revenue and expenditure

State budget revenues in the province continued to maintain a satisfactory progress; budget expenditures promptly met the requirements of development investment, debt payment, assurance of national defense, security and operation of the home apparatus. According to the data of the State Treasury, the total budget revenue in the area as of August 22, 2019 is estimated at 22,660 billion Dong, as 81.53% of the estimate. In which, domestic revenue was 19,915 billion Dong, as 82.15% of the estimate; revenue from import and export activities reached 2.711 billion Dong, as 76.36% of the estimate. In domestic revenue, some revenues accounted for a large proportion and achieved quite a level such as: Income from foreign-imported enterprises reached 15,037 billion Dong, as 75.64% of the estimate; revenue from personal income tax reached VND 602 ​​billion, equal to 84.79% of the estimate; revenues from real estate reached 2,356 billion VND, equaling 344.49% of the estimate ...

Total state budget expenditure in the province as of August 22, 2019 is now VND 10,826 billion, of which regular spending is VND 5,613 billion and development investment is VND 5.166 billion.

5.2. Banking and credit activities

In August, the deposit and lending interest rates in the area were basically stable; the common interest rate was 4.5-7.3% / year for deposits with terms of 1 month or more. . Lending interest rate for priority fields is 6-9% / year; normal production and business sectors at 6.8-10.5% / year. Total mobilized capital is estimated to reach VND 69,380 billion as of August 31, 2019; an increase of 0.53% compared to the end of 2018. Of which, savings deposits were VND 44,150 billion, accounting for 64% of the total mobilized capital, up 10.28%. This is the time for banks to offer preferential policies, promotions with reasonable interest rates for each term to attract idle money from people, offset the reduced capital withdrawn by economic organizations investing in production and business activities. Total outstanding loans are expected to reach VND 73,790 billion as of August 31, 2019; an increase of 9.71% compared to the end of 2018. Of which, short-term loans reached VND 47,590 billion; an increase of 11.6% compared to the end of 2018; accounting for 64.49% of the total outstanding loans; medium and long-term loans reached VND 26,200 billion, up 6.43% compared to the end of 2018; accounting for 35.51% of total loans. By the end of August, 2019, the bad debt area was estimated at VND 693 billion, accounting for 0.94% of the total outstanding loans.

5.3. Insurance

As of August 2019, the province has 1,016,607 people participating in insurance of all kinds. In particular, compulsory social insurance (social insurance) is 197,334 people, voluntary social insurance 4,827 people, unemployment insurance 183,742 people, health insurance is 1,011,780 people. Compared to the goals of Resolution No. 21 and No. 28-NQ / TW: social insurance coverage rate reaches 31.4% of the labor force, unemployment insurance reaches 28.5% of the labor force and the percentage of insurance coverage Health insurance reaches 91.7% of the population.

Results of social insurance revenue in August is estimated at 408.7 billion, bringing the accumulated to the end of August reached 2,973.4 billion, up 411.3 billion over the same period and reached 66.4% compared to the plan assigned. In the month, Vinh Phuc Social Insurance made correct, adequate and timely payments to beneficiaries of social insurance and health insurance benefits with the total amount of 341 billion dong (of which: Social insurance expenditure is VND 238.9 billion, health insurance spending is VND 102.1 billion). Specifically: settling monthly social insurance benefits for 51 people; settlement of one-time social insurance benefits for 367 people; solving sickness, maternity, convalescing for 2,094 turns of people; settle for 501 turns of people enjoying unemployment insurance. Every month, the social insurance industry has coordinated with the post office to pay properly and pensions, monthly social insurance allowances for policy beneficiaries in the province.

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