Exploitation of common minerals (soil leveling) for projects in Vinh Phuc province


In order to serve the projects in the area, the People's Committee of Vinh Phuc province approves the planning on exploiting common materials (soil leveling). Specific content as follows:

1. Viewpoints and objectives:

1.1. Viewpoints :

- Planning on exploiting common minerals (soil leveling) for projects in Vinh Phuc province must be in line with the socio-economic development planning of the province and other specialized plannings;

- Ensure the rational and economical exploitation and use of mineral resources, to meet the requirements of sustainable construction and development and raise the value of products in association with the protection of the environment, nature landscapes, cultural and historical monuments, places of scenic beauty and other natural resources; Ensuring national defense, security and order and social safety;

- Create conditions for organizations having financial and technical capabilities to invest in surveying, exploring and exploiting common materials (land for leveling) in the direction of sustainable investment. Mineral mining activities of common materials (soil leveling) must ensure the harmony of the interests of the State, enterprises and people in the areas where exist minerals.

1.2. Objectives:

- Planning on the exploitation of common minerals (soil leveling) for projects in the province as the basis for the management and licensing of exploiting as regulated;

- Meet the immediate and long-term demands on land as building materials for construction in the province ;

- Provide preliminary documents on reserves, quality and conditions of exploiting mines that will be put into operation;

- Identifypoints and mines to be included in the planning on exploitation and use on the basis of eliminating restricted areas and restricting mineral activities to ensure that mineral activities comply with the provisions of law.

2. Contents of the planning:

2.1. Scale:

a) Scale of area: The total planning area for mineral exploitation of common materials (land leveling) for projects in Vinh Phuc province is about 552.26 ha.

b) Size of the deposit: To be accurately determined in the course of organizing the elaboration and appraisal of the boundary markers and elevation levels for each mine location before carrying out the procedures for exploring and granting mining licenses. Waterfall.

2.2. Location: There are 28 areas in the districts and Vinh Yen city:

a) Binh Xuyen district: consists of 03 areas marked as BX1, BX2, BX3; total area of about 91 ha.

b) Tam Dao district: 05 areas with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; total area of about 122 ha.

c) Tam Duong district: 07 areas marked as TD1, TD2, TD3, TD4, TD5, TD6, TD7; total area of about 111 ha.

d) Lap Thach district: 09 areas as LT1, LT2, LT3, LT4, LT5, LT6, LT7, LT8, LT9; total area is about 193 ha.

e) Song Lo district: 03 areas with the symbols of SL1, SL2, SL3; total area is about 30 ha.

e) Vinh Yen city: 01 area with the symbol of VY1 with the mining area of about 5.26 ha.

(For details, see the attached appendix: 01made by Vinh Phuc Construction Planning Institute - Department of Construction in December 2015), coordinates and altitudes used in the planning drawings under National Coordinates VN2000).

3. Solutions to implement the planning.

3.1. Management solution:

- Organize the dissemination and propagation of the law on minerals to all levels, branches, people and units, organizations and individuals who exploit and transport minerals to raise the awareness and have measures to ensure compliance with regulations;

- Intensify the inspection and examination of activities on managing and exploiting land as material for ground leveling in accordance with the law on minerals and other relevant regulations. Promptly detect, prevent and resolutely handle violating organizations and individuals who fail to fully comply with the provisions of law in the activities of exploiting land for use as ground leveling materials;

- Consolidate, train and foster skills and professional qualifications of staffs at all levels in the field of management on mineral resources in order to well perform the functions and tasks of the State management. Mineral resources in the area in accordance with the law.

3.2. Environmental protection measures:

- Make reports on environmental impact assessment and environmental protection plans; apply and strictly adhere to all measures to minimize environmental pollution meeting national technical standards on ambient air quality, noise and vibration according to regulations;

- Collect, treat solid wastes and hazardous wastes arising in the activities of exploiting and transporting soil for leveling and filling;

- Implement environmental management and supervision programs and take measures to prevent and respond to environmental incidents while exploiting;

- Organize the deposit of environmental rehabilitation, restoration and fully implement the contents of environmental rehabilitation and restoration plans approved by competent authorities according to regulations.

3.3. Solutions on technology, equipment:

- Encourage investors to apply advanced technologies and use modern equipment, techniques in mining activities in order to fully exploit, use mineral resources effectively and minimize environmental pollution;

- Promote the research, application of scientific and technical advances in order to exploit rational mineral exploitation technologies to ensure safety in the exploitation and transportation of mineral resources for ground leveling; utilize minerals and do not pollute the environment.

3.4. Other solutions: The authorities shall help and create favorable conditions for enterprises to approach preferential loans to invest to change exploiting and transporting equipments so that they can operate effectively. Promptly support localities, organizations and individuals suffering from land exploitation and leveling.

(According to the Decision No. 1195 / QĐ-UBND dated on 2016/3/31
by the provincial People's Committee)

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