Detailed planning ratio 1/500 for the New Urban Area in Tho Tang Town


1. Project name: Detailed planning ration 1/500 for the New Urban Area in Tho Tang Town, Vinh Tuong District, Vinh Phuc Province.

2. The unit in charge of planning BQL REAL Joint Stock Company

3. Location and scale of the planning:

3.1. Location: Tho Tang Town, Vinh Tuong District. Specific borders:

- Adjacent to the Tho Tang - Lung Hoa Industrial Cluster to the North;

- 13.5m far from the planned road to the South;

- Adjacent to the current residential area to the East;

- Adjacent to the 27.0 m-width road that has been invested to construct to the West.

3.2. Scale:

- The planning scale: 9.8723 hectares.

- Population size: About 1,612 people.

4. The project nature: It is an urban area with synchronous construction investment in the social and technical infrastructure system; modern landscape architecture and space; meeting the demand for urban residential land for the region and the urbanization process of the locality.

Diagram of the planning area’s location

Master plan of the total land use ground

Overall perspective

Urban design