Decision by Vinh Phuc People’s Committee on Approval of Planning of Region Construction of Vinh Phuc Province to 2030 and Vision to 2050 (Excerpt)


On September 20, 2012, Vinh Phuc People’s Committee issued a Decision No. 2358/QD-UBND on Approval of Planning of Region Construction of Vinh Phuc Province to 2030 and Vision to 2050 Including the Main Following Contents:

* Scope of Planning

Nine (9) administrative units shall cover scope of planning of region construction of Vinh Phuc province. They are Vinh Yen city, Phuc Yen town, the Districts of Binh Xuyen, Yen Lac, Vinh Tuong, Tam Duong, Tam Dao, Lap Thach, Song Lo with total natural land area of 1236.5km2,

- North is close to Thai Nguyen and Tuyen Quang provinces;

- West is close to Phu Tho province;

East and South is close to Ha Noi Capital.

* Feature:

- A province is in Ha Noi capital region, Northern key economic region and on the economic corridor Lao Cai-Ha Noi-Hai Phong-Quang Ninh;

- A combined economic region with potential for development of industry, services, eco-agriculture and an important transportation clue of the North and of the whole country;

- A big urban in which Vinh Phuc urban shall be the first grade urban taking a “nuclear” role heading to build Vinh Phuc province become a city in the year 20s of XXI century;

- Taking an important position of security and national defense, and protection of environment for Ha Noi capital and the region.

* Foreseen criteria of region development to 2030


- To build a firm economic base, create a motive force for socio-economic development of the whole region with a high competitiveness;

- To design the economic structure of the entire province based on continuing to develop industry-construction, services and agro-forestry; shift step by step to services-industry, construction and agro-forestry during the years 20s of the XXI century;

- To maintain quick growth speed but stable;

- To increase the yearly average income and ensure the socio-security conditions.

Scope of population  

- Year 2011 shall be 1,016,000 persons, in which 250,000 persons are in urban, 766,000 persons are in rural;

- Year 2020 shall be 1,410,000 persons, 850,000 persons are in urban and 560,000 persons are in rural;

- Year 2030 shall be estimated by 1,800,000 persons, in which 1,250,000 persons are in urban and 550,000 persons are in rural.


Training and giving employment plan shall be prepared to create about one million employments for the working aged person.

Land use structure:

- Year 2020: agricultural land is 764.33km2 or 61.81% of natural land area of the province; non-agricultural land: 467.43km2 or 37.80% of natural land area of the province; unused land: 4.74km2 or 0.38% of natural land area of the province;

- Year 2030: agricultural land is 707.10km2 or 57.19% of natural land area of the province; non-agricultural land: 524.66km2 or 42.43% of natural land area of the province; unused land: 4.74km2 or 0.38% of natural land area of the province.

Standard of land use for construction urban and rural calculated according to the development requirement shall be in accordance with the criterion, process and norm of Viet Nam.

* Orientation of region space development of Vinh Phuc province to 2030

Region planning structure:

Region construction planning structure of Vinh Phuc province follows the model of one institutionalization of urban-rural, tightly connected to Ha Noi capital region, the Northern key economic region and harmonized development with the nature, in which:

- Vinh Phuc urban shall comprise Vinh Yen city, Phuc Yen town, the Districts of Binh Xuyen, a part of Yen Lac, Vinh Tuong, Tam Duong, Tam Dao Districts with total natural land area of 31,860ha, scope of population shall be one (1) million persons. This shall be a center urban taking a “nuclear” and “motive force” role to push up the development of the entire region;

- Three (3) satellite urban bunches connected to each other by the fifth boundary of Vinh Phuc province, connected to the three natural economic zones which shall support to Vinh Phuc urban, in which a mountainous urban bunch with Hop Chau and Tay Thien district towns as a core; a midland urban bunch with Lap Thach district town (it shall become a town in near future) as a core; plain urban bunch with Vinh Tuong and Tho Tang district towns (they shall become town) as a nuclear.

- Build system of gathering places in new type rural linking to three eco-agricultural economic regions: mountainous, midland and plain, to three satellite bunches and Vinh Phuc urban.

- Forming a green boundary surrounding Vinh Phuc urban, connecting the green boundary in the urban and the agricultural zone in its outskirt to form a skeleton for protecting nature, ecological balance and stable development for the entire province.

- Connecting Ha Noi capital region, the Northern key economic region, the economic corridor Lao Cai - Ha Noi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh by the national transportation system and the attractive centers at region levels.

System of economic regions - territory of the province:     

Vinh Phuc province shall be divided into four economic-territory regions with eleven sub-regions as:

- Vinh Phuc urban economic region: Its area is 281.94km2, including five (5) sub-regions. They are: Vinh Yen, North Vinh Yen, South Vinh Yen, Binh Xuyen and Phuc Yen.

- Forestry-ecology-tourism-service economic region in North: Area is 340.18km2, including one sub-region: Tam Dao district and one part of Binh Xuyen district and Phuc Yen town.

- Agriculture-handicraft-trade economic region in South: Area is 211.54km2, including two (2) sub-regions: Vinh Tuong and Yen Lac.

- Industry-agriculture-service economic region in West: Area is 402.84km2. including three (3) sub-regions: Lap Thach, Tam Duong and Song Lo.

System of region and production establishment

- Regions and Industrial Park (IP)

There are tree (3) main industrial regions with the total land area of 6,628ha, including around sixteen (16) Ips as follows

+ Binh Xuyen region: its area is 2,168ha including six (6) IPs. They are Binh Xuyen , Binh Xuyen II, South Binh Xuyen, Ba Thien, ba Thien II and Son Loi;

+ Tam Duong region: area is 3,080ha including five (%) IPs: Tam Duong I, Tam Duong II, Hoi Hop and Chan Hung (These IP have thei planning to 2020) and IP in the west of Vinh Phuc urban according to the general planning for construction of Vinh Phuc urban;

-Lap Thach-Song Lo region: area is 1,380ha including five (5) IPs: Lap Thach I, Lap Thach II, Song Lo I, Song Lo II and Thai Hoa-Lien Son;

Other industrial regions have total land area of 867ha including five (5) IPs as:

+ Vinh Yen: its area is 197ha with one IP: Khai Quang IP;

+ Phuc Yen: Its area is 200ha including Phuc Yen IP, Kim Hoa-Phuc Thang IP;

+ Vinh Tuong: its area is 470ha including Vinh Thinh IP and Vinh Tuong IP.

- Regions and tourist-convalescence zones:

Develop regions and zones of convalescence-ecology, culture-spirit, weekend tourism and other form of tourism as seminar, sport, explore, festival meet the demand of 4.45-4/65 million tourist times by year 2020 and about 9 million tourist times by 2030. The tourist zones are:

+ Three (3) tourist zone at the national level: Dai Lai with its area of 1,000ha, Sau Vo Lake: 2,800ha, Tay Thien-Tam Dao II: 1,200ha;

+ Six (6) tourist zones at the province level, including Dam Vac Lake: 500ha, Tam Dao I: 300ha, Lang Ha Lake: 400ha, Van Truc-Bo Lac Lake: about 800ha, Dam Rung Lake: 300ha and North Ngoc Thanh about 2,500ha.

- Regions of gro-forestry production: Land area is 70,710ha, which divided into four (4) regions as hereunder:

+ Vinh Tuong-Yen Lac: mainly for rice, flower and high quantity vegetables;

+ Tam Duong: fruit trees, ornamental plants, ecological green boundary, ecological agriculture;

+ Lap Thach- Song Lo: rice, subsidiary crops and perennial trees;

+ Tam Dao-lap Thach-Song Lo: fruit trees, production forest, ecological forest, specialized use forest, Tam Dao National Forest Park.

System of Urban:

Including twenty-one urbans as:

- Vinh Phuc Urban: it is the 1st grade urban of the province, taking a role of a center of the region with population of one million persons

- Vinh Tuong Urban: it shall be the 4th grade urban of the province, taking a role of a center of economy of South Vinh Phuc. Its population shall be about 210.000 persons and it shall become a satellite urban of Vinh Phuc Urban.

- Lap Thach Urban: it is the 4th grade urban of the province, taking a role of a center of West Vinh Phuc region. Its population is about 70.000 persons and it shall become a satellite urban of Vinh Phuc Urban.

- Tam Hop Chau Urban: it is the 4th grade urban of the province, taking a role of a center of forest region in North; it is a head quarter of the district. Its population is about 50.000 persons.

- Tam Hong Urban: it is the 4th grade urban of the province, taking a role of a center of forest region in North; it is a head quarter of the district (expected) with its population of about 50.000 persons.

- Towns

There are sixteen towns in total. They are the 5th grade urban with total population of 137,000 persons, in which there are two district towns: Hop Hoa and Tam Son, three (3) tourist-service towns: Tam Dao, Tay Thien (Dai Dinh) and North Ngoc Thanh, ten (10) towns, including Nguyet Đuc, Lien Chau, Son Đong, Đuc Bac, Lang Cong, Hai Luu, Ban Gian, Vang, Đao Tru and Hop Ly. These towns take a role of center of commune group, and a fulcrum for construction of new type rural.

System of rural residential areas:

There are sixty-seven (67) communes. They are as:

- Yen Lac: 10 communes with population of 65,000 persons;

- Vinh Tuong: 19 communes with population of 135,000 persons;

- Tam Duong: 7 communes with population of 49,000 persons;

- Lap Thach: 10 communes with population of 83,000 persons;

- Song Lo: 13 communes with population of 65,000 persons;

- Tam Dao: 8 communes with population of 55,000 persons.

The construction and development commune according to the construction planning of rural areas and 19 criteria of rural construction program should be in accordance with each locality.

System of Social Infrastructure

  - House: New construction and rehabilitation of 49.60m2 of house, in which 37.50m2 of house built in the urban to ensure 30m2/head on an average, and 12.10m2 of house in the rural residential areas to ensure 22m2/persson.

- System of general service center shall be organized four (4)levels:

+ Level 1 (Region): Vinh Phuc Urban;

+ Level 2 (Sub-region) Hop Chau-Tay Thien, Lap Thach and Vinh Tuong;

+ Level 3 (District): Tam Hong, Hop Hoa and Tam Son;

+ Level 4 (Commune group): Towns.

- System of administrative-political center shall be organized three (3) levels:

+ Province level: Vinh Yen;

+ District level: Center of eleven (11) sub-regions;

+ Commune level: Communes and Wards.

- System of specialized center:

+ Universities, institutes, colleges, specialist secondary schools and scientific research bases shall occupy an land area of 1,800ha, in which 1,500ha is in Vinh Phuc urban and 300ha is in satellite urban bunch Hop Chau, Vinh Tuong and lap Thach;

+ Sanatorium and health bases at the region level need about 100ha-2200ha of Vinh Yen city, Phuc Yen town, and the districts of Tam Duong, Yen Lac and other urban;

+ Green tree, water surface, park and gym and sport complex need 3,100ha, in which 2,500ha is in Vinh Phuc urban, 600ha shall be in the provincial urban.

In the province, the connecting the green boundary, water surface, park, sport complex in the urban and the natural preserved zones, water surface, the specialized agricultural zone shall form a skeleton for protecting nature, ecological balance.

*Territory organization and land use planning

Territory organization:

- Period 2012-2015:

+ Vinh Phuc province includes Vinh Yen and Phuc Yen cities are the III grade urbans and seven (7) districts Binh Xuyen, Yen Lac, Vinh Tuong, Tam Duong, Tam Đao, Lap Thach and Song Lo;

+ To establish some wards and newly establish some towns of the 5th grade urban according to the development requirement;

+ Develop the rural residential areas according to the new type rural construction program.

- Period 2016-2020

+ Vinh Phuc province includes Vinh Yen becoming the 2nd grade urban, Phuc Yen city shall be the 3rd grade urban, Vinh Tuong and Binh Xuyen township shall become the IV grade urban and five (5) districts are Yen Lac, Tam Duong, Tam Đao, Lap Thach and Song Lo;

+ To establish some wards and newly establish some district towns to be the 5th grade urban according to the development requirement;

+ To continue developing the new type rural construction program.

- Period 2021-2030:

+ Vinh Phuc province shall include Vinh Yen city under the province becoming the I grade urban (on the basic of integrating three (3) urbans Vinh Yen, Binh Xuyen and Phuc Yen urbans), Vinh Tuong township shall become the IV grade urban, lap Thach shall become the IV grade urban and four (4) districts are Yen Lac, Tam Duong, Tam Đao and Song Lo;

+ To build Vinh Yen urban becoming the I grade city under the province, secure enough condition to make Vinh Phuc becoming the city;

+ To establish a new district town of Lap Thach, the 4th grade urban;

+ To build Hop Chau town, Tam Hong town becoming the 4th grade urban;

+ To continue developing the new type rural program.

Land use planning to 2030:

- Priority must be given to land for agricultural production, especially the land of two rice crops according to the criteria assigned by the Government and in accordance with the land use planning approved by the National Assembly;

- Keep aside enough land for construction and development of the urban, especially Vinh Phuc urban and the social and technical infrastructure, chiefly the large-scale infrastructure;

+ Strictly control the use of land in the safety corridor and along the rivers and streams, water surface, land in the skeleton for natural protection and land prohibited to use according to the state regulations;

* Orientation for preparing planning of technical infrastructure system and environment protection.


- Road

+ External transportation: Free way Ha Noi - Lao Cai, the main road axes: highway No.2, BOT byway of way No.2, highway No. 2B, 2C and no. 23, the boundary 4.5 and 5 of ha Noi Capital;

+ Internal transportation: including ten (10) directions and alignments connecting to the center of Vinh Phuc urban, in which there is one rout to Lao Cai, one rout to Phu Tho, two routs to Tuyen Quang, two routs to Thai Nguyen and four routs to Ha Noi capital.

On the basic of the boundaries No. 1, 2, 3 in the general planning for construction of Vinh Phuc urban, it is needful to supplement two boundaries: No. 4 and 5 connecting to the attractive center outer Vinh Phuc urban.

- River way: Red River and Lo River.

- Air way: International Noi Bai Airport, 30km away from East of the center of Vinh Phuc urban.

- Railway and public transportation:

+ Newly construct a railway with 1.43m wide from Ha Noi-Lao cai, upgrade the current railway ha Noi-Lao Cai, construct North-South LRT, construct Noi Bai-Vinh Phuc railway for tourism.

+ Bus including BRT (Phuc Yen-Vinh Yen), bus routs Vinh Yen - Tam Đao; Vinh Yen - Chang Market; Vinh Yen - Tam Son; Vinh Yen - Viet Tri, Vinh Yen - Ha Noi; the outer-boundaries, mid-boundaries and inter-boundaries and other routs.

- Clue transportation works

+ Construct inter-provincial bus stations close to the bus routs, railway stations and tourist ports;

+ Construct four (4) river ports: Nhu Thuy, Duc Bac, Vinh Thinh and Trung Ha, and two (2) ICD in Binh Xuyen and Tam Duong;

+ Construct overpass-river bridges, Tam Dao tunnel and different-level transportation hubs.

Preparing Land for construction

- Height of ground:

Minimum height of the ground shall be given: Phan River shall be 8.7 to 9.0m; Dam Vac Lake: 8.9m; North Dieu Hoa Lake: 8.8m, Ca Lo area: 8.9 to 9.0m, Huong Canh: 8.8m, other zones: 9.0m.

- Rain water drainage:

Form seven (7) zones for rain water drainage, including Lo River and West Lap Thach, East Lap Thach and Northwest Tam Dao to drain to Pho Day River; four zones in Tam Duong, Vinh Yen, Vinh Tuong - Yen Lac, Binh Xuyen, Phuc Yen and South Tam Đao to drain to Ca Lo River, Vinh Tuong and Yen Lac zones shall directly drain to Red River (out of left hand bank dyke); rain water drainage in urban, rural residential areas shall be followed the approved planning.

- Measures for flood control

Forced water drainage to Red River, rehabilitate Phan River, ca Lo River; construct the irrigational works in the main zones; the zone of upper Phan River, zone surrounding Vinh Yen and Ca Lo River, rehabilitate, upgrade and newly construct damps and dykes.

Water supply:

- Demand of water is 840,000 m3/day, in which the short-term demand is 550,000m3/day and amount to reserve for future is 290,000m3/day.

- Water source: surface water of Lo River and Red River are main water source, restrict to use under-ground water.

- Water supply network:

+ For Vinh Phuc urban, Vinh Tuong urban and Hop Hoa townlet: construct a intake station with its capacity in the first stage is 365,000m3/day, together with the existing water plants or under construction in Vinh Yen, Hop Thinh, Phuc Yen, Vinh Tuong, Tam Duong, water shall be enough for people to use.

+ For lap Thach urban: increase the current lap Thach water plant (using water from Lo River) to supply to Lap Thach urban and Lap Thach IP I, IP II, Song Lo II.

+ Four the urban grade IV, especially the Northern mountainous zone, water supply may use water from lake (water reservoir), rainfall and under ground water on the spot.

Power supply:

 Total capacity requirement: 2,900 MW.

- Supply source: 220kV line Viet Tri-Soc Son and 110kV line Viet Tri.

- Transformers: two stations shall be newly constructed; they are Vinh Tuong II, Ba Thien. Construct 12 stations 110kV, including Hoi Hop, Vinh Tuong III, Yen Lac, Tam Đao I, Tam Đao II, Gia Khanh, Tam Hop, Song Lo, Tam Duong, Hoang Lau, Song Lo và Lap Thach II. Rehabilitate and expand the 220kV stations, including Vinh Yen, Lap Thach and Vinh Tuong II.

Wastewater drainage and Environment Hygiene:

- Wastewater drainage: demand of drainage and treatment is about 670, 000m3/day. Construct five wastewater treatment stations in Vinh Phuc urban, and each urban shall construct a separate treatment station.

- Solid waste collection: the amount of solid wastes is about 4200m3/day. For Vinh Phuc urban, construct four treatment stations with the scale of 5ha/each (located in the IPs), in the short term, one station shall be constructed. For each urban, one station should be constructed.

- Cemetery Park: About 300ha shall be required, in which for Vinh Phuc urban is 200ha, and remaining 100ha shall be for satellite urban and rural residential areas.

The location of Cemetery Park is specifically defined in the sub-zone planning and the detailed planning of Binh Xuyen and Tam Dao districts.

Environment protection:

- Deal with the actual state of art of environment: measures to deal completely with the polluted environment should be determined to solve the current polluted environment in order to ensure the water source serving in daily life and irrigation as well, protect the land and air environment, protect forest and diversified biology, the special ecologies.

- Prepare the management regulation and measure to control and protect environment for the reserved zones, restricted development; zones of urban areas and tourism, protected forest, green boundary, green corridor and public green tree system; rural area, professional village, flooded area and forest ecologies, river and lake.

- Measure for reducing the negative impact to environment: supervise and handle the breach causing the pollution, environment impact assessment and commit to protect environment of each project; propagandize, mobilize and increase aware of environment protection; apply the advanced science and technology in the activity of environment protection.

(Source: Decision No. 2358/QĐ-UBN dated September 20, 2012 of Vinh Phuc People’s Committee)


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