Decision of Primer Minister on Approval of Overal Planning of Construction of Vinh Phuc Urban, Vinh Phuc Province to 2030 and Vision to 2050 (Excerpt)


On October 26, 2011, Primer Minister issued Decision No 1883/QD-TTg on Approval of Overall Planning of Construction of Vinh Phuc Urban, Vinh Phuc Province to 2030 and Vision to 2050 with the main following contents:

* Scope of Preparing Planning

Scope of overall planning of Vinh Phuc Urban includes: Vinh Yen City, Phuc Yen Town, Binh Xuyen District and a part of Districts: Vinh Tuong, Yen Lac, Tam Duong and Tam Dao with the total natural land area of 31,860ha bordered by:

- The North is close to the District of Tam Dao and Tam Duong;

- The South is close to Yen Lac District;

- The West is close to the Districts of Lap Thach and Vinh Tuong;

- The East is close to Phuc Yen Town and Ha Noi City.

* Feature

- A center of politics-administrative of Vinh Phuc Province;

- One of the big economic centers of Ha Noi region and of the whole country with the

leading branches as industry, services, trade, training-science and tourism-


- A center of culture, an important clue of transportation of the Capital region, of the Northern key economic region, of the entire country and international;

- An important position for defense and security.

* Scope of Population

- By 2020 shall be 660,000 persons;

- By 20030 shall be 1,000,000 persons.

* Scope of Land

-By 2020, land for urban construction shall be 19,330ha, in which land for people’s use shall be 11,420ha, criteria of 173m2/person; land out of people’ use: 7,910 ha;

By 2030, land for urban construction shall be 31,860ha, in which land for people’s use shall be 14,500ha, criteria of 145m2/person; land out of people’ use: 10,570ha and other land: 6,790ha.

 * Orientation for Space Development to 2030:

Direction for Urban Development

- Connecting to Ha Noi Capital region, taking Vinh Yen City and Phuc Yen Town as a center for expansion of urbanization scope to the neighbor localities;

- Constructing concentrated and multi-polar urban, linking to the functional area basing on public modern and comprehensive transportation system;

- Developing co-center, creating a green boundary in the outskirt and green corridor to safeguard the environment and balance the urban ecology.

- Forming a North-South green axis with its function as transportation, landscape architecture, drainage axis connecting to the historical-cultural relics and the important works of Vinh Phuc urban.

Urban structure and functional sub-regions

- Main urban shall include:

+ At key city level: Center of Vinh Yen city and Phuc Yen town;

+ At key local level: In the North region, In the South region at the cross point of the second boundary with North-South space axis; In the Northwest region at the cross point of the second boundary with the centripetal axis Lap Thach-Dam Vac and Southeast region at the cross point of the second boundary with the diametrical axis Phuc Yen-Huong Canh-Vinh Yen;  

+ Other main points: Education main points shall be in Vinh Yen city and in Phuc Yen town for the North exchanges; Goods circulation main points for exchange shall be in the Eastwest of Vinh Yen city; Tourist and recreation main point shall be in Dam Vac and Dai Lai lakes; Water and green tree shall be in the South of Vinh Yen city.

- Axes are:

+ Axis for region connecting: the free way shall connect center of Ha Noi to Lao Cai; the fifth boundary connects Ha Noi to Thai Nguyen, Son Tay and the railway Ha Noi – Lao Cai;

+ Axis for urban connecting: the first boundary (center), the second boundary (connecting to region main point) and the third boundary, boundaries No. 4.5 and No. 5 of Ha Noi;

+ Urban axis is an axis to connect the current urban with new urban;

+ North-South space axis: Tam Dao – Vinh Yen and Red River;

+ Public transportation axis in the urban shall connect the main points at the city level with main points of the region level and other main points.

- Three functional regions are center of Vinh Yen city, Phuc Yen town, populated areas and industrial parks in the Northwest and Northeast, Southeast zones of Vinh Phuc urban.

* Land use planning for the functional regions to 2030

Land area for people’s use shall be 14,500ha or 45.5% of the urban land area, including:  

- Land area for construction of residential area shall be about 9,570ha;

- Land area for public service center shall be about 1,880ha: In Vinh Yen city there shall be constructed a general center of the province; a public center of Vinh Phuc urban shall be in Dam Vac Lake and the services centers at region levels all shall need 820ha; In Phuc Yen town, there shall have a general center for Vinh Phuc urban and service centers at region levels required about 470ha; In South Vinh Yen city, there shall have public service centers at urban and region level required 460ha, and in North Vinh Yen (Gia Khanh zone) shall have public service centers at urban and region level required 130ha;

- Land for green tree, gymnastic and sport in the residential areas of the urban shall be about 620ha;

- Land for urban transportation shall be about 2,430ha.

Land planning for functional regions out of civil shall be about 10,570ha accounting for 33.2% of urban land, including:

- Land for Industrial parks:

+ Land area of industrial parks shall be 5,020ha including the constructed IPs and anticipated IPs located in Northwest, Northeast and Southeast of Vinh Phuc urban;

+ In between the IPs and residential areas shall be green corridors and public transportation systems. They shall have suitable width in accordance with the standards of environmental hygiene.

- Land for specialized centers:

+ Universities, institutes, colleges, vocational schools shall be about 1,502ha located in center of Vinh Yen city, Phuc Yen town and the green space axis;

+ Health establishments shall be about 89.50ha located in Vinh Yen city, Phuc Yen town, Tam Duong and Yen Lac Districts;

+ Tourist establishments shall be about 170ha located in Dam Vac Lake of Vinh Yen city and Dai Lai Lake of Phuc Yen town;

+ Green tree areas, water surface, parks and gymnastics and sport shall be 2,278.5ha in total, including North-South green tree axis, green boundaries, green corridors along the rivers, irrigation canals and main transportation roads of the urban, water surface and parks at the urban level upwards shall be about 2,162.1ha in total; Gym and sport centers shall be about 116.4ha, including the national sport complex in Vinh Yen city: 40ha and the sport centers at region and urban level located in Vinh Yen city and Phuc Yen town: 76.4ha.

- External transportation system and the clue technical infrastructure works shall be about 1,160ha, in which land area for construction of the clue technical infrastructure is 70ha; land for external road is about 1,090ha.

- Land for defense: about 350ha arranged according to defense land use planning.

Planning of other land

Other land area shall be 6,790ha, accounting for 21.3% of urban land area, they are agricultural land, water surface and reserved land for development.

* Urban Design

General Principle:

To make Vinh Phuc urban become a beautiful and harmonious with the nature, especially a North-South green space axis, create favorable conditions for population to easily access to the cultural and historical relics and urban environment via public transportation network.

Lay-out of architecture space-landscape:

- Landscape system includes:

+ Vinh Yen administrative area, Phuc Yen center, Dam Vac Lake, areas of the commerce, offices, residence and Vinh Yen Market;

+ Residential areas of the urban, garden houses in the hill areas, rural residential areas;

+ Industrial parks.

- System of space axes, including:

+ North-South green space axis, Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) axes;

+ Urban door axis: high way No. 2, 2B and 2C;

+ River, stream axis and tree along the rivers Phan and Pho Day and irrigation canals.

- Clue systems are:

+ Clue for trade, public services: Commerce and offices located in North Dam Vac Lake, center of Vinh Yen, Phuc Yen and areas around LRT and BRT;

+ Clue for recreation: Cultural parks, sprot parks, square and flower gardens;

+ Clue for tourism: area around Dam Vac Lke and Dai Lai Lake.

* Orientation for Planning of urban technical infrastructure to 2030


- Road network

+ External transportation: Freeway Ha Noi-Lao Cai, Main roads: high way No. 2, by pass way of No. 2, high way No. 2B. 2C and No. 23, and boundary No. 4.5 and 5 of Ha Noi;

Urban transportation, including nine (9) centripetal roads connecting with center of Vinh Yen, the clues, three boundaries and streets.

- Public transportation:

+ A wided railway Ha Noi – Lao Cai, LRT tran-Vinh Yen to North-South direction, the current railway shall be upgraded;

+ LRT through Vinh Yen to North-South direction;

+ Bus routs: BRT (Phuc Yen-Vinh Yen); Vinh Yen-Tam Dao, Vinh Yen-Cho Trang, Vinh Yen-Tam Son, Vinh Yen-Viet Tri, Vinh Yen-Ha Noi, outer boundaries, inter boundaries and middle boundaries.

Preparing for technique and land for construction

- Water works planning:

+ Forced drainage to Red River by pumping; reserve water by lakes; construct and rehabilitate rivers;

+ Construct water works in three main basins: upper Phan River, basin around Vinh Yen and basin of Ca Lo River;

+ Rehabilitate Phan River, Ca Lo River and a tailless branch of Ca Lo River in the urban region;

- The height of the foundation:

+ The height of the ground foundation shall be limited according to Phan River, Ca Lo River and a tailless branch of Ca Lo River at the highest design rainwater and at the design flood of 1% rain frequency and with a safety height;

+ The height of foundation in new development regions shall be defined by the foundation height now of rainwater discharge plus gravity from starts position to the discharge place. The foundation height of factory or the important works shall be increased by +0.5m more.

- Rainwater sewerage

+ In the new development urban: the drainage system shall be constructed separately

+ In the inter urban: the drainage system must be constructed to ensure fast drainage while promote the reserving water by lakes, green tree zones, amusement places for temporary water reserved, reducing flood locally by rainfall.

Water supply:

- Criteria of water supply must be satisfied the standard of urban grade I;

- Demand of water supply: 140,465m3/day to 2020 and 326,218m3/day by 2030.

- Water source and water treatment station:

+ Water source: from Lo River, try to restrict to use under ground water;

+ Intake water station of new water plant near the mouth of Lo River  shall be Qtr = 375.500m3/day. The current water plants in Vinh Yen and Phuc Yen shall be unchanged.

- Water distribution net:

+ Main water pipe from Lo River water plant to distribution reservoir shall have two lines: the line in the North with D=1,300; in the South D= from 1,200 to 900

+ Distribution reservoirs in Vinh Yen, South Vinh Yen, Gia Khanh, Phuc Yen shall be enough water according to capacity design and proper scale;

+ Distribution lines shall be in circled type, connecting to the current pipelines in Vinh Yen and Phuc Yen with their D=200 – 700.

Power supply

- Total demand is 1,600 MW;

- Transformer stations are: the current 220kV with 220kV line, new 220kV station with 220kV line, newly built 110kV station with 110kV line and 110kV station with 110kV new line.


- Subscriber capacity in the residential area shall be 100m2/machine, industry 300m2/machines;

- Capacity calculated for Vinh Yen city is 146,800 machines, South Vinh Yen city is 53,900 machines, Gia Khanh 39,200 machines and Phuc Yen town is 126,700 machines.

Waste treatment, environmental sanitation:

- Wastewater treatment:

+ Amount of wastewater: in 2020 shall be 38,000m3/day and by 2030 shall be 157,000m3/day;

+ Wastewater treatment works shall be constructed in five (5) locations in the West, South and Northeast of Vinh Yen city and Phuc Yen town. Each location has its population of around 200.000 persons;

+ Arranging to construct treatment works in the lower basin of each sub-region and close to the rivers: Phan River, Cau Bon River, Ca Lo River and Pho Day River…;

- Solid waste treatment:

+ Amount of the solid wastes: in 2020 shall be 900MT/day and by 2030 shall be 2,850MT/day;

+ Construct four (4) burning stations, three of them shall be constructed in the urban. Each burning station has its area of 4 – 5ha;

+ Arrange the buried grounds in accordance with the construction standard, ensuring the environment hygiene of the urban.

Cemetery Park:

- Land demand to 2030 shall be 200ha;

- Location: in Tam Dao District: 100ha, Binh Xuyen District: 100ha.

* Evaluation of strategy environment

Handling the actual environment pollution:

Solution should be taken to handle the current environment pollution to ensure safety for all water sources supplied to people’s daily living, irrigation and air environment, especially to protect the multi-ecology.

Measures to reduce the impact of environment:

- Monitor and treat the polluted scope;

- Environment impact evaluation to each project;

- Propagandize, mobilize, and increase the awareness of environment protection of the people.

 Environment protection:

Find the proper solution to protect the environment of land, air, noise, water and solid wastes.

* Short term planning to 2020

Programs and projects priority given to urban development:

- Projects on construction of technical infrastructure bases of the urban;

- Projects on public transportation;

- Projects on environment protection dealing with global climate change;

- Projects on land development.

Measures to manage the planning implementation:

- To set up a Steering Committee and issue regulation, apparatus for urban management at the province level;

- Apply measures to mobilize all sources and ensure the sources.

(Source: Decision No. 1883/QD-TTg dated October 26, 2011 of Premier Minister)

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