Decision on Approval of Overall Planning of Socio-Economic Development in Vinh Phuc Province to year 2020




No.: 113/QD-TTg

Independence- Freedom- Happiness

Ha Noi, January 20, 2012


Based on the Governmental Organization Law on December 25, 2001;
Based on the Decree No.92/2006/ND-CP dated September 07, 2006 by Government about establishment, approval and management of overall planning of socio-economic development and Decree No.04/2008/ND-CP dated January 11, 2008 by Government about the modification, supplementation of some articles of the Decree No.92/2006/ND-CP dated September 07, 2006 by Government;
Considering the request of Vinh Phuc People’s Committee,
Article 1. Approve the overall planning of socio-economic development of Vinh Phuc province to year 2020 (hereinafter called the planning), with the main following contents:
1. Approve the overall planning of socio-economic development of Vinh Phuc province to year 2020 in accordance with the national socio-economic development strategy, overall planning of socio-economic development in the Red River Delta region, in the Northern key economic region and Ha Noi Capital region; ensure the synchronization, unification with branch, field planning.  
2. Promote the internal strength, use effectively sources to develop socio-economic fast and sustainable; build synchronous infrastructure system to develop socio-economic towards industrialization and modernization; promote economic mechanism relocation, improve quality of the growth and competitiveness of the economy.
3. Connect the economic development with the social advance and social fair, narrow the gap of people living standard, between urban and rural areas; implement social security policies.
4. Connect the economic development with the exploit, use effectively the natural resources and ecological environment protection; issue the solution to cope with the climate change. Closely coordinate between socio-economic development with ensuring national defense, security, political security stabilization and social safety order.
1. General objective
 To year 2015 Vinh Phuc will be built with enough criteria. To year 2020 Vinh Phuc will be an industrial province, is one of industrial, service, tourism centre in region and in nation; improve people’s living standard; sustainable environment protection; ensure the national defense, security.
2. Objective:
a) Economic development
- Annual GDP growth average stage 2011-2020 obtained 14-15%/year, including: stage 2011-2015 obtained 14-15%/year, stage 2016-2020 obtained 14-14.5%/year. GDP per capita (actual price) to 2015 obtained 3.500-4.000USD, to 2020 obtained 6.500-7.000 USD.
- Economic mechanism relocation towards fast increase of industrial weight, construction and service; ensuring the sustainable development and in accordance with the provincial potentiality. Priority for high quality goods development, modern technology and high labor productivity. It is estimated that in 2015, rate of industrial and construction-service-agriculture, forestry, fishing shall be: 61%-32%-7%; to 2020 58.5%-38%-3.5% respectively.
- Develop external economic, improve export, strive for export average growth stage 2011-2020 about 30%/year, to year 2020 export turn-over obtains 13.5 USD billion.
- Implement the social investment capital and development stage 2011-2115 about 140.000-145.000 VND billion; stage 2016- 2020 about 280.000-300.000 VND billion.
b) Social development:
- Develop the healthy, sustainable society in which people are the subject to pay attention firstly and is also a subject to ensure the development. Have a basic and comprehensive change of education and training; major in vocational training in accordance with socio-economic development in province; improve the trained labor about 66% in 2015 and about 75% in 2020.
- 100% of wards, communes meet national medical standard.
- Reduce children malnutrition rate under 5 years old under 5%; reduce the birth-date annually about 0.15%; population increase speed under 1%/year.
- To year 2020 there will have no the poor according to current national standard.
c) Environment protection
- Water environment quality: Solve completely the trouble areas of the polluted water sources; waster water treatment in industrial zones with national environmental standard; complete fresh water supply system in urban areas.
- Air environment quality: Solve completely air environment pollution situation in factories, enterprises, especially with steel production factory, cement, aquatic products processing.
- Land environment quality:  Treat the land environment pollution; collect and treat absolutely household garbage and risky garbage; classify garbage source; treat garbage effectively in rural area.
- Increase covering rate of forest to 26.7%.
- Urban inhabitant rate for fresh water will be 82.5% in 2015 and over 95% in 2020;
- Rural inhabitant rate for hygienic water will be 100% in 2015.
- Build the lifestyle, production mode, green, clean, friendly consuming practice with environment.
1. Industry and construction development
- Average growth speed obtains 15-16%/year. The industry and construction will contribute to the GDP of provincial economy from 50-52% in 2010 increasing 52-55% by 2020.
- Develop some key industrial products of province:
High technology industry: Develop production of electronic, mechanical products, office electronic products, informatics equipment, soft ware products, and step by step leading Vinh Phuc Province to be one of high technology development provinces in the Northern key economic region.
Manufacturing mechanical industry: Promote development of auto production, assembly, motorbike, spare parts and tools, agriculture equipment, industrial equipment for foodstuff agricultural processing, machine-tool, equipment and mechanical tool, precision mechanics equipment, constructive equipment, metallic component, off-grade equipment, particular equipment for handicraft trade village, household appliances etc… Vinh Phuc will be a manufacturing mechanical industry centre in Northern key economic region.
Processing industry for agriculture-forest products: Build the professional industrial zone, drinkable processing development, processing for agriculture-forest products, foodstuff, consuming product meeting domestic consuming and export demand; breeding food processing from the local raw materials; civil wood product development from new materials (artificial board), products of rattan, bamboo, and fine arts wood for export.
Mining industry and constructive materials production development: Invest and develop production of product strength in local. Develop the production of constructive materials from plentiful local raw materials, cover materials, refractory materials, concrete and pre- concrete components. Develop the production of new materials.
- Developing localized industrial zones: To form reasonable industrial zones, parks in local to ensure sustainable development and to be a motive power for general development; create nuclear to develop comprehensively sub-areas and locals in province; to promote economic mechanism relocation associating with population composition, agricultural and rural modernization. To year 2020, complete the synchronous technical infrastructure system in industrial zones approved by Prime Minister in province.
To create an favorable environment to attract industrial development and investment. To attract production development investment in industrial zones to selection of industrial sectors with high technology, friendly environment; to form an electronic industrial zones and parks, manufacture mechanics etc….with a large-scale, important role for all area and country.
2. Trade and Service
- Average growth of trade- service obtained 14-16%/year. Density of service in economic structure obtained 37-39% in 2020. Annual export turn-over growth in 2011-2020 obtained 30%/year.
- Service of tourism, hotel, restaurant: Building national and international tourist center, tourist spots, tours … and cultural preservation, historical monument and service quality improvement. Improving the manpower quality and investing infrastructure development for tourism.
- Trade: Promoting development of trade, service sectors in local in accordance with fast development of industry and provincial economy. Developing service types for production and life, economic growth: transport service, commodity circulation, post office, other services for personal and public. Develop market, marketing and promote the export to meet demand of industrialization, modernization of country.
- Finance and banking: To years 2015 and 2020, forming a modern financial, banking network, connecting with provinces in the region and in all country to serve economic growth, money circulation stability, medium-term capital and long-term capital development to meet the capital demand of economic activities in local.
3. Agriculture-Forest-Fishery
Promote agricultural, rural economic structure relocation based on investment priority for planting, domestic animals for high economical effect; increase the weight of breeding and fishery in sector structure agriculture-forest-fishery. Increasing the average growth of 2011-2020 obtain 3.0%/year.
Construct and develop fresh, safety agriculture to meet consuming demand to industrialization and modernization associated with processing and market.
Invest intensive agriculture, hasten aquaculture to depressed area for planting rice, which is not effective; apply the technical advance in aquaculture, from farming to semi high farming and high farming. Cover green on the vacant land and bold mountains. Follow the localization, protection for forest area in order to reduce the fire forest absolutely.
4. Infrastructure structure development
a) Transport
- Form a transport infrastructure to year 2020, including external transport system and transport between provincial areas with external traffic system, based on ensuring external traffic corridor management in unified economic-society space placement in province.
- Step by step modernize traffic network in province to improve the ability, increase circulation speed, ensure traffic safety in all system.
- Manage and organize well, improve urban traffic in cities, towns.
- Expand; improve rural traffic at the end stage of 2020 and the following years, towards convenient, safe rural traffic…to improve urbanization process of rural area.
- Coordinate with Ministry of Transport and related Ministries, branches to construct new Ha Noi- Lao Cai highway, section through Vinh Phuc province; complete the byway in No.2A national road (section through Vinh Yen city); construct Vinh Thinh bridge in No.2C national road through Red River connecting to Ha Noi; improve and rehabilitate some roads such as No.2 national road, No.2C national road, No.2B national road; study construction project of broad urban railway Ha Noi- Lao Cai; rehabilitate, improve current railway.
- Construct some road in province, in city, rural roads to ensure the traffic and connection with settlement.
- Improve, complete the system of public transport stations, parking-lot, parking station, construction of bus route to be in order, reduce accidents and facilitate traffic.  
-Construct some big ports with capacity of 500.000 ton/year and domestic inland waterway ports managed by province; improve the waterway of Ha Noi- Viet Tri to level II, improve access road to ports and improve embankment (to ensure the safety of embankment and develop transport effectively in embankment).
b) Power Supply System
Ensure the power supply safety, continuously for industrial load (especially in industrial zones), expand and improve power supply quality for people’s life demand, striving for having contingency power source (capacity) about 10-20%.
c) Water Supply and Sewerage System
- Water Supply: Construct, expand current water supply factories; at the same time construct some new works of water supply, in 2020 to ensure water supply capacity 1 million m3/day-night. Focus on management, water source protection to ensure stable  and long-term development.
- Sewerage: Focus on investment to ensure the running and industrial wastewater treated 100% before discharging in river, stream. In urban and industrial zones construct drainage system, sewerage system. Invest and complete sewerage project in Vinh Yen and Phuc Yen for each stage. Prepare planning for water source protection, overall sewerage measure and water source protection in provincial area.
d) Communication and information system
- Complete general post service, construct service point to far region; expand service supply activity towards applying widely in every field.
- Develop telecommunication service towards supply application widely in every field: e-government, trade, finance, training, health, agriculture…
- To year 2020, fixed telecommunication service is generalized in households; mobile telecommunication service obtained 80% of subscribers. Over 80% of population used internet, rate of broadband Internet subscribers obtained 100%; cable television, IPTV: supply in all province to local level.
5. Social affairs development
a) Population development: promote family planning and take care reproductive health to improve population quality. Reduce malnutrition of children under 5 years old under 5%; reduce parturition every year about 0.15%; natural population growth under 1%.
b) Development of education and training
- Pre-school education: ensure school; class enough for pre-school grade to attract school-age children; to year 2020 mobilization rate of children from 3-5 years old to go to kindergarten over 95%.
- Primary education: mobilize all 6 year-old children and disable children to go to school and integrated in community. Basically about 100% of national standard schools level 1 in 2015. Teacher rate over standard from year 2015 afterwards is 100%.
- Secondary education: 100% of primary graduated pupils moved up 6 grade; rate of standard school will obtain 65% in 2015 and 100% in 2020.
- High-school education: from 2015 and later there are 100% of national standard schools.
- Training: Universities, colleges in province are consolidated, improved, expanded and step by step modernized, activities connected with demand of socio-economic development in province. Increase trained labor up to 60% in 2015 and about 75% in 2020; in 2015 350 student/10.000 people and in 2020 400-450 student/10.000 people.
c) Medical development
Consolidate and complete basic medical network to implement primary medical care, meet the demand of basic, quality medical services for people, especially for poor people, people in far region. Implement fair, effectively for people’s health care in basic line. Improve approach ability of high quality service for people in community.
- Maintain 100% of ward, commune in national standard about health; ensure no epidemic disease in province. Consolidate, improve provincial hospitals to ensure specialty, leading medical technique in province. Ensure rate of 8 doctors/ 10.000 people in 2015 and 10 doctors/ 10.000 people in 2020.Improve qualified doctors over high education for all units, especially in provincial units and district units.
d) Culture, sport
Connect closely, in sync between culture development and socio-economic development. Focus on collection, study activities to clarify, affirm the culture, geo-economic, geo-politic in Vinh Phuc. Preserve, develop, promote effectively object and non-object culture in province. Preserve, promote historical, traditional cultural values in province.
Maintain public sports activities in wide and deep, sound. Develop sport forms, focus on strong point of sport subjects in province. Focus on key high record sports which contribute sportsman for national teams.
Implement socialization activities in sport, culture development field.
6. Development of technology science and environment protection
- Science and technology: Applied research, technology import is decisive heading; step and step build research-implementation units, science and technology manpower improvement;  as a first step establish some high technology research and implementation and high technology production; hasten, facilitate technology innovation speed to obtain 15-20%/year in sectors; coordinate with large technology science centers (domestic and international) to create a strong potentiality, solve technology and science issues of reality.
- Environment protection and sustainable development: intensify environment management, pollution treatment, and environment problem prevention in urban area, industrial zones and parks, production unit. Collection, treatment of household waste, medical waste through advanced technology appropriately. Maintain gathered waste water treatment system in city, town obtaining 100%. To year 2020, the rate of forest cover will obtain over 26.7%.; rural households use fresh water obtained 100%.
7. Security-Defense- Social Order
Continue building defense and defense battle of whole people; promote crime prevention and social evils, minimize traffic accident; keep political security, facilitate economic development.
1. Urban system development direction
- Expand central urban space: Main nuclear is Vinh Yen city, Phuc Yen town, Bo Sao new urban area, Tan Tien, Chan Hung, Huong Canh town.
- Direction for development of satellite urban areas in Vinh Phuc City overall in future:
+ Urban areas of midland and mountainous regions: Tam Dao town, Hop Chau town (Tam Dao district), Hop Hoa town (Tam Duong district), Xuan Hoa town (Lap Thach district), Nhu Thuy river port town (Lap Thach district). Out of 6 nuclear urban areas, this urban group will include 28 towns which are developed center of Lap Thach, Tam Duong, Binh Xuyen districts.
+ Urban areas in the South of province: Vinh Tuong district town, Yen Lac district town, Vinh Thinh river port town under Vinh Tuong district. This chain of urban area will include towns of Vinh Tuong, Yen Lac districts.
2. Rural area development direction
Maintain rural population scale in 490-500 thousands of people (making up 40%) in 2020. Increase agricultural labor productivity and rural labor to increase rural people’s income. Continue investing and improving rural infrastructure system. Find and develop rural society organization model towards intensifying the role of community. Promote traditional architectural values, acquire new selected values through active consultancy activities from the government to create new architecture look to ensure the modernity, tradition, develop cultural values associated with tourism development, career expansion in rural area.
3. Economic development direction in sub areas
- Sub area I: Midland-mountainous region in the North, including: Lap Thach, Song Lo, Tam Duong, Tam Dao districts. This is midland region, intermingling mountainous region; area which has a large land fund for industry development, tourism, entertainment and agriculture development; area which is bridging to Tuyen Quang, Phu Tho, Thai Nguyen provinces.
- Sub area II: Central sub area, along the national road No.2A, the national road No.23 and Ha Noi- Viet Tri urban railway, including Vinh Yen city, center of Binh Xuyen district, Phuc Yen town. Development direction in future is to develop industry-service, culture, sport, entertainment, training center,… agricultural commodity with high quality to serve Ha Noi area; focus on industrial development to establish urban administrative units: city, town in future.
- Sub area III: Plain sub area: mainly including Vinh Tuong district, Yen Lac district and Southern Binh Xuyen. Development direction: gathered food plants, accounting basic density to ensure security of food, foodstuff plants, industrial plants, cattle-breeding development, poultry; trade village- small-scale industrial and craft, industrial zone appropriately.
(Attached Addendum)
1. Mobilization and use of investment capital
Mobilize generally development investment sources of capital; propose to central government about mechanism building, mobilization policy for income source to increase capital source for development investment in province; complete the frame of  institution, legality, promptly create clear, stable investment environment to attract investment capital from enterprise and people; create equal environment for domestic investment and oversea investment as well as between private and state enterprises, eliminate differences about policies of land, credit, import-export. Intensify attraction measures of foreign investment capital such as FDI, ODA, NGO.
2. Enterprise Development Promotion
Intensify investment promotion, call enterprises to take part in development investment in province, especially industrial production in industrial zones, tourism development projects, basic social services providing. Facilitate to develop enterprise area in province about quantity and competitiveness; promote administrative reform to facilitate business, establish enterprise, and approach the capital, and financial services, other public services.
3. Training human resource
- Build mechanisms, policies to develop manpower from technical, science personnel; attract high qualified personnel, proficient experts, skillful workers  to work in province. Intensify investment in sectors, training-education to improve intellectual standard of the people, professional qualifications, skill of labor; accelerate trained labor rate. Have prior plan and policy for domestic and foreign training to improve professional qualification of staffs, officials in management activities of state levels.
- Build development strategy of manpower source to meet demand of provincial development period, in accordance with general development trend of region and all country. Promote socialization of training-education and vocational training; apply technical and science advances to improve ability of management, administration of enterprises, economic and social organizations, meet requirement of international economic integrated process.
4. Technology and Science Development
Focus on propitious conditions for technology and science development; promote implementation of technology and science achievements in production, life; intensify science advances application in industrial production, in agricultural production, rural development support; promote high technology development, informatics technology in sectors. Promote socialization in building organizations of technology and science and create technology market  so that enterprises have propitious conditions to bring technology and science advances to  serve business production. Building strategy of training and development for manpower source of technology and science for long term, and development plan of infrastructure for technology and science activities; attach much importance to research and applied implementation.
5. Environmental measure
- Intensify state management activities about environment. Organize implementation of propaganda, legal education about environment protection for each economic organization, social organization and citizen to improve environment protection awareness of all society. Intensify management through arranging intensive qualified staffs in this sector; through inspection and examination to find and solve environmental problems. Build regulations for waste management, pollution management, and correct calculation for costs of environment protection in new investment projects according to Law of Environment Protection; study and apply waste treatment technology according to international standard; organize environment management activities well in the industrial zones, parks, trade village. Promote socialization activities of environment protection.
- Exploit reasonably and use, manage effectively the land resource, protect and use reasonably water resource, exploit reasonably and use economically mineral resources, protect and develop forest.
6. Solution of mechanism, policy
- Actively implement and apply mechanism, policy to increase the competitiveness of the economy, investment climate improvement, attract development investment sources in and out of province. 
- Intensify the association with the locals in Red River Delta and Northern key economic region; closely associating in capital region. At the same time co-operate with neighboring areas in midland area and Northern mountainous area to develop the potentiality, advantage of each local in socio-economic development.
- Improve the effect of state administration system; promote administrative reform, clarify and implement the function, task of units and head of units; propagate and canvass people to implement the planning contents; besides need to supervise, check the planning implementation to have adjustment, supplementation. Implement saving, prevent waste and corruption.
1. Announcement about the planning
- Announce about the planning of overall socio-economic development in province to year 2020 to the party committee, government, branches, union organization, enterprises and people in province.
- Organize, introduce, broadcast about the potentiality, advantage of local; programs, investment prior project; promote investment promotion, focus on key projects which have main products of province.
2. Preparing action plan
- Based on the objective of planning approved by Prime Minister, the Province prepare the action plan to implement planning.
- Concretize objectives, tasks of planning with socio-economic development plans for 5 years and every year to implement effectively. Every year make evaluation of planning implementation based on review, proposal according to the authority of adjustment, supplementation of the planning in accordance with the provincial socio-economic development situation in each period.
3. Levels, branches, social politics organizations and people have responsibility for checking, supervising the planning implementation.
Article 2.  Overall Planning of socio-economic development in Vinh Phuc province to year 2020 is a basis for preparing, submitting for approval and implement branch planning (construction planning, planning, land using plan and other planning), investment projects in Vinh Phuc province.
Article 3. Assign Vinh Phuc People’s Committee (VPPC) to base on the objective, task and socio-economic development direction of province in the approved planning, chair, co-ordinate with the related Ministries, branch to focus on preparation, approval and implementation according to the following contents:
1. Overall Planning of socio-economic development for districts, towns, cities in province; construction planning, planning, land using plan, branches and sectors development planning to ensure development overall between socio-economic with national defense , security.
2. Prepare long-term plan, mid-term plan, short-term plans, key socio-economic development programs, concrete projects to implement planning.
3. Study and prepare issue or submit the competent authority to issue some mechanisms, policies in accordance with development demand of province and the state’s law in each period to attract, mobilize sources to implement the planning.
4. Submit to Prime Minister to consider, decide the adjustment, supplementation of the planning in accordance with the socio-economic development situation of province and of all country for each period of the planning.
Article 4. The related Ministries, branches in the scope, function of their work, authority have responsibility:
1. Instruct VPPC during the Planning implementation; study to prepare, issue or submit the competent authority to issue some mechanisms, policies in accordance with the requirement of provincial socio-economic development for each stage to use sources effectively; encourage, attract investment according to the objective, task of provincial socio-economic development described in the Planning.
2. Study, review, adjust, supplement in development planning of branch, investment plan of construction works, related projects to be prepared in the approved overall planning; support to arrange and mobilize the domestic and oversea investment capital sources to implement the Planning.
Article 5. This decision takes effect from the signing date.
Article 6.  Chairman of VPPC, Ministers, Heads of governmental departments take responsibility for implementing this Decision.
                                                                                                PRIME MINISTER
                                                                                                Nguyen Tan Dung



(Enclosed the Decision No.113/QD-TTg dated January 20, 2012 by Prime Minister)



Name of program/project




Rehabilitate, improve the National Road No.2C


Construct Vinh Thinh bridge


Construct Asian Highway – section through Vinh Phuc area


Improve the National road No.23 (Chem- Phuc Yen), the section through Vinh Phuc area from Thanh Tuoc to the National Road No.2A


Improve the National Road No.02


Improve the National Road No.2B from the National Road No.02 to Tam Dao resort




Urban traffic infrastructure construction in province


Construction of surrounding roads, bypass roads through provincial urban areas; rehabilitate, improve the provincial road


Construct, improve the rural traffic way, water navigation


Construct cultural works, historical monument


Planning and protect water resources; supply fresh water for rural inhabitant area


Key program for reaching national target of agriculture, forest, fishery, including:


Program on mechanism change of crops, domestic animal


Program on fishery development towards sustainable effect


Program on protection and development of forest


Program on development of agriculture, forest, fishery and rural sectors processing industry


Program on small and medium enterprises development in agriculture, in rural area




Infrastructure of industrial zones


Project on completion of available industrial zones’ infrastructure works


Construct infrastructure inside of industrial zone  and outside of industrial zone to be estimated to establish




Construct and improve power transmission infrastructure


Rural electricity project REII (Stage II)


Product and assemble electro mechanic products, electronic products


Product and assemble products, informatics equipment, soft ware production, electronic components, telecommunication,…


Produce, manufacture machines, equipment in agriculture, foodstuff products processing industry


Produce civil wooden products used local raw material


Produce construction materials from local raw material, cover material, heat-resistant material, concrete and precast concrete member


Produce brick, tile according to tunnel furnace,  unfired brick and other advanced technologies


Tourism, service


Construct markets, supermarkets, trade centers


Develop tourism areas


Construct, improve infrastructure of tourism, entertainment


Develop infrastructure of information, communication network


Water Supply and Sewerage


Improve, expand available water supply plants


Construct water supply plants to meet the Province’s demand


Construct sewerage system in urban areas





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