Dealing with challenges in site clearance for construction projects and works


Site clearance is considered one of the most important "keys" that not only contribute to speeding up the implementation of projects, step by step perfecting urban infrastructure, but also creating a driving force to attract investment and promote socio-economic development. However, besides the achieved results, the site clearance is still a "bottleneck" that directly affects the progress of projects, decreasing investment efficiency.

Solving step by step

In 2021, Vinh Tuong district implements site clearance for 34 projects with a total area of ​​more than 144 ha, including 10 new construction projects. Most of them are facing difficulties in site clearance. To solve this problem, in addition to establishing the District Compensation and Site Clearance Council assigning specific responsibilities to each member in order to overcome the expression of responsibility avoidance, lack of determination in the implementation, the district also pays special attention to ensuring publicity and transparency from the announcement of the planning, area, land acquisition decision to the unit price and plan of compensation and support to each land-owning household; assigns heads of Party committees and authorities to directly dialogue to promptly solving difficulties, answering questions of the people. At the same time, the district also promotes the role of the Fatherland Front Committee, departments, agencies, mass organizations, cadres of villages in propagating people. For cases of deliberate inaction and opposition, the district resolutely implements coercion, ensuring the strictness of the law.

Thanks to the clean site, many public investment projects in Vinh Tuong
district are being accelerated, facilitating investment attraction

From the above approach, it is estimated that in the first 6 months of 2021, Vinh Tuong district will implement land acquisition, compensation, support, and resettlement 7 projects with an area of ​​50.34 ha, the total cost paid is 113.3 billion VND. Enforcement of counting for 1 household in the Dong Soc industrial cluster project; Propaganda, advocacy, and dialogue with 18 land-owning households within the scope of the New Urban Area project in Tu Trung and Vinh Tuong towns, enforcement of land acquisition for 9 households who did not comply with the decision; issuance the Decision on enforcement of land acquisition for 5 households in Lung Hoa commune who did not receive compensation for the project Wholesale market of agricultural products, food, logistics system, and Vinh Tuong commercial urban area… will be completed. With clean site, many public investment projects in the district are being accelerated, facilitating investment attraction and development of commercial-service areas, urban areas, industrial clusters of the district and the surrounding areas.

As of April 2021, Song Lo district has 8 projects that still having problems in terms of site clearance, of which, 5 projects have problems with resettlement, 1 project has problems with land disputes, 2 projects have problems with resettlement with land prices and origin. For example, the road project from the intersection of Noi Bai - Lao Cai highway to the center of Song Lo district town and the branch route to Song Lo I industrial park with the length of nearly 12 km and a total investment of more than 420 billion began at the end of 2016. Although 96% of the work has been completed, the project has not been completed due to some problems related to site clearance. Or Song Lo II Industrial Park Project has a total planning area of ​​nearly 170.7 ha in 2 communes: Yen Thach, Dong Thinh; when completed, it is expected to attract about 35-40 secondary enterprises to invest in the field of mechanical engineering, precision mechanics, medical equipment, electrical equipment... However, in the process of implementation site clearance, it will have to relocate houses, trees, construction works, and a part of the population on the land approved by the competent authority.

With the motto "rolling out the red carpet to attract domestic and foreign investors to Song Lo" and in the context of being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, the District People's Committee has directed departments and units to coordinate with Communes and townships to focus on definitively solving problems related to compensation and site clearance so that projects can be completed and put into use as planned. Along with promoting propaganda households to understand and comply with the compensation and site clearance plan, Song Lo district has proposed the Provincial People's Committee to recover the area outside the boundary of households located close to the road to ensure the traffic safety corridor. Particularly for those households who are still inactive and do not hand over the site, the District People's Committee will enforce the land acquisition in accordance with regulations.

Key mission

One of the important goals set by the Resolution of the 17th Party Congress of Vinh Phuc province is "Striving to 2025, Vinh Phuc is a developed industrial province, one of the centers of industry and services, tourism in the region and for the whole country; Vinh Phuc urban infrastructure basically meets the criteria of grade I urban area". Accordingly, in the period of 2021 - 2025, the province strives to put into operation 3-5 new industrial parks in the approved planning; compensation and site clearance for about 2,700 ha for complete and synchronous construction of technical infrastructure inside and outside industrial parks; step by step control the land leasing fund to call for and attract investment; accelerate social housing projects for workers, build 1,000-1,500 apartments for workers to rent, buy, and provide accommodation for about 3,000-4,000 workers.

Vinh Phuc has been making efforts to mobilize the whole political system
to create a high consensus of the people for compensation and site clearance work

In order to concretize the above objectives, Vinh Phuc has a solid foundation when there are 8 industrial parks in operation with high occupancy rates, which are invested methodically, synchronously, and modernly to attract many big domestic and foreign investors. In early 2021, although the Covid-19 epidemic still has complicated developments, the province has been approved by the Prime Minister to invest in 5 new industrial parks, including: Song Lo I Industrial Park; Song Lo II industrial park; Thai Hoa - Lien Son - Lien Hoa industrial zone, zone II, phase I; Tam Duong I industrial park, area 2 and Nam Binh Xuyen industrial park, raising the total number of industrial parks with investment policy decisions to 14 zones, with a total area of over 2,773 ha.

However, the province also faces many difficulties because the clean land fund in industrial parks remains little while the compensation and site clearance has many difficulties. From the beginning of the year until now, site clearance continues to be a bottleneck in the implementation of investment projects in the province. According to the plan, in 2021, the province needs to clear site of 1,517/2,776 ha for 413 socio-economic development projects and works, but by the end of the first quarter, only 261 ha have been completed, reaching over 17.2 % of the year plan; 100% of provincial projects as investors have to adjust the schedule.

Functional sectors assess that the main reason is that the propaganda of the people right from the grassroots level is not effective. It had not promoted the vanguard and exemplary character of the party officials. The sense of law observance of some people is not high. The coordination between relevant agencies and units is sometimes not tight and timely. Besides, capacity and the number of officers working on-site clearance are uneven, some places are still limited, etc... Although the provisions of the law have been supplemented, there are still many overlapping procedures and unclear regulations, especially the regulations related to land acquisition, compensation and clearance on land price lists. The price coefficients are not suitable, causing disagreement on the compensation unit price.

In order to carry out the site clearance, create a clean land fund to attract investment to make a premise for socio-economic development in the new situation, ensuring the harmony of interests among people, investors, and the State, creating consensus among the people, the Provincial People's Committee has been directing departments and branches to inspect and review all projects; propose solutions to accelerate the construction of projects, ready to handle a new wave of investment.

At the beginning of March 2021, the 16th Provincial People's Council approved Resolution No. 01 on specific measures to ensure timely site clearance for projects in the province in the period of 2021-2025. According to the resolution, the province will reward households and individuals whose land is acquired in the progress of receiving compensation, support, and handing over the site early with a bonus of 40 - 50 million VND/owner. At the same time, financial support outside the current regulations with the amount of not more than 1 billion VND/project for the police forces participating in the site clearance and not more than 500 million VND/project for organizations in charge of site clearance compensation, socio-political organizations at all levels, commune-level People's Committees, collectives and individuals have the authority to decide on assigning tasks to participate in propagating land owners to comply with the land acquisition policy and site handover.   

The province is making best efforts to promote the role of the whole political system, in which, the core is the Fatherland Front and mass organizations, socio-political organizations in propagating the undertakings and policies of the State and the local authorities, actively mobilizing and creating a high consensus of the people for compensation and site clearance; promptly preventing land encroachment, illegal construction or creation of properties on land for the purpose of making profits in case of acquisition; strictly implement the coercive counting, acquisition and construction protection for cases of deliberately opposing or failing to comply with the land acquisition decisions of competent State agencies. At the same time, the province coordinates with Party committees, authorities, and project investors to train and change careers for people in the area of ​​land acquisition to provide labor resources for projects, contributing to job creation and improving people's lives. 

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