Opening the Exhibition and Fair to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Vinh Phuc re-establishment


 On 25th December, the Party Committee, People's Council, and People's Committee of Vinh Phuc province held the opening of the socio - economic achievements Exhibition and Fair to celebrate 20th anniversary of the provincial re-establishment. This is the largest exhibition and fair generalizing Vinh Phuc’s socio - economic achievements after 20 years.


Leaders of Vinh Phuc cut the ribbon to open the exhibition and fair

Attending this event, there were comrades: Hoang Thi Thuy Lan, Secretary of Vinh Phuc, Head of the National Assembly delegation provincial XIV of Vinh Phuc; Tran Van Vinh, Deputy Secretary, Chairman of People's Council; Nguyen Van Tri, Deputy Secretary, Chairman of People’s Committee; Le Duy Thanh, Vice Chairman; leaders of departments, agencies, districts, city and town.

Visit the booths of Toyota Vietnam

Speaking at the opening, comrade Tran Van Vinh had an overview of the potentials and advantages in the socio - economic development of the province. He also said, “In the past 20 years, with the solidarity, efforts of the Party, the authority, people and the business community, Vinh Phuc has achieved many important achievements across all sectors. From an agricultural province, at present, we are a province with the large value of industrial production, the leading center of motorcycle - automotive production in the northern key economic region and the whole country. The technical infrastructure has been invested and upgraded towards modernization. The economic structure has shifted towards the increase of industry - services, reduction of agriculture - forestry - fisheries. The economic growth rate of 2016 is expected at 8.56%, higher than the average of the nation; the total budget revenue is estimated at 30.8 trillion, the highest ever. The fields of culture and society has been concerned; political security, order and safety have been maintained. The political system at all levels have been built, consolidated and met the development requirements of the province in the new period.

Many customers bought satisfied products at the Fair

The event is to present the results of Vinh Phuc’s efforts on all sectors in the last 20 years; produce potentials, prospects and faster development trends in the next phase with strategic breakthroughs of completing mechanisms and policies, developing infrastructure, improving the quality of human resources, strongly promoting the socio - economic development towards industrialization and modernization.

Visitors at the booths of Construction Department

There are 350 booths (250 ones in the exhibition place) divided into 6 areas. Especially, Vinh Phuc spends the 5th area for organizations and enterprises of 15 Northen localities to display and introduce their products.

The booths of Information and Communications sector

At the trade fair, besides the booths of Honda, Toyota, Piaggio, agricultural products, appliances, garments, the organization Board has arranged an area to introduce the province's specialities. 

IT products attract young people

The event is in 5 days (25-30/12). In the evening, there are music and dance programs. This is an opportunity for businesses to exchange information, promote trade, tourism, product, and search market.

As estimated, in the first day, thousands of people visited the exihibition and fair

Thanh Nga

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