The impression of budget revenue for the term of 2016 - 2020 03/11/2020

Not only ranking in the top of investment attraction and industrial development, Vinh Phuc is also a bright spot of the country in budget revenue when the revenue was VND 35,029 billion in 2019 and is one of 16 provinces and cities having the largest contribution on the central budget, up to 47%, ranking the second in the North after Hanoi city.

South Korea has the largest number of projects and investment in Vinh Phuc 03/12/2019

The year of 2019 is the continuous successful year of Vinh Phuc in investment attraction, as the number of delegations coming to learn about the investing environment and the number of projects and the registered investment capital continue to rise.

The relation of Vinh Phuc and Japanese partners - the symbol of Vietnam - Japan friendship 15/11/2018

In 2018, Vietnam and Japan has been celebrating 45 years of theo diplomatic relationship establishment. 45 years is a short period in the history of 1300 years of this mutual friendship but has witnessed the rapid and comprehensive development of the relationship on all areas.

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