Attraction of industrial parks in Vinh Phuc


With its convenient location, flexible and reasonable support mechanisms and policies from the beginning of investment procedures to the production and business process, over the years, Vinh Phuc has always been an attractive and safe destination for investors.

Up to now, Vinh Phuc has 18 industrial park items approved by the Prime Minister, with a total area of ​​5,228 hectares. Of which, 9 industrial parks have been established with the total area of ​​1,843.38 hectares. The occupancy rate on the area of the cleared land is nearly 63%.

Taking advantage of and seizing the opportunities to welcome investors, especially when Vietnam is considered a safe destination which has well controlled the Covid-19 epidemic, Vinh Phuc has been promoting the improvement of investment environment, promoting investment, upgrading infrastructure of industrial zones and clusters. Especially, with the methodical and synchronous investment in technical infrastructure and professional management, the industrial zone infrastructure development investment companies have satisfied investors, including big and fastidious investors. This has created a difference and special attractiveness for industrial zones within the province. 

Khai Quang industrial park viewed from above

Located in the economic and political center of the province, for the past 17 years, Khai Quang industrial park, Vinh Yen city has been chosen by many investors. Deploying activities to support businesses, Vinh Phuc Infrastructure Development Joint Stock Company - the investor of the infrastructure of Khai Quang industrial park not only helps businesses quickly access premises and factories, but also provides optimal assistance for multi-service closed in the industrial parks. It also implements fee exemption for management and use of infrastructure... Recently, the price of land rent with infrastructure in this area is 68 USD/m /year with many large investors producing in the fields of electronic components, electricity and molds for metal and non-metal products such as Partron Vina Co., Ltd, Daewoo Bus, Jahwa Vina, Haesung Vina, BH Flex Vina, Exedy, etc. The occupancy rate of this industrial park is over 97%.

Partron Vina - one of the enterprises operating and manufacturing effectively
in Khai Quang Industrial Park

Binh Xuyen II Industrial Park is invested by Fu Chuan Co., Ltd., with a total registered capital of nearly USD 150 million; the planned area of ​​phase I is over 42 hectares, of which the industrial land area is nearly 32 hectares. With a reasonable rental price and synchronous infrastructure, after 6 years in operation, this public park attracts 32 investment projects, with a total registered capital of nearly USD 270 million. Binh Xuyen II Industrial Park is the 3rd industrial park of the province with the rate of 100% occupancy after Kim Hoa industrial park and Ba Thien industrial park (phase I).

In Phase 1, Binh Xuyen II Industrial Park reached the occupancy rate of 100%

Enterprises investing in this industrial park mainly produce and trade in the fields of electronic components, office equipment, mobile phones, software, etc., creating jobs, stable income for nearly 7,300 employees. Many businesses are continuing to expand their production scale, actively contributing to budget revenue, creating jobs for employees, typically Korea Computer Co., Ltd., Young Poong Vina Co., Ltd., Diostech Vina Co., Ltd, etc.

There are a lot of green trees planted around companies in Binh Xuyen II Industrial Park

As a model industrial park of the province, Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park is making a strong impression on and attracting many investors, including strict ones. The construction of the industrial park was started in September 2017 by the Japanese Sumitomo Corporation as the investor with a total area of ​​more than 213ha.

The system of green trees and lakes was built along the subdivisions to create fresh air
for the model industrial park

After 4 years of construction, up to now, the industrial park has attracted more than 20 investment projects, with a total registered capital of over USD 323.8 million; its occupancy rate reaches over 50%. In which, 14 projects have been licensed for investment, 6 projects have been registered for reservation. In addition to investors from Japan, this industrial park also attracts a number of projects from Taiwanese and Vietnamese investors, operating mainly in the fields of high-tech industries and supporting industries such as car, motorcycle, and electronic components manufacturing service. It is expected that when the construction phases are completed, Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park will be the stopping place for about 80 secondary investors from Japan, creating jobs and stable income for 40 to 50 thousand workers.

With modern infrastructure, Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park has the rental price of land
with infrastructure of 90 USD/m2/ lifetime project - the highest price compared
to industrial zones in the province

Ba Thien II Industrial Park, invested by VINA-CPK Co., Ltd, has attracted 51 projects, including 3 DDI projects, with a total investment of nearly VND 1,300 billion and 48 FDI project with the total investment capital of more than USD 800 million. The occupancy rate of clean land area reaches 100%.

Power Logics Vina Co., Ltd in Ba Thien 2 Industrial Park was established
and put into operation in 2019

Enterprises investing in this industrial park mainly operate in the field of electronic components, garment production, supporting industry. Especially, this industrial park always makes a good impression on the investors by its green pine trees planted along the aisles. The land rental with reasonable infrastructure is only USD 70/ m / project lifetime. The management fee of maintenance and management of the floor is only USD 0.3/ m / year. The sewage treatment fee is USD 0.3 USD/ m / year; Enterprise rental of raw land is exempted until December 31, 2025.

Ba Thien 2 Industrial Park was established in 2009

Binh Xuyen Industrial Park, which is invested by An Thinh Vinh Phuc Construction Investment Co., Ltd. is also one of the attractive stops for investors. This industrial park has a total area of ​​over 286.9 hectares, of which the industrial land area is over 213 hectares and its occupancy rate is over 85%.

Binh Xuyen Industrial Park has an occupancy rate of over 85%

Currently, the rental price of land with infrastructure in this industrial zone is USD 65/m /life of the project; the infrastructure maintenance and management fee is USD 0.3/m /whole project life; the wastewater treatment fee is USD 0.45/m /month; the clean water price is USD 0.6/m . This industrial park is the business place of many businesses, typically Piaggio Vietnam Company, Prime Group Joint Stock Company, Kohsei Multipack Company Limited, De Heus Company Limited.

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