Four out of five major production sectors of enterprises in industrial zones increased their contribution to the budget


Thanks to the strict compliance with the regulations of the Government and the province in the prevention of Covid-19 epidemics and the flexibility and timely change of production and business modes, by 2020, the production and business activities of the enterprises in industrial zones continued to be stable and developed, making important contributions to the economic growth, creating jobs for nearly 93 thousand workers.

According to the statistics of the Provincial Industrial Zones’ Management Board, at present, industrial zones have 318 active investment projects, accounting for 84.1% of the total number of investment projects, of which 235 projects are FDI one and the number of DDI projects is 38. In 2020, FDI enterprises achieved revenue of over 6,042 million USD, increasing 7% compared to 2019 and reaching 137% of the year plan. The value of export turnover reached over USD 4,635 million, 10% higher compared to 2019 and 36% higher compared to the year plan. The FDI enterprises paid nearly VND 2,880 billion to the state budget, up 18% compared to the plan.

For DDI enterprises, although revenue and export value did not meet the set target and were both lower than in 2019, enterprises still performed well their tax obligations, provided stable employment and income to thousands of employees and contributed to the state budget over 243.3 billion.

Among the 5 main industrial production sectors, the supporting industries such as electricity, electronics, and electronic component processing has had the highest revenue of more than USD 4,589 million, 11% more compared to that in 2019; the export value export reached over USD 4,105 million, increasing by 10% and this was also the sector contributing the highest to the state budget with approximately VND 1,100 billion. Following such supporting industries was the automobile and motorbike manufacturing and assembly industry with USD 308 million. This industry’s export value reached USD 192 million, handing in nearly VND 421 billion to the state budget. The field of supporting industry for cars and motorbikes achieved the revenue of VND 307 million; export value reached nearly USD 95 million, contributing to the state budget over VND 811 billion.

For the textile and garment sector, in 2020, by acknowledging how to redirect the search for new sources of raw materials, fuel, and consumption markets, the sector has maintained a positive growth in all 3 aspects: revenue, export value and contributions to the state budget. Specifically, the total revenue of this field reached USD 163.44 million, increasing by 7%, the export value reached USD 152.3 million, increasing by 40% and the State budget contributions reached VND 80.1 billion,  3% more when compared to the previous year, 2019.

To improve the investment environment to fulfill the goal of attracting USD 400 million of FDI and VND 5,500 billion of DDI capital right in the first year of implementing the Resolution of the Seventh Provincial Party Congress, Vinh Phuc will implement many specific solutions such as completing mechanisms and policies, speeding up the compensation and site clearance progress, organizing investment promotion activities, taking care of, removing difficulties and problems for investors. Keep overcoming difficulties and stabilizing production, it is expected that in 2021, enterprises in the industrial zones will complete and exceed the targets on turnover, exports, and contributions to the state budget, creating new jobs for about 5,000 to 6,000 employees.

Thanh Nga

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