Chairman Nguyen Van Tri received the Embassy of Russian in Vietnam

In the morning of September 29th, Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, Deputy Secretary, Chairman of Vinh Phuc had a meeting with the Embassy of Russia in Vietnam led by Mr. Vadim Bublikow - Deputy Ambassador on the occasion of celebrating the 70th anniversary of Vietnam and Russia diplomatic establishment.
At the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Van Tri briefly introduced the potentials and advantages of Vinh Phuc in the development of industry, tourism and services; investment attraction, industrial development, budget collection and investment attraction orientation of the province in the coming period.
Emphasizing the special relationship between Vietnam and Russia, Chairman Nguyen Van Tri hoped that Mr. Vadim Bublikow and the Embassy would organize specific activities introducing Russian investors and enterprises to research and invest in Vinh Phuc, especially in the high-tech industry; connecting Vinh Phuc to a Russian locality having cultural similarities and strengths in industrial development; simultaneously, care and create favorable conditions for citizens of Vinh Phuc studying and living in Russia; organize the Russian Culture Day or Week in Vinh Phuc in particular, in Vietnam in general.
Impressed by the province's socio - economic development, especially the initial successes of Vinh Phuc in particular, Vietnam in general in fighting against Covid-19, Mr. Vadim Bublikow said, The Vietnam - Russian Federation system has been built for generations and has been verified over time. By 2020, there will be many trade promotion and investment activities held in Vietnam and Russia, contributing to connect and expand cooperation between the business community of the two countries.
Mr. Vadim Bublikow affirmed that he and the Embassy would make more efforts to organize many cultural exchange activities in Vietnam; organize training and education programs and act as a bridge to bring Russian investors to learn about the investment environment in Vinh Phuc.

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