Removing difficulties for enterprises in registering and certifying the application of export processing enterprises



On June 11th, Standing Vice Chairman Le Duy Thanh chaired the meeting with enterprises and investors in the province having difficulties and problems in establishing export processing enterprises.

At the meeting, leaders of Vinh Phuc Customs Department instructed enterprises to implement documents of the General Department of Customs on conditions of customs inspection and supervision when establishing export processing enterprises. The leaders of the Management Boards of Industrial Parks, Customs Sub-Departments and Provincial Tax Departments also responded specifically to enterprises' concerns about the conditions for customs inspection and supervision to be recognized as export processing enterprises; the transition from an import-export enterprise to an export processing enterprise; procedures for obtaining an export processing enterprise license; tax refund in the transition period from ordinary enterprises to export processing enterprises.

At the meeting, Standing Vice Chairman Le Duy Thanh emphasized that investors and enterprises already having factories or renting factories ensuring the criteria of gates, doors, camera system installation could be considered to grant export-processing enterprise licenses. For enterprises having that license but still applying as normal enterprises, it is necessary to send dossiers to the provincial Industrial Parks Management Board and Vinh Phuc Customs Department to conduct inspection and supervision, if eligible, will enjoy the preferential treatment of export processing enterprises. They must strictly follow 4 conditions according to the regulations of the General Department of Customs in order to avoid arising problems. For enterprises applying for the permission to establish new export processing enterprises, Mr. Le Duy Thanh assigned the Management Board of Industrial Parks to complete the procedures for licensing in accordance with regulations./.

Hong Yen


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