Vinh Phuc province supports to train and attract high-qualified labor for enterprises


On 2017/10/9, the People’s Committee of Vinh Phuc provice issued the Decision No. 38/2017/QĐ-UBND regulating on supporting enterprises to train and attract high-qualified labor (*) according to Resolution 57/2016/NQ- HĐND on 2016/12/12 of the provincial People’s Council about specific methods on attracting investment and supporting the development of enterprises in Vinh Phuc.

Companies having investment in the province since 2017/1/1 and labor scale of from 200 workers can enjoy the support.

Enterprises will be supported when recruiting Vinh Phuc’s high-qualified labors (have permanent residence book from 12 months) to be leader(s), technical staffs or hiring to turn them into high-qualified labors for leading position(s), technical staff.

The level of support is 10 million dong per person. The total supporting amount is due to the real numer of labor but does not exceed 200 million dong per company.

Enterprises will be supported the expenses on attracting high-qualified labor, recruiting and training laborers to have high quality once for one working position.

This decision takes effect 10 days after its signing.

(*) High-qualified labor is person in charge of leading position such as: head of division, factory manager and higher places; labor who has mid-level or college level rewarded the provincial competitions (1st, 2nd, 3rd prize), the national, ASEAN or international competitions (st, 2nd, 3rd, consolation prize).


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