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With several technical innovations, contributing to benefit the business, Nguyen Van Manh, leader of Kaizen team (improvement team), Exedy Vietnam Co., Ltd., Khai Quang industrial park, Vinh Yen city is one one of the typical examples in production labor in the company.

Mr. Manh is calculating the detailed processing of items that need improvement 

Graduated in Industrial Electrical - Electronic Engineering, Vinh Phuc College of Economics and Technology in 2008, Manh joined Exedy Vietnam Co., Ltd. as a production worker who works directly at the production line. Because of the ideal working environment at the Company, he intends to stick with the company for a long time. With meticulousness, perseverance, hard work, love of tinkering and creativity, he has made efforts to affirm his capacity in work. In 2009, due to the global economic crisis, the company had a policy to reduce costs and consumption in production, Manh embarked on making shelves for goods, making use of bamboo and surplus wood in discarded packages. These were only small improvements, but everyone in the company was amazed at the products he made because they initially reduced the greenhouse effect.

Recognized by the company's Board of Directors, Nguyen Van Manh continues to make improvements, contributing to the benefit of the business. Realizing that the space for files, applications and papers in departments is sketchy, temporary, untidy, and unsightly, he proposed that the company take advantage of discarded pallets to make shelves, cabinets for papers, or make display areas for products, titles and awards of enterprises. The more he worked, the more experienced he becomes. At rest and entertainment areas for workers, he made use of waste wood, discarded packages that should have been handled by hired environmental workers, he created beautiful fences, combined with decorative areas to hang plastic flowers, create a green space for workers after hard working hours. In addition, he also participates in movements launched by the company on traffic safety such as the initiative of signposts, arrows to guide traffic...

Constantly innovating, Nguyen Van Manh was transferred to the Kaizen team by the Board of Directors, specializing in overcoming and improving production lines and machines, making an important contribution to perfecting the products of the enterprise, achieving the targets, company plans, and goals set out over the years. With constant efforts, in 2018, he was appointed to the position of leader of the Kaizen team. Mr. Manh shared that “The daily job of the Kaizen team is to quickly handle situations where machinery and lines in operation are faulty or unexpectedly broken, ensuring that production activities are not stopped. Therefore, when new production lines and machines are imported, we must consider, evaluate and identify the risks in the production process that may occur in order to find a way to overcome, in order to improve the machineries. Even the machines and production lines are in the process of production, we regularly check and assess the risk of errors, which can cause hazards and occupational accidents to find remedial and prevention measures timely."

He has made many improvements to overcome unreasonable production lines and machines; invented tools and error reporting modes to control products during production if errors occur. Every year, the enterprise sets a goal to reduce product costs, while workers' wages are increasing, which means increasing production capacity. He proposed to withdraw human resources from the production lines, but still ensure the same production capacity, and at the same time, manufacture automation tools, eliminate unnecessary operations, renovate machines to help workers do not have to manipulate much.

The most recent initiative of Nguyen Van Manh has won the first prize of the KARAKURI competition in Southeast Asia - India and the first prize of the entire Exedy group. Manh said, in a production line, there is a stage where the battery is prepared to be put into rings and trays. This is meticulous work, very tiring and time consuming. Each set of products needs to install 3 pairs of batteries and rings at the same time. He has found the principle of not using electricity and gas, just using the mechanism of physics, which is a lever, a roller to install an automatic mechanism that combines 3 sets of Pin and Ring at the same time. With this idea, the operator does not need to sit and prepare, just pour the Batteries and Rings into the container, press the lever with the foot, the system will automatically run out 3 pairs of batteries and rings that have been put together. The initiative has been applied to production at the company since the end of 2019 and has brought high efficiency to businesses.

The resting area of the workers, combined with the display of products, trophies and awards of the business, is utilized by Mr. Manh from the discarded pallets and packages. 

Before that, in 2013, he participated in a fuel-saving contest organized by Honda Vietnam Company. With the idea given to the contestant to invent a manned motorbike with the most fuel-saving goal, Manh invented a car that can travel 1,050km/liter of gasoline, ranked in the top 3 awards of the competition. In particular, his car impressed the judges with its unique design and paint color scheme.

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