Strengthen labor management in industrial parks


With a convenient traffic system, many priority mechanisms and policies, the care of business owners about workers' lives, in recent years, Vinh Phuc has "retained" the workforce in the province, attracted many workers, skilled workers from neighboring provinces and cities to work in industrial zones. This not only helps the province gradually overcome the problem of labor shortage, but also is one of the factors that make it attractive to investors in the context of competition for labor resources.  

According to the report of the Management Board of Industrial Parks, industrial parks in the province are creating jobs for over 121,000 workers, of which there are about 27,000 workers from outside the province. In general, the awareness and observance of labor laws by employers and employees is increasing day by day. The work of guiding, propagating, disseminating, and educating the law by state management agencies and trade unions at all levels is concerned; Labor relations in enterprises are harmonious when problems related to labor regime, salary, bonus and working hours are concerned and implemented by business owners.

Technology parks are creating jobs for more than 121,000 workers

Carrying out commitments with investors on labor, over the years, the Provincial People's Committee has directed departments, agencies, sectors and localities to strengthen the state management of labor in industrial parks; promoted the reform of administrative procedures, created favourable conditions for enterprises in the grant/re-issue of work permits for foreigners working in industrial parks; approval of additional employment positions of employees; received the labor agreement, and appraised the dossier of overtime working. Propaganda, dissemination, and education of the law for employers and employees are strengthen. The labour situation and the implementation of regimes and policies for employees in enterprises are regularly grasped.  At the same time, the Provincial People’s Committee prioritizes investment resources to develop service infrastructure for industrial parks in general and for employees in particular; invests in building housing works for workers and low-income people such as Bao Quan apartment building, Vinaconex apartment building, worker housing project in Ba Hien commune, Binh Xuyen district; workers' cultural houses, kindergartens for workers' children; directs the Transport sector to increase the activities of buses and shift vans to serve the travel of workers. Especially, in the context of complicated epidemic developments, the province has created the best accommodation conditions for experts and business managers; At the end of May 2021, the dormitory of the University of Transport Technology and the College of Industry and Commerce was used as a free accommodation for 100% of foreign workers.

Deploying the assigned tasks, the Management Board of Industrial Parks has strengthened to remove difficulties and obstacles for businesses in the context of the epidemic; in 2021, it held 6 conferences on labor law dissemination for more than 300 businessmen; 17 conferences to propagate and disseminate the law on the following contents: Labor contract, bonus, insurance regime, working time, rest time, collective bargaining agreement, labor dispute, occupational safety and hygiene, for 1,700 employees. The board has issued/re-issued labor certificates for nearly 1,100 foreigners; received 73 collective labor agreements; appraised 47 overtime records. At the same time, the board leaders have proactively coordinated with relevant departments and sectors to review the labor demand of enterprises...

However, besides the achieved results, the qualifications and skills of workers in industrial zones are still low; number of untrained workers and a high percentage of female employees. In addition, the planning, and forecasting of human resource needs have been paid close attention, not meeting the development requirements of industrial parks in the new situation. Workers mainly go home every day or stay in private hostels, so disease control for the labor force outside the province is difficult and complicated. Some businesses and some employees still have not strictly complied with the provisions of the state law in general and the labor code in particular...

In order to improve the efficiency of labor management in industrial parks, to meet the labor resource needs of enterprises and successfully implement the goal of developing 23-25 industrial parks in the 2021-2030 period, the Provincial People's Committee requested the Management Board of Industrial Parks, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with other departments, sectors and localities in promptly removing difficulties, obstacles and fluctuations of enterprises due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic to maintain production and business, improve competitiveness, and expand markets. The People’s Committee continues to implement guidelines and policies on developing high-quality human resources; survey labor recruitment needs of enterprises as a basis for advising and proposing the province to develop mechanisms and policies.

Along with that, linkage activities between state agencies, training institutions and enterprises are strengthened. The Provincial People's Committee is reported and proposed to build housing and social institutions for employees; promote information, propaganda, dissemination and education of labor laws to help employers, harmoniously settle relationships between employers and employees, and avoid conflicts.

Thanh Nga

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