Put the results of economic development into people's lives to increase incomes and welfare of the people


On March 12, 2020, Vinh Phuc Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution No. 12-NQ/TU on improving income and welfare of Vinh Phuc people until 2025, with orientation to 2030. Concretizing Resolution No. 12, the Provincial People's Committee issued Plan No. 96, assigning departments, agencies, sectors, and mass organizations to implement 73 specific tasks, develop 37 mechanisms and policies, 11 programs and 25 schemes and projects. By the end of 2021, 41 out of 73 tasks have been completed, 23 tasks are continuing to be deployed.

In order to implement these mechanisms, policies and projects, the province continues to attract many large investment projects in the fields of processing and manufacturing industry, infrastructure of industrial parks, infrastructure of industrial clusters, urban areas, and agriculture. These are projects that are identified as growth engines for the province in the coming time. Typical examples include an investment project to renovate the farm, convert livestock from pigs to beef cattle, build a slaughterhouse, process, preserve and distribute in Tam Dao with a total investment of $500 million; Kraft Vina paper factory project with investment capital of VND 14,062 billion, King Duan Vietnam industrial factory with investment capital of VND 1,192 billion, etc.

Industrial zones in the province are providing jobs to increase income for thousands of people in Vinh Phuc

Many traffic routes, especially key routes have created regional links with a pervasive nature, serving as a driving force for development will be invested and put under construction, including Ring Road 4, Dam Vac bridge, Vinh Phu bridge, North-South axis road in Vinh Phuc urban area. Rural transport continues to be invested to create a new face for the countryside, associated with the program of building advanced new rural areas, new rural area models with a solidification rate of 94.2%.

The work of land accumulation and land consolidation has continued to be implemented, and 5 districts have registered to change fields. As a result, more than 1.9 thousand hectares of agricultural land were converted into fields, reaching the rate of 72%. Traditional craft villages, new occupations, rural collective economic areas, household economy, farm economy, trades and services in rural areas continue to be supported and facilitated for development. 

With the efforts of the whole political system, the response and participation of the business community, entrepreneurs, and people in the province, Vinh Phuc has well controlled the epidemic to make the province a model of achievement of dual goals in the country. Production develops and grows quite good, eligible to increase income for people. In 2021, the province's GRDP per capita value reached VND 114.27 million/person, increasing by VND 8.8 million/person compared to 2020. Labor productivity is over VND 200 million/worker/year, 1.5 times higher than the average labor productivity of the whole country; per capita income reached VND 56.3 million, increasing VND 4.8 million compared to 2020 and reached 70.4% of the Resolution target to 2025. The rate of hospital beds is 39 beds/ten thousand people, the average life expectancy of the people is 74.3 years old.

Along with promoting economic development as the core, implementing Resolution 12, Vinh Phuc pays attention to job creation, strengthening social protection, people support so that no one is left behind, ensuring welfare and social justice.

In order to improve the efficiency of job creation, the Provincial Employment Settlement Steering Committee has implemented activities of labor supply, job creation in the country and sending laborers to work abroad for a limited time; organized 21 job sessions, 10 consulting seminars, propaganda policies to support labor export and labor market information. In 2021, the whole province created jobs for 16,080 workers.

The program of sustainable poverty reduction is focused. The Provincial People's Council has issued a Resolution stipulating a number of specific policies to support households that cannot escape poverty. Up to now, 1,350 beneficiaries have been supported at the rate of VND 700,000/person/month in rural areas and VND 900 thousand/person/month in urban areas. Every year, the Provincial People's Committee organizes signing commitments to assign poverty reduction targets to districts and cities. The localities have been implementing many tasks and measures to reduce the rate of poor households in the area. By the end of 2021, the percentage of poor households in the province according to the poverty line in the 2016-2020 period was 0.44%, and near-poor households was 1.33%.

Social protection and social assistance activities have been well implemented by all levels and sectors. The standard levels of social support and fostering allowance for those who are cared for and brought up at social protection establishments and outside the community in the province are 1.65 times higher than the standard set by the Central Government. Vinh Phuc was 1 of the 4 localities with highest support level in the country.

Vinh Phuc is doing well the goal of protecting people's health

In the coming time, the Provincial People's Committee will continue to review, adjust, update, and add new tasks to the plan so that Resolution 12 is really a driving force in improving the material and spiritual life of each Vinh Phuc. Along with safely adapting, flexibly, effectively controlling the Covid-19 epidemic, steadfastly protecting the health and life of the people, the province takes advantage of opportunities to promote the process of recovery socio-economic development in each sector, field and locality.

The province implements synchronously and effectively mechanisms and policies to support enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises; creating maximum conditions for enterprises to maintain stable production and business. At the same time, administrative reform is promoted. The provincial competitiveness index and digital transformation index are improved. Vinh Phuc aims to keep transforming the structure of crops and livestock in line with market advantages and demands, develop concentrated and large-scale commodity production areas, organize production in chains for key products. The application of scientific and technical advances and high technologies to agricultural production is strengthened to encourage clean agriculture and organic agriculture. The new countryside project is maintained, raising incomes, stabilizing, and improving the living conditions of the rural population. A mechanism to support tourism development is developed, especially community-based tourism. The province has a plan to welcome tourists when the epidemic is under control, and develops tourism towards disease safety and environmental friendliness, stimulate domestic consumption. At the same time, the province effectively implements the plan to organize cultural and sports activities to improve the cultural and spiritual life for rural and mountainous people and industrial park workers in the province. Human resources, facilities, equipment, and techniques are developed, capacity, quality and efficiency in disease prevention, medical examination and treatment and medical services are improved. The health insurance roadmap for the whole people is well-implemented. Social security policies such as poverty reduction policies, social assistance policies, towards the goal of sustainable poverty reduction are being implemented.

Duc Hien

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