The shift in perceptions, thinking, and approaches to elevate Vinh Phuc culture


On the afternoon of March 30, Mr. Le Duy Thanh, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee chaired a conference to listen to the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism report on draft decisions, plans and development strategies by 2030. Attending the conference were leaders of a number of departments and sectors.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Le Duy Thanh concluded the conference

According to the draft strategic plan on cultural development to 2030 in the province with the target up to 2030, annually, the percentage of families, villages and residential groups meeting cultural standards maintain from 85-93%; cultural agencies, units and enterprises reaches 85% or more; over 50% of wards and townships meet urban civilization standards. By 2025, 100% of villages and residential quarters in the province will have a model of a happy family club with sustainable development; 100% of public libraries in the province complete and develop digital infrastructure, digital data, deploy interoperability, share resources and library information products with the national library and libraries dosmestically and internationally. At the same time, the province has surveyed, selected, and compiled a scientific dossier to propose the ranking of each specific monument; organized art performance programs to serve the people according to specific plans and targets.

Commenting on the draft Plan, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Le Duy Thanh requested the Culture, Sports and Tourism sector to consider and review specific goals, in which, develop goals based on the actual situation, clarify the criteria for building a cultural family; supplement the content strategy to promote cultural and artistic creation activities in addition to the promotion and organization of art performance programs; research and implementation of digital transformation in the field of culture. In the tasks and solutions to implement the strategy, the Chairman suggested the Culture, Sports, and Tourism sector to guide the localities to develop a plan to propagate and promote the cultural field; inspect and examine the implementation of annual plans in localities.

Regarding the draft Decision on the content orientation of villages and residential groups’ conventions in the province, the delegates suggested that the implementation phase should be considered, and the responsibilities of agencies and localities should be considered in the implementation process. Considering that the draft Decision on orientation of the content of village conventions, and conventions of residential groups in the province is very important in the current situation, comrade Le Duy Thanh asked the Culture, Sports, and Tourism sector to consider carefully reviewing and researching to develop conventions suitable for each locality and each specific time.

With the plan to open tourism activities in the new situation, the delegates said that related to immigration and the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism should consult the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Public Security into this plan. The goal is to attract the most tourists to Vinh Phuc. The Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requested the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to strengthen propaganda, publicity, promotion, and development of tourism products. In the immediate future, it is necessary to promote digital transformation in the field of tourism; integrate and digitize tourist attractions in the province.

The conference also commented on the draft plan to implement the project of preserving and promoting the values of folk songs, folk dances, and folk music of ethnic minorities in association with tourism development in the province in the period of 2022- 2030.

Concluding the conference, Mr. Le Duy Thanh said that to develop and elevate Vinh Phuc's culture, the Culture, Sports & Tourism sector needs to change awareness, thinking, approach and have a new way of doing things. The building of amusement parks and entertainment for people must be focused; knowledge for cultural workers in the area must be fostered and improved; the organization of seminars and conferences to discuss solutions must be strengthene in the coming time.

Hong Yen

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