Accompany, remove difficulties for export processing enterprises

According to the report of the provincial People's Committee, the whole province has nearly 400 FDI enterprises having the total investment of over USD 5 billion, of which 300 are operating in industrial parks, the proportion of processing and export enterprises accounts for 24%.
Export processing enterprises not only play a role in promoting the increase of local export turnover, total national export turnover, but also make an important contribution to job creation, creating opportunities for many domestic enterprises to participate. production of export goods through the supply of raw materials, supporting industrial products for export processing enterprises.
Under the Government's Decree No. 82/2018/NĐ-CP on managing industrial parks and economic zones, newly established projects are operating in the form of export processing enterprises when carrying out the procedures for issuance of certificates. Investment certification period may be extended due to waiting for customs authorities' opinions on the possibility of meeting inspection conditions. Clause 1, Article 30 of Decree 82 states: “Export processing zones and export processing enterprises are allowed to apply regulations for separate customs areas and non-tariff zones, except for separate regulations applicable to non-tariff zones in border economic zone. The export processing enterprise is specified in the investment registration certificate or in a competent investment registration agency's document in case it is not required to carry out the procedures for issuing an investment registration certificate. The investment registration agency shall consult competent customs authorities on the possibility of satisfying conditions for customs inspection and supervision before issuing investment registration certificates or certifying in writing to investors".
In application of Clause 1, Article 30, Decree 82, for projects applying for investment in the province where the export processing enterprise is registered, the provincial investment registration agency has carried out procedures to consult the Sub-Department of Vinh Phuc Customs before licensing. The consultation has resulted in problems from consulting the customs authorities, mainly about tax-free business conditions, inspection and supervision, and the ability to meet the criteria of enterprise export processing, leading to difficulties. problems for the investment registration agency to recognize the export processing enterprise on its investment registration certificate in accordance with the 2014 Law on Investment and its guiding documents.
Accompanying with businesses in general, export processing enterprises in particular overcoming difficulties, along with issuing mechanisms and policies to support and invest in infrastructure construction, in early 2019, provincial leaders took the initiative held many direct dialogues with investors, businesses and related agencies to exchange, remove and unify solutions related to export processing enterprises. At the same time, the provincial People's Committee has issued a petition to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Planning and Investment to seek advice on solving difficulties and problems related to export processing enterprises.
On April 20, 2020, the People's Committee of the province sent a document to the Prime Minister, requesting assistance and directing to remove difficulties and problems in the implementation of Decree 82 of the Government on export processing enterprises. As of June 9, 2020, the General Department of Customs issued document No. 3778 guiding the conditions for customs inspection and supervision when establishing an export processing enterprise. Accordingly, when receiving a written consultation from the investment registration agency as prescribed in Clause 1, Article 30 of Decree No. 82, the Sub-department of Customs in charge of the locality where the investor requests the establishment of the processing enterprise check the contents to confirm the ability to meet the conditions for customs inspection and supervision, including: Hard wall surrounds, separates from the outside; Surveillance camera system clearly displays the image of goods entering and leaving the business; observed images at all times of the day (24/24) and camera image data kept at the enterprise for a minimum of 12 months; the camera system is directly connected to the managing customs office; management system of raw materials and supplies imported for the production of goods for export can export import - export - inventory data of raw materials, supplies and products to report the finalization of use to the customs agency.
Also at the conference meeting with enterprises and investors in the province having difficulties and problems in establishing export processing enterprises on the afternoon of June 11, Deputy Secretary, Standing Vice Chairman Mr. Le Duy Thanh emphasized that, for investors, businesses that already have factories or rent factories to ensure the criteria of gates, doors, and installation of surveillance camera systems can consider issuing a certificate. Certificate of export processing enterprise registration. Enterprises that have been licensed for export processing enterprises but still apply as usual businesses, need to submit their dossiers to the provincial Management Board of industrial parks together with Vinh Phuc Customs Branch for inspection and supervision. If eligible, they will enjoy preferential treatment from export processing enterprises. Enterprises need to strictly comply with the 4 conditions according to Official Letter 3778 of the General Department of Customs to avoid arising problems.

Le Duyen

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