Vinh Phuc tourism has been strongly affected again due to the recurrence of Covid-19



Immediately after the recurrence of Covid-19 in Da Nang, Vinh Phuc tourism has continued facing the risk of "freezing" because of the sharp decrease in the number of tourists coming to the province. Travel businesses have been also suffering from losses due to the increasing number of cancelled tours. 

From the program "Vietnamese travel to Vietnam" and activities to stimulate demand, promote tourism, associate tourism development, since May, tourism activities in the area have been recovered. Tourist areas such as Tam Dao, Flamingo Dai Lai reached 70-80%, 100% of room occupancy on weekends, many delegations had to register previously. However, after the first Covid-19 case in Da Nang in the end of July, the tourism has been affected strongly because of tour cancel or delay.

 In order to reduce the economic burden, Thanh Long International Travel Co., Ltd.
was forced to cut down 70% of its staff.

In Tam Dao town, from the end of 4/2020 to July, tourism activities are normal, but since the end of July, when the disease recurs, Covid-19 prevention and control has been tightened to ensure safety for residents and visitors. Under the direction of the provincial People's Committee, the locality has asked business households and enterprises to stop all karaoke and discotheque activities; regularly propagate and request the owners of restaurants and accommodation establishments to be responsible for reminding visitors to wear masks, arrange antiseptic water, take temperature measurements and make medical declarations for tourists. However, due to concerns about the Covid-19 translation, many groups of tourists announced to cancel their reservation, cancel the tuor, causing the number of visitors to Tam Dao in recent days to decrease by about 90%. Not to mention the reduced revenue, in the short term, restaurants, hotels, and food establishments are suffering great losses due to the preparation of food sources in advance, but until the adjacent day, delegations postpone or cancel.

Ms. Huong, manager of a hotel near the church area of Tam Dao town, said, "According to the plan, on 08 – 09/8, the hotel will welcome a group of nearly 100 guests, preparing room and food and entertainment programs are ready, but before 2 days, they called to postpone, we have to mobilize our staff and relatives to help us consume a part of food at a cheaper price.”

But perhaps, the biggest damage caused by the recurrence of Covid-19 is travel businesses. As soon as Da Nang was frozen, hundreds of tours were canceled and delayed. When canceling, most customers required tour companies to refund 100%, only a small part agreed to postpone and reserve the trip at an appropriate time. This has affected and put a lot of pressure on businesses because in fact, they could not immediately refund 100% to customers, when they had to pay a deposit to service providers and air ticket. Meanwhile, in some localities that have not been affected by the epidemic, it is difficult to carry out refund and cancellation procedures. However, in order to retain customers as well as towards long-term cooperation and attachment, many tourism businesses in the province still try to find ways to refund tourists in order to preserve the corporate brand.

Mr. Ta Dinh Tung, Head of Sales Department, Thanh Long International Travel Co., Ltd. said, "In this year, the summer vacation is later than previous years so that the largest number of booked tours is from the end of July to the end of August. But instead of tour preparation, the domestic tourism route departs, from the end of July until now, the company has continuously received calls to notify the cancellation of the tuor.

Due to the recurrence of Covid-19 in the high peak of tourism, in the past 2 weeks, the company has lost 76 contracts with sales of about 12-15 billion. Although the airlines regulate 3-6 months to pay the refund for the spaced localities, in order to solve the situation in order to maintain prestige with customers, the company had to advance money and borrow interest. from outside, prepay customers the amount of over VND 3.2 billion. As for localities that are still open to tourism, visitors are only allowed to reverse the service, and refunding or canceling all ticket costs, hotel rooms, we have to constantly encourage and support customers to change schedules. appropriate process and time. The work is heavy and pressured, but because there is no tuor, in order to reduce the economic burden, the company has to let 70% of its employees quit their jobs without salary support.

In the same situation, many travel businesses in the province are also having a headache to find a solution to the tuor cancellation problem. This year, the number of registered tours to Da Nang accounts for 60%, followed by Nha Trang and Quy Nhon. However, in fear of the Covid-19 translation, even tours like Sam Son, Ha Long ... were also canceled by tour groups, while many hotels did not refund their deposit, but only accepted the reservation. Travel businesses have to pay for guests out of pocket. When asked, tourism businesses all said that the most necessary thing at the moment is to get financial and tax support from the State, in which the most important source is capital. At present, many businesses have to leave off work without pay for 60-80% of their employees.

It is known that since the end of July 2020, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has issued document 982 on ensuring the safety of tourists before the Covid-19 epidemic, asking localities to seriously grasp the business and tourists about updating the epidemic situation, as well as strictly complying with regulations on disease prevention; maintaining regular operation of hotlines connecting businesses and tourists, thereby, promptly grasping the situation, receiving information, and solving difficulties for businesses and tourists. At the same time, proactively mobilize and propagate tourists, tourism businesses, and tourism service providers in the area to cooperate and share difficulties in postponing, canceling and changing tourism program due to the impact of the epidemic...

The People's Committee of Vinh Phuc province also issued an official letter on strengthening Covid-19 epidemic prevention in the new situation. Requesting departments, agencies, sectors, unions, Chairmen of People's Committees at all levels, agencies and units in the province to reactivate the anti-epidemic measures according to Directive 19 of the Prime Minister. Pause the operation of karaoke, discotheque, massage, bars, and festivals gathering people in the province from 0:00 on August 3, 2020 until the next notice; commercial, service and tourist establishments are still operating normally but must ensure safety for epidemic prevention and control. With the efforts on preventing the epidemic, it is very necessary to have the consensus of all levels, sectors, people and the business community to strive difficulties due to Covid-19. 

Bich Phuong

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