Promoting strongly the role of the government of creating, removing difficulties for people and businesses after Covid-19


In the past few months, the occurrence of Covid-19 has greatly affected the socio-economic development of the province. People throughout the province have raised their awareness, complied with the regulations and gone with the government in order to successfully prevente the epidemic. After Covid-19, the government has strengthened its role, implemented supportive measures, accompanied the people to develop production.

Synchronize solutions on supporting to access capital and credit

Talking to the reporter, Mr. Nguyen Van Tam, Director of the provincial State Bank said: Sharing difficulties with people and businesses, the provincial State Bank has directed credit institutions in the area to deploy solutions to support customers and solve difficulties caused by the epidemic. Balancing capital sources to fully meet capital needs for production and business; promptly apply supportive measures, remove difficulties for customers such as rescheduling loan repayment, considering interest rate exemption and reduction, temporarily keeping the same group of debts, new loans to stabilize production and business; take measures to manage, monitor and prevent the misuse of the disease to falsify and not the right beneficiaries of support policies of banks and borrowers.

Up to now, credit institutions in the area have supported customers in the following sectors: Agriculture, forestry and fishery; manufacturing and processing industry; wholesale and retail trade, construction; accommodation, catering, entertainment ... through new lending measures with interest rates lower than 0.5-2% / year compared to the old loan interest rate for 9,500 customers; loan interest exemption and reduction for 1,220 customers; restructured repayment term for 400 customers.

The provincial leaders had dialogues to listen and solve difficulties for enterprises

In addition, in order to support customers, encourage citizens and businesses to use electronic banking services, commercial banks continue to reduce the fee for money transfer service via inter-electronic payment system. row; Exemption / reduction of remittance fee for transferring money via NAPAS through Ebanking, SmartBanking, Bankplus, ATM services; offer many promotions and discounts for customers when paying without cash.

Remove difficulties, create financial and tax advantages

The provincial Tax Department has set up a working group to direct and assign tasks to units under each management area, urgently assess the impact of the disease on the state budget, and at the same time, attempt to implement many supportive and synchronous solutions to promote revenue management. The whole sector has focused on checking and reviewing the number of businesses registering for business, the number of enterprises temporarily suspending their business, ceasing operations, and putting into tax administration for 100% of enterprises having business. Along with that, to check and strictly control the situation of production, business, tax declaration and payment of enterprises. Determining exactly the subjects, adjusting the presumptive tax rates to suit business reality and combat the loss of state budget revenues.

The taxation sector promotes support, creates favorable conditions for taxpayers, continues to provide electronic tax services to taxpayers; coordinates with concerned departments and branches in providing electronic declaration and payment procedures for automobile and motorbike registration fees. To avoid travel and contact between taxpayers during the epidemic period, the tax sector has actively instructed citizens and businesses to finalize corporate and personal income tax through online portal of the Tax Department and organize months to support the payers through many forms such as by phone, email, online support via Zalo, facebook, youtube ... At the same time, guide businesses, organizations, individuals affected by the epidemic to make a dossier and send it to the head of the tax administration agency directly requesting the exemption from late payment interest and extension of tax payment; support and shorten processing time of tax reduction dossiers of business individuals for individual business individuals who apply for flat tax reduction due to changes in revenue due to the impact of the translation.

Continue to promote the role of creating and removing difficulties for people and businesses

In order to promptly remove difficulties for people and businesses, at the same time, implementing the "dual goal" is to drastically prevent epidemics while maintaining and developing socio-economic activities, ensuring living standards of people, the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee issued Directive No. 39, Provincial People's Committee issued Plan No. 51, proposing solutions, assigning specific tasks to departments, branches and People's Committees of districts and cities for the implementation. The provincial People's Council held an extraordinary meeting to promulgate Resolution No. 01/2020 providing for food support for people with medical isolation at treatment facilities and concentrated isolation facilities; permanent residents or temporary residents in epidemic areas are controlled entry and exit under decisions of competent agencies; support people to participate directly at the points, quarantine stations at the traffic points in and out of areas affected by new strains of SARS-CoV-2 virus in the province.

People in Tu Du commune, Lap Thach district receive support due to the Covid-19
pandemic under the Government's Resolution No. 42

The Provincial People's Committee held dialogues conference for each group of businesses in the area to find solutions to remove difficulties and problems, promptly solve the procedures for granting a work permit or extending a work permit for Foreigners are working in enterprises in the area. Strengthen the handling of administrative procedures via the internet and post, shorten at least 30% of the time for handling administrative procedures, creating maximum conditions for businesses. Promoting information propaganda, implementing support of exemption and reduction of advertising information cost, labor recruitment notice for enterprises in the province.

In order to solve difficulties and problems related to labor to help businesses, the provincial People's Committee has directed the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and relevant units to survey and grasp specific situation of needs on recruiting and using labor in enterprises in the area as well as assisting in finding and recruiting new labor for enterprises. Especially, coordinate with provinces like Phu Tho, Tuyen Quang, Yen Bai and Ha Giang ... to have more labor resources for businesses in the area.

In order to create favorable conditions for businesses to send foreign experts, the province agrees to the policy of allowing qualified medical professionals to enter the country; establishing a concentrated isolation area. The Management Board of Industrial Parks coordinates with relevant departments to review the entire needs of bringing foreigners to work for businesses, supporting the settlement of entry procedures for more than 300 business experts.

With the efforts of the entire political system, levels, sectors, business community and people in the province, the economic situation of the province in the first 6 months of 2020 has decreased compared to the same period in 2019 but the tasks of stabilizing the material and spiritual life for the people, cultural and social activities, political security, social order and safety have been still ensured.

Measures to support people facing difficulties due to te Covid-19 under the Government's Resolution No. 42 and the Prime Minister's Decision No. 15 have been well implemented. As a result, by the end of May 12, 2020, the whole province has paid support to 94,440 subjects of groups of people with merit services, social protection beneficiaries, poor and near-poor households with a total support amount of more than 115, 6 billion; For self-employed groups, the province has supported 106 people in Phuc Yen city with the amount of VND 190 million, the remaining districts and cities are in the process of appraising dossiers to pay the right suppor under the regulations.

Duc Hien

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