I. Traffic

Vinh Phuc gets rather good developing traffic network with three kinds traffic: on road, railway, and by water. The traffic of the province is allocated reasonably with high density of traffic. Some routes were invested and take good result in socioeconomic.

1. On land road

Total on land road is 4,085.0km, breakdown as: highway at 105.3km, provincial road at 297.55km, urban road at 103.5km, district road at 426km, commune road at 3,136km

Noi bai - Lao Cai Highway (the section through Vinh Phuc) is 40.5km (Noi Bai - Lao Cai high way project includes 242km connecting with Kunminh and Hekou - China. This is a component of project of developing traffic infrastructure for economic corridor Kunminh - Hanoi - Hai Phong.

2. Railway

There is one route of railway (from Hanoi to Lao Cai) through 5/9 districts (including Phuc Yen towhship, Binh Xuyen distrct, Vinh Yen city, Tam Duong and Vinh Tuong districts) with 35km long and 5 railway stations, including 2 main railways station (Vinh Yen and Vinh Yen). This is railway route to connect Hanoi capital and Vinh Phuc province  to other provinces on the midland and mountain in the North of Vietnam and China.

3. By water

There are two main river routes (grade II) managed by the Center government (including Red river for 30km and Lo river for 34km). These two routes only let traffic with vehicles lower  than 300 tons. There are two local river routes containing Ca Lo river (27km) and Pho Day river (32km). These local routes only run on water season with capacity of vehicles lower than 50 tons.

The province gets two river ports consisting of Vinh Thinh (on Red river) and Nhu Thuy (on Lo river).

Besides, Vinh Phuc is near to Noi Bai international air port with 28km on the Northeastern.

II. Electricity network

Vinh Phuc locates in the good conditions for national power supplying. The system of transmission and distribution are good in planning and investment. These give effectiveness and supportable for the development of provincial industrial zones.

For last years, to meet the demand on electricity, the province and Vietnam Electricity Corporation works with together and find investment for the provincial electricity network.

Now, the province gets electricity system as follows:

1. Electricity lines and transformers network:

220kV electricity lines and 110kV electricity lines are in good operation, stability, and transmission.

Transformers includes: Lap Thach (25MVA), Vinh Yen (2x63MVA upgraded in 2008), Phuc Yen (2x40MVA). In order to meet special demand in industrial development at the Northeastern, transformer  2x125MVA-220/110/22kV was constructed for last years.

All 110kV transformers and middle transformers are in good conditions and full capacity.

2. Ongoing construction works:

Thien Ke Electricity lines and 110kV transformer with capacity at 2x63MVA.

Vinh Tuong Electricity lines and 110kV transformer with capacity at 2x25MVA.

In addition, it shall upgrade the capacity of Phuc Yen 110kV transformer from 2x40MVA to 40+63MVA.

III. Water supplying network

Vinh Phuc contains high capacity in water resources. The surface and underground water resources are abundant which is suffer for all needs in living, industry, agriculture, irrigation of the local area.

There are some living water supplying plants of Vinh Phuc province such as: Vinh Yen (capacity at 16,000m3/day with 17 drilling wells and 1 water processing plant), Phuc Yen (managed by Environment and Water supplying-draining Company No. II, with capacity at 12,000m3/day with 5 drilling wells, including one water plant for industrial demand with capacity at 3,174m3/day).

Besides, there are some small projects for fresh water supplying at Tam Dao town (capacity at 5,000m3/day), Yen Lac, Lap Thach and Vinh Tuong town with capacity at 3,000m3/day.

Now, the province is executing and mobilizing investment for some projects on fresh water supplying with water sourced from Lo river as JBIC project with capacity at 100,000m3/day with total investment is at US$120 millions.

IV. Information and telecommunication network

Network of Postal service is developing to whole of the province which meets almost demand of local postal need.

Telecommunication network gets strong developing with modern and high technology at same level of the local region. Total independent switchboards are at 5000 number of capacity and stable replaced by satellite switchboard or V5.x accessible equipment. Total communes gets fiber optics. There are 3 fiber optics routs of the province from VNPT, Viettel, EVN telecom with direction Hanoi - Vinh Phuc - Viet Tri.

The province gets almost mobile phone networks of the nation such as:  Mobifone, Vinaphone, Viettel Mobile, E- Telecom, Vietnamobile, G-Tel…. and almost districts get mobile phone wave sending stations.


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