Developing Orientation and Targets




Developing Orientation and Targets

I. General targets

We, Vinh Phuc province try to a province of basic industrial aspects in 2015, and as a industrial province in 2020. The province is a center of industry, service, tourism of the local and in the nation. The province improves the people's living standard, stable protecting environment, safety security, and national defense; and forwards a high developed province.

II. Specified targets

1. Economy

- GDP speech in term 2011-2020 gets 14-15% per year, in details:

+ Term 2011 – 2015:  14,0-15,0%.

+ Term 2016 – 2020:  14,0-14,5%.

- To create an transition in economic structure to ward high development on industry and service; to enhance the sectors with high value, technology, and productivity. Economic structure in term 2011-2020 shall increase the ration in service and form a stable and suitable economic structure under the province's potential.

- Economic structure in 2015 is going at: industry and construction will reach 61-62%, service at 31-32% and agriculture, forestry, and pisciculture at 6,5-7,0%.

And in 2020 the ratio of service is higher than 38%, and agriculture, forestry, and pisciculture at 3-4%, and industry and construction will reach 58-60%,

- GDP per capita (actual price) in 2015 will be at US$3,500- US$4,000USD, and in will be US$6,500-US$7,000

- To boost economics for foreign affairs, to enhance export and try to speed up the extension on export in term 2011-2020 at 30%, and in 2020 the export volume will reach at US$13.5 billions.

- To mobilize investment into society for development in term 2011 – 2015 at VND140,000 – VND145,000 billions; and term 2016-2020 will achieve at VND280,000 – VND300,000 billions.

2. Social targets

- The rate of trained labor shall reach at 66% in 2015 and will get at 75% in 2020.

- To reduce the malnutrition of lower 5-ages children at below 5%; to decree annual birth rate at 0.15‰; the rate of natural population growth rate shall be lower than 1% per year.

- In 2020, the number of poverty shall be non under the national standards.

- To complete the fresh water supplying system in urban area.

- To solve the matters on air environment pollution at factories, plants, especially in steel, iron, cement, and marine products processing factories.

- The rate of urban population who are supplied fresh water with rate at 82,5% in 2015 and higher than 95% in 2020.

- The rate of rural population who received fresh water will be at 100% in 2015.



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