Tam Dao - Vinh Phuc 18/12/2013

I was born in Vinh Phuc province where is called a “beautiful land and charming people”. Vinh Phuc, my native land has a famous Tam Dao. Tam Dao is considered as “Da Lat in the North”. People desire to go to Tam Dao to enjoy its romantic beautiful landscape.

Tay Thien-an Astonished Beauty 18/12/2013

After a sprinking rain, we come to the Buddhist land where containing many legends. Tay Thien- this name itself suggests the Buddhists and visitors from various places to go enjoying and aspiration. People go there with hundreds of kilometers with a purpose of – though one time in life – worshiping Tay Thien National Mother and seeing with their own eyes the legends, which have gone into the history.

A Day “Visiting the Buddhist and Coming back the Holy Mother” 18/12/2013

The quality of tourists goes to Tay Thien beauty spot in Tam Dao District increased abnormally during last weeks. There are about 5,000 visitors to go there on an average and in Saturday and Sunday the figure is about 10,000 people. This is a great success that can open a new expectation of the tourism of Vinh Phuc Province.

Unforgettable Dishes in Vinh Phuc Province 18/12/2013

Trung pie with very sweet of molasses, bewitching Nang cake with bee wax color, Ngoa cake is likely to Troi cake …

Visit to efficacious site- Tay Thien 17/12/2013

Generation after generation, silent but very enduring and faithful, the respectful beliefs live-forever in the spirit of the nation toward the Gods dominated in the mountain and river, to the fervent heroes, to the Bodhisattvas and to the miraculous Gods.

San Diu Minority People to Welcome for Independent Day 11/12/2013

Every year, on the second day of February, San Diu people in Dao Tru Commune, Tam Dao District jubilantly welcome this day with their hearts and feeling toward our Party and Uncle Ho.

Truc lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery 02/12/2013

Truc lam Tay Thien Zen Monastery is constructed on the old foundation of temple for favour from heaven and Buddhism, from 250m - 300 m above the sea level in Tam Dao-Tay Thien range, a fame of Ly Tran dynasty.

Tam Dao Bee Honey - A Gift from Honeco 27/11/2013

Tam Dao Bee Keeping Company Limited - Honeco was established and developed on the basic of traditional bee keeping handed down from generation to generation. With the first 200 bee nests in the beginning but by the ceaselessly strives, continuously renovates...

Rattan and Bamboo Knitting Profession – A Direction for Making Rich in Cao Phong Commune 27/11/2013

While the consumable market of the handicraft product made by several professional villages is in difficulty, the bamboo and rattan products made by Cao Phong Commune, Lap Thach District attracts the domestic and oversea markets.

Long Tri Special Rice ranks in the top 10 of the famous Brand Name and Trademark in 2013 06/09/2013

We came to Long Tri Hamlet, Hop Hoa District Town, Tam Duong District to witness the pleasure of the people here before the event of their Long Tri Special Rice has just been granted the Certificate of Title of top 10 in respect of the famous brand-name...

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