Long Tri Special Rice ranks in the top 10 of the famous Brand Name and Trademark in 2013


We came to Long Tri Hamlet, Hop Hoa District Town, Tam Duong District to witness the pleasure of the people here before the event of their Long Tri Special Rice has just been granted the Certificate of Title of top 10 in respect of the famous brand-name and trademark in 2013 by the Creative and Intellectual Property Bulletin under Vietnam Intellectual Property Association.

Sharing the pleasure, Nguyen Nhu Y, Chairman of Long Tri Rice Production Association said “this even is a great encouragement, at the same time, it opens many opportunities for our farmer to continue intensifying the potential and advantage in order to confirm the very famous Long Tri rice brand-name that once was a precious produce to offer to the King”.

From the favour of the nature

Long Tri Hamlet former is in Dao Tu Commune but now it belongs to Hop Hoa district town, Tam Duong District, where conditions of soil, edaphology or climate favourable transplant wet rice and creates famous appetizing Long Tri rice.

The rice produced by Long Tri farmer has its own specific aroma-faintly redolent of newly-harvested rice mingling with the little passionate of the fragrant rice. Widespread fame, even Bao Dai King sent his staff going to buy the rice for him.

Formerly, Long Tri people mainly transplanted the long-time rice such as fifth-month, tenth-month rice with low yield - only several dozens of kilograms per 360 square meters in area. Due to low productivity hence these rice are lost in oblivion day after day and the people transplant the common rice such as Nong Nghiep No. 8, Moc Tuyen, Khang Dan, Q5 or X21 etc...But whatever varieties, rice in Long Tri is more delicious than those in other locations. The reason is its special conditions of edaphology and climate which is certified by Ministry of Science and Technology.

To confirm the Brand name

To confirm, restore the brand name of Long Tri rice, Tam Duong District makes great effort to cooperate with the researchers to study and introduce the precious and rare gene sources in producing new rice species as fragrant No. 1, XT27, T10, TH3-3. However the restoring of Long Tri rice trade mark faces many difficulties. “in 2006, fragrant rice variety was transplanted on trial in one (1) ha in Bau Long Tri Hamlet. When harvesting, it give high productivity and very delicious cooked rice but our people do not like eating because they used to eat Khang Dan rice or hard Q5 rice. At that time, the rice has no brand name, nobody pays attention to the special rice so we sell it very cheap price, the same price of Khang Dan but still difficult to sell. Many people in Bau Long Tri Hamlet use the fragrant rice only to offer or gift” said Nguyen Thanh Tuan, Deputy-Chief of Agriculture Division of Tam Duong District People’s Committee.

To confirm the brand name and maintain a commodity special rice zone, Tam Duong District registers the exclusive Brand-name protection with Viet Nam Intellectual Property Department by a name of “Long Tri Rice-Tam Duong”. Together with such activity, in 2008, Long Tri Rice Production Association set up to help people with farming technique, introduce the new rice varieties with high quality such as QR1, HT1, RVT into cultivation.

In order to encourage the farmer using the quality rice varieties to increase the Long Tri rice, Tam Duong people’s Committee assists to Long Tri Rice production Association by 100% of QR1 variety for 50 ha in area. The Association also invests hundreds of millions VND in rice production; at the same time, the Association often brings Long Tri rice to display in various exhibitions for the customer to get acquaintances. The Association looks for the out put of the product, buys rice with higher price than market price. By doing this, the special rice production of Long Tri Hamlet expanded. At present time, in Long Tri Hamlet, there are more 400 households participating in production in over 50ha/crop; the average productivity is 56,000kg/ha. Only 6 early months in 2013, the association has 4 tons of rice on sale and the households of the association get high income.

Together with the gradual confirmation of the brand name, the high economic value of Long Tri rice also increases. Previously when Long Tri rice has no brand name given, the price is about 10,000 VND/kg on an average and is only sold within the district. After obtaining the brand name, the selling price ranges 16,000 VND/kg to 18,000 VND/kg, 5,000 VND/kg - 7,000 VND/kg higher than those of other rice and the brand name is confirmed by the customer.

Nguyen Thanh Tuan continues “Due to the requirement of the product of the customer is great, chiefly in the festival days or Tet holidays, people use the rice for gift so some time, there is not enough quantity for sale”.

Controlling the belief of the customer, last July, Viet Nam Intellectual Property Department granted Certificate of Title of top 10 brand name and trade mark in 2013 to  Long Tri special rice.


Bich Hang    


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