Lang Thi Hoa – the Pride of Vinh Phuc Karatedo


If no introduction I probably can believe a young girl sitting in front of me is a martial arts athletic and she received many prizes in the domestic and international contest, especially at SEAGAMES 27 she won one gold medal for individual and one bronze medal for group in the Kumite of Karatedo. She is not only pretty and charm in her appearance but also is a fair-minded, be lively and spontaneous of a 20 years old girl.

Predestination to Karatedo

Lang Thi Hoa born in1993 in a family without kung fu tradition in Dai Dien Hamlet, Dai Dinh Commune, Tam Dao District. Her mother is a woman teacher, her father is a carpenter and she ha a younger sister. Telling the writer, she says “It is an unexpected matter. In 2007 when I was an 8th class student, I took part in athletics contest of Dai Dinh junior high school. Nguyen Van Hoang, a trainer of Karatedo subject of the Aptitude School for Gym and Sport of Vinh Phuc Province recognized my talent so he asked me if I want to learn martial arts. I agreed at once because I love to learn amrtial right from in my childhood but I do not have condition to drill”. Her family agreed and she studied at the Aptitude School for Gym and Sport of Vinh Phuc Province in Vinh Yen City.

At such age of very innocence, she was taken care of her parents at home then she became to live in self-reliance starting with the primary lessons of Karatedo. “Those days, everything is quite new to me. Living alone and far from my family, I have to learn how to take care of myself, leaving my home sick out and approaching to new lessons. Some times, during my hard drill I feel discouraged but the engrossment of and indulgence for martial arts help me to overcome all” said she. Under the attention and thorough guidance of the School, chiefly by trainer Nguyen Van Hoang, Hoa kept with the new life, absorbed the basically technique of Karatedo martial and so she develops day bay day. After one year of training, the first time she participated in the Cup competition for the strong clubs organized in Thanh Hoa Province in 2008, She won the silver medal, and to the Champion cup for the young Karatedo athletes in the same year, she entered competition excellently, won the gold medal, the first one in her sport life. The first international achievement she won the silver medal in 2009 in the competition for Asian young champion. She has a medal collection of 37 ones so far, 10 of these are the international gold medals.

Sharing with us, she told “owing to the encouragement, stimulation from my family, chiefly my mother-who I always think of and share after each competition I have such achievements. I express my thank for Teacher Nguyen Van Hoang, who places the foundation for me to access to the martial and teaches me technique and experiences in competition, thank for all members of my team who are ready to help me in each game. Especially to the Leaders of the Culture, Sport and Tourism Department of Vinh Phuc Province as well as Vinh Phuc people who keep an eye on our athletes in the game. This is the motive force for my team and me to continue making efforts to gain the higher achievements”.

Gradually Develops and Confirms the Rank

Though she is very busy when she is summoned to drill at the national team for the international competition but each time she comes back to the school, she spends her time on teaching the younger athletes at school. Her activity can help many students to realize their dream of becoming the trainers of Karatedo martial. She often tells them “the prerequisite to a martial athlete is the flame of indulgence, patient drill and effort and wholehearted fight. The first day when I go to arena, I am very worried, but now I feel quite comfortable. Before our opponent, I only concentrate myself to the game, ignore what happen around me but try to promote my capacity for the game. After each game, I have more experiences and find out that I am grown more”.

When asking her about the experiences during the games, she said “that is the semi-final game of Southeast Asia champion in 2003, stepping to fight by team, the Malaysian and Vietnamese teams have the same score while only one of the two shall be in final, so each team nominates one athlete to the game. Vietnamese team appoints me and I do my best effort to win. I am quite happy though I won one score but a decisive score for our team to be in the final and finally our team win the gold medal. In Sea games 27, it is a bore memory to me, because two previous fights, our team won over the Malaysian team, but that game as our rank is not satisfied so our team only won the bronze medal”.

Remark on the obedient student, trainer Nguyen Van Hoang said “Lang Thi Hoa is a student having good aptitude, thirsty for knowledge, consistent will in competition and always wins herself. I believe by her capacity she will advance further and further on the way to conquer the glory of Karatedo martial. Behind Hoa’s age, there are some students with talent as good as Lang Thi Tieu, who are now under the guidance and tutor, in short future, they shall become the potential athletes of high result sport of Vinh Phuc”.

Speaking of her plan in coming time, Lang Thi Hoa said “I shall study at Tu Son Gyms and Sport University in Bac Ninh. After Tet, in February, I shall join into the national team for preparing the competition, especially the ASIAD 17 organized in Incheon City, Korea in 2014”. By the experiences obtained through the various games, the gold girl shall be believed to win more achievements, bring about the glory to the nation, to the native land.


                                                                                              Vinh Quang



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